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House childbirth or as I came

before When in my first pregnancy told me that such - that gave rise to houses in a bathroom me even threw into a shiver. Never! No way! I will not go to it.

Then. Of course, not free... There is such concept of medicine - “a postnatal depression“. Poreveli in chamber all of us in turn. They say that it is normal. I decided that I will have no children any more. Thought up that for the second time I will not endure it.

I met by

A in a month that which gave birth houses. She was pregnant again on the 9th month. Galya came to learn our Marine to float and “wave“ it. I was struck!

I lay on preservation, saw many pregnant women there. Listened to doctors. And here the person goes in public transport, carries a heavy backpack behind shoulders, abandons a baby, becomes on the head. Swims in the pool. Later I learned that during pregnancies she learned to swim. Of course, it the yogi, but not from other test it is stuck together! Something was not so...

In 6 months I became pregnant again. The husband did not allow to do abortion. I to myself hammered into the head that I small, a basin narrow, the organism was not restored after the first pregnancy and childbirth - I will not endure the second childbirth. And there is no place to disappear. It was necessary to fight. Of course, and Marinka did not allow to relax. Constantly there was a physical activity, there is no time to sit or to lie. Grandmothers were not near. And still - I began to look for information.

the Book Grantli Dick - Read “Childbirth without fear“ (the name raised at me a skeptical smile) opened for me the new Universe! How it is possible to talk at the time of delivery quietly, even to sleep? Pregnancy - not an illness? Childbirth not medical operation? Doctors are not even necessary here? Nearby there has to be only a midwife - more for secure? The woman, not the doctor gives birth?


Of course, it was lucky that Galya was near. Her knowledge was as a bottomless well. I began to float, do the exercises recommended by Galya. Before I did not practice yoga, was not able to swim. Also “waved“ Marinka and it learned to float in parallel. The pool of times a week, exercises and everyones breath - twice a day. On the head I did not become, but to sit on cards or to twist knees in to the right to the left any can - everything was within the ordinary woman. Then there was Michel Oden`s book “Natural childbirth“.

Alas, to doctors I did not go. Made once inspection on the 18th week - everything normally. Well and pat-a-cake. The following time I was examined on the 35th week. Everything is normal.

A then I understood that I want “other“ childbirth. When not the doctor orders, and I give birth. And I am not pulled, and nearby nobody groans, and do not discuss any magnificent case of childbirth. Began to look for the doctor. Got acquainted with the woman who delivers important mummies. She from a threshold told me that I will not give rise - it is necessary to do Caesarian, a basin narrow. But I already gave birth to one child! Yes? Well then it is necessary to look at a sotvetstviye of a basin and a head on ultrasonography. But the first had a large head too. Yes? Well, let`s look at you on the superfashionable device.

it was senseless to p to Argue. Perhaps in the city there is a doctor who shares my views on childbirth, but, on probability theory, to find it is rather heavy. Childbirth can become a holiday. There was no wish to spoil it.

Went to meet the house midwife (6 years of experience and more than 200 childbirth). Then little girls told that I had so confident look that there was no thought of complications. I am an alarmist. But then doubts were not. The marine in 6 days prior to childbirth was given to the grandmother who knew nothing about our plans - she is still a big alarmist.

of the Husband managed to be instructed filling up at night before childbirth, and fights began in the morning. In 6. 30 felt the first. Has a sleep. In 7. 00 still. Has still a sleep. In 7. 30 understood what “began“. Woke the husband - pleased. And he left for work - an important meeting. Left mobile and left. Wanted to take offense - decided not to spoil to itself the important vital point. Called the midwife - a pier what now to do. And she speaks - go take a walk, weather good. But the elevator broke. Did not risk to stamp back on the 8th floor on foot. Be ill, notice, no. Watched TV. I like to lie on a floor - threw to herself pillows on a carpet, I watch something. Bothered. Cleaned a bathroom, prodizenfitsirovat, still washed a laundry soap. Wetted sea salt. Extended a set for childbirth. Again watched TV. In 14. 45 the first pain developed if it is possible to call it pain. In 15. 30 there arrived the husband. In 15. 45 decided to call the midwife - frequency of fights became 7 minutes. And she called us! Already goes. Pains became slightly more severe, but if the husband ironed on a back, then at once everything passed. In 16. 00 I got into a warm bathroom - it literally attracted me. In 16. 30 there arrived Lena: “Oh, what mother at us good, smiles!“ Also left to prepare some herbs on kitchen. I sit. Even it is offensive. And there is the last series of my favourite series. The husband suggested to make louder that to me it was heard. 16. 50 - now it had to support me during fights.

Last time I had time to look for hours in 17. 06. When Lena put to me to Kohl on a stomach, I did not believe that already all! The following thought - at me still will be the child! I want to endure IT once again! Poor, unfortunate men - what they are deprived! In 17. 35 I washed poured by the cruel husband cold water lay near the Kolenki and began to feed him.

A the next 2 weeks I was in a condition of postnatal euphoria! Really I already gave rise? Nothing hurts anywhere. Neither gaps, nor seams. I do not go - I fly. I do not want to agitate for house childbirth - it is impossible the decision to do. Parents make - they bear responsibility for the child. But for the third time I will give birth houses. If pregnancy proceeds normally, there is no need to go to maternity hospital. It is necessary to be prepared just thoroughly for childbirth, and the skilled midwife is still necessary.