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House childbirth - adventurism or judiciousness? The option of

the increasing popularity is got in recent years by practice of childbirth at home. Both in the press, and on television on this subject many disputes are conducted. One say that it is illegal activity and full irresponsibility. Others - that this step is an indirect indicator of parental unindifference and an active position. The third remind of legality of the right of the woman at independent choice... However, if on pages of popular editions, in the Internet - forums this subject surprises nobody long ago and causes rather a sympathy, then in official medical circles the attitude towards her sharply negative. In our country house childbirth remains out of the legitimate field. In this number we bring to your attention opinion of two authoritative people in this area: Karina Nemtsova, the midwife practicing house childbirth and Darya Doletskaya, the candidate of medical sciences, the obstetrician`s doctor - the gynecologist.

As the situation in other countries is?

Holland. District police officers to “felloskundiga“ - so in this country are called traditional midwives - specialists in conducting healthy pregnancy and acceptance of physiological childbirth. Pregnancy is not equated here to a condition of an illness and therefore, having learned about the “interesting situation“, the woman hurries not to the doctor, and to local “midwife“.


as the qualified specialist in conducting pregnancy diagnoses those situations when factors not - health prove and then directs the woman to the doctor. Felloskundige is engaged only in “healthy pregnancy“. Died in the Netherlands the relation to the reproductive period it is urged to focus women on the fact that pregnancy is not a disease, but natural state.

We go to maternity hospital not to give birth, and to be saved from death or terrible “and suddenly“. Hope for maternity hospital, hope and at the same time... fear it and are afraid to appear there.

All to a felloskundiga accept house childbirth; it is lawful practice. In Holland houses 30% of women give birth.

In Germany in 50 - x years of the 20th century institute of midwifes - midwives was abolished and physicians convinced the population that pregnancy and childbirth by all means demand the highly skilled help. Not enough time was required to understand this mistake.


under the pressure of the public since 1994 again legislatively reserved the right for house midwifes of a message pregnancy and to deliver women at home. Today independent midwifes in Germany about 5 thousand. A half of the sum for childbirth at desire of the woman to give birth with the independent midwife to the woman in labor is paid by insurance company. The woman in Germany has an option - to be observed at the midwife or at once to go to the doctor.

In England also local midwifes are - here call them midvayf. They do not treat medical department in any way. In 1972 physicians decided to forbid activity midvayf and to take pregnancy and childbirth completely in hand. Women staged with a protest a demonstration and won the right for “healthy pregnancy“. Englishwomen can choose at whom to be observed by it - at the doctor or at midvayf. For professional development of all midvayf periodically direct to practice in maternity hospitals - to babies, in postnatal, maternity offices. Also regular practice of examination certification midvayf, confirming their qualification is obligatory here.

If difficulties in labor arise, midvayf it is lucky the woman in clinic. At the same time in England, as well as in other countries, the midwife has the right to help the woman in labor both with maternity hospital, and in the postnatal period.

I in the USA midvayf are gradually won by strong positions in supervision of pregnant women and during childbirth. It is necessary to tell that persistent fight of midwifes for the rights all - bore fruit: today licensing or legal certification of traditional midwifes legal practice - still in 16 is possible already in 22 states, and. There too the woman has a choice: where to give birth and at whom to be observed. If the woman considers herself as the patient, she goes to the doctor to clinic if healthy, to midvayf for supervision over pregnancy and childbirth.

Lately two more countries increased to where house childbirth is legalized: Hungary and Italy. It is influenced not only by desire of women, but also such stubborn thing as figures:“ Actually, in six countries with the lowest level of perinatal mortality“, - Elisabeth Davies in the book “Heart and Hands“ (USA) writes - the leading role in childbirth belongs to midwifes who independently conduct 70% of all childbirth. The United States where this number makes only 5%, on the level of child mortality are on the 26th place in the world“. For comparison: recent (2004) data on infantile mortality in Germany are as follows: 4 on 1000 newborns, maternal mortality - coefficient 4. In Russia (childbirth in maternity hospital) infantile mortality makes about 16. 8 on 1000 newborns, maternal - coefficient 28.

But not only foreign researches say

that house childbirth can be safe. Specialists of the Kazan State medical academy conducted research of childbirth of the house and in maternity hospital. And, investigated “unprepared“ house childbirth here - i.e. those which occurred not at the request of women, and happy-go-lucky - the ambulance crew, prompt childbirth etc. - in comparison with indicators of work of delivery room of department of obstetrics and gynecology № was not in time; 1 KGMA.

alternative practice of maintenance of pregnancy and childbirth still remains to
In our country out of the legal field.

Proceeding from the obtained data, scientists draw a conclusion that “... the excessive interest in the manual and tool receptions accepted in physiological obstetrics is capable to do quite often more harm, than non-interference to natural multithousand-year process of a child-bearing“.

Possible alternative in the developed system of obstetric aid in modern Russia they give to

the following characteristic:“ House childbirth in that look in what are observed in domestic obstetrics, now, certainly, - result of the unsatisfactory organization of medical care to the population. However a rodorazresheniye of women of the minimum risk group at the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth in house comfortable conditions in an environment of close relatives and in the presence of obstetric crew, with patient, careful conducting childbirth and rational non-interference to physiological process - one of the desirable and perspective directions of development of modern obstetric aid“.

And that at us?

the Question of reconsideration of today`s obstetric practice in our country becomes one of the most essential in the context of the demographic accident which burst in Russia. The unwillingness to give birth and raise children, devaluation of the social status of motherhood and paternity, the legalized practice of murder conceived, but “unwanted“ children - these crisis symptoms are related to the imparted woman of a passive role in the course of childbirth. This passivity is in no small measure mediated by the rigid and unjustified medical pressure practiced in respect of conducting pregnancy and obstetric aid, meanwhile as it is not denied that “... pregnancy and childbirth - physiological process, but not the diagnosis therefore any interventions, in principle, have to be undertaken only as a last resort“.

In modern women so instilled confidence that they will never be able to give rise without the assistance of doctors that women already also do not count on themselves. For them doctors really “give birth“. To the right and on the left applying anesthesia and stimulation, a rodovozbuzhdeniye and an epiziotomiya, they so tekhnokratizirovat process that it is really impossible to believe that without equipment, anesthesia, to stimulations and presence of the gynecologist, a neonatolog, the resuscitator, the midwife it is possible to give rise not that normally, but just to survive in labor.

We go to maternity hospital not to give birth, and to be saved from death or terrible “and suddenly“. Hope for maternity hospital, hope and at the same time... fear it and are afraid to appear there. Especially - without contract.“ Contract childbirth“ - illusive, but nevertheless a guarantee of the human relation to one of the most intimate processes - to the birth on light of the person, a guarantee of preservation of female and maternal advantage.

In a present situation of demographic crisis Russia, undoubtedly, will look for the way of an exit. We have a wealth of experience semeyno - patrimonial traditions and concerning reproductive behavior, both feeding, and fostering of babies, and education of children. This experience is demanded by families also today. It needs to be prompted, shown, opened only for those who contrary to economic recession and other misfortunes, purposefully build the family fortress.

Would be a mistake to broadcast the western legal and cultural samples governing family relations and the relations of parents with children on the Russian reality. But it is necessary to pay attention to already developed fact: in society where mother initially, on a maternity table, is discharged of the child - spiritually, emotionally, physically - there is a paved way for the subsequent correction detsko - the parental relations, say, by means of juvenile justice.

of Epiduralnaya anesthesia, Cesarean section without indications, weighty on that, separate stay of mother and newborn, artificial feeding - whether not the first is steps in prompt process of a parental infantilization and transformation into passive consumers of the services which are actively offered by “experts“? Further - it is clear that the prerogative of institutes of juvenile justice over institute of a family can become lawful continuation of family history...

the good midwife helping a married couple to be trained for addition in a family prepares for
it, in fact, not by several o`clock childbirth, and for a maternal and fatherly role.

the impression that today in the Russian society instead of institute of a roditelstvo there is a powerful institute of its destruction Develops. Considerable resources are directed to it: from mass media to the doctors in a maternity welfare unit who are habitually signing the direction on abortion to the woman pregnant with the next child (“The doctor and I am going to give birth!.“ - “Yes you what, went crazy?!“ ).

Unfortunately, in our country alternative practice of maintenance of pregnancy and childbirth still remains out of the legal field. But it exists, we want it or not. Scientific confirmation that house childbirth when maintaining by their skilled midwife it is much safer cannot console women in our country.


did not enter standards of practice Yet, certification of midwifes is not entered, it is impossible to count on professionalism and impartiality in house obstetric aid. However it is necessary to recognize that the practice of training of pregnant women for the birth of the kid which developed in the last decades the XX centuries in various family centers, clubs and schools propagandizing and supporting increase of care of the health and health of future kid by a healthy lifestyle and necessary medical control yields remarkable results. For the women who had such perinatal training, expectation of the child and childbirth turn into pleasure, despite the known diskomforta of pregnancy and experience of pain in labor.

Preparation of a married couple for childbirth is the process which is not simply directed to training in effective interaction of the woman with physicians in labor, but promoting awakening of parental self-identification, the attitude towards the pre-natal child not as to “fruit“, but as to the human person for whom there is nobody more important than mother and the father already now, to birth.

Pregnancy lasts 9 months, childbirth - hours, a roditelstvo - all life. Preparation for childbirth and preparation for the child`s birth - seemingly similar, but different modes of work with a married couple during pregnancy.

the good midwife helping a married couple to be trained for addition in a family prepares for

it, in fact, not by several o`clock childbirth, and for a maternal and fatherly role which development begins already now when they are only pregnant with the child.

I if only the few women who were giving birth in maternity hospital can brag of the fact that they with gratitude remember the midwife, then relationship of parents with the expert accompanying their pregnancy and invited to support in process of childbirth they become intimate dialogue of two parties - parents and the midwife. Thanks to it in many respects becomes possible to overcome that formalistic approach to childbirth which causes natural resistance in women. To such midwifes of the woman come more and more time.

according to midwifes whom the parents who resolved to give birth houses address, not so medical phobias are the cornerstone of their decision though the negative deposit from the birth of the previous child in maternity hospital plays not the last role. The thought that not only doctors, but also they bear direct responsibility for their child is close and clear to these people. The active behavior of the woman in labor changes internal “picture“ of a roditelstvo. Fatherly and maternal “awakening“ at a pregnancy stage is peculiar to such parents.

at the same time among supporters of alternative in system of obstetric aid and a humanization of obstetric practice not only physicians (Chasanoff, Radzinsky, Zharkin), but also women are. Among them - and those which all - purposefully choose house childbirth for birth of the kids. - kids. In plural. It is remarkable that the malodetnost is not characteristic of those who gave birth to the child of the house once. This fact still waits for the researchers. But today, against catastrophic depopulation and steady exhaustion semeyno - demographic resources of Russia whether time to think of that and the Russian women had a right for the choice came?