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You learn to enjoy life of

Tell honestly, you see a basic difference between the slogans “The People and Party Are Uniform“, “We - for a Healthy Lifestyle“ and “It Is Necessary to Enjoy Life“? Personally I - am not present. The slogan, it is also the slogan. Is available, but it is not carried out. What is carried out is usually called differently - a call, for example. That to lift people, say, on war, on the fire or on disorder, the call is required. The slogan will not work.

By the way and why will not work? Yes because from it it is unclear what is it - unity of party and the people why it is necessary and as it to make. At the slogan a task essentially another. What?


Of course, it is impossible to tell about everything on light slogans, but about the slogan “It Is Necessary to Enjoy Life“ it is possible to tell here that. This slogan in the one and only case is used: when the person to you comes on life to complain, and to understand why to him it is bad and to think how to help him, you have no desire. You speak to it:“ You should just learn to enjoy life“, - and business from the end. It seems as well as from the person did not wave away, and neither and nor calories of the energy did not spend second of own precious time.

whoever this appeal said

I (the girlfriend, the psychologist, the colleague or still someone), it has no other practical value. All the same droplets not clearly that it means - to enjoy life that it gives and as to it to study.

But at the same time all somehow latently understand that to enjoy life - it, probably, is healthy. It was necessary to find out one: as to do it. Only two ways to learn to enjoy life are known to me.

the First way consists in transferring the slogan to the status of a call. The basis of this translation is very simple.


how many times you spoke: “Yes the head - that I understand everything, I only do in a different way...“ And you know why you do at all not as your clever brain understands? Yes because at this moment your head and your feelings understand a situation absolutely differently. This is also the slogan. And the call is just when the head and heart speak same. Feelings, they, as well as a body, are not able to lie. Therefore, if they support the head in some case, it is possible not to doubt that their joint plans with success will be implemented.

Means, only only and it is necessary that to find such formulation of the slogan “It Is Necessary to Enjoy Life“ which will be supported by feelings. And support feelings usually only what they understand. And here such words as it “is necessary“, “debt“ and to them similar, they do not understand. Therefore, we need - navsy to be at all at such loss for words which for us would be not only are filled with some significant intellectual contents, but also so significantly and are definitely emotionally painted.

pleases nothing you with
? It means that you are pleased by nothing from what you tried. Try something new!

Ya, for example, I know one person who witnessed how the car came around on the bus-stop and crushed three. Since then it is enough to this person to say about himself the phrase “And I am living!“ - and he begins to enjoy desperately life at once, and is absolutely sincere. Perhaps it is not too philanthropic - but works! And with philanthrophy still a big question: he does not dump bricks on other people and does not push them under cars once again to be convinced that he is living. Once appeared absolutely enough.

It, of course, does not mean at all that any other person, even too become the witness of someone`s death, will begin to rejoice too, having said the same phrase about itself. All focus just in that also consists that to find such phrase in itself absolutely independently. And this phrase can be incredibly exotic, at first sight in any way with a subject of pleasure of life not connected. “Yes well all of them!“, “The sky - blue“, “Hurrah!“ - anything will fit if only it at some moment was experienced by each section of a body.

Of course, in this way the traps are. For example, you should not confuse a call to an auto-training formula. Once at me on reception was 60 - the summer woman with such bunch of diseases that without impressive first-aid kit she did not leave the house. And so she resolutely was disappointed in auto-training after within a month went on to herself:“ I every day become younger, more beautiful and healthier“. We, of course, all are able to lie to ourselves, but all is necessary - and to know when to stop...

One more subtlety a call - technologies: it is not necessary to tie the call on favorable circumstances. Let`s tell, the phrase “Everything will be good“ does not work, and all here! Because everything well does not happen - laws of physics do not allow: if somewhere increases, then somewhere it will surely be lowered...

I one more: it is clear, that finding of own joyful call this pleasure - real, up to the soul depth - is necessary all - at least once to test. Otherwise again the slogan will turn out.

the Second way is even more obvious than

. It is quite enough to find out what your actions give you joy, and to learn to carry out these actions in any vital circumstances. It is not obligatory to rejoice at all to the fact that the rain goes or the sun shines. You and your actions are life too and if the world around is not too anxious with to deliver to you pleasant minutes, you - can attend to it?

Of course, in this case your chances of success (in sense, on constant pleasure from life) that are higher, than more than your actions in principle are capable to give you joy and than more ways to carry out these actions, irrespective of difficulties of a life situation, are available for you. It is capable to cause malice of sceptics: say, and if gives nothing joy? And if it is impossible to make the “joyful actions“ in the available circumstances?

Answers to these questions, nevertheless, are very simple

. In - the first if joy is given by nothing, it means that joy is given by nothing from what you already did. Means, it is necessary to try to make something new, and not to try to make, and to make - and it is good to make. And in - the second... However, “in - the second“ - the same, as “in - the first“: if it is impossible to make any actions in the available circumstances, it means that it is impossible in the tried ways. So, maybe, to make something absolutely unexpected?