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Where one, there and two. We plan the second pregnancy of

In order that the birth of the second child became the real holiday for parents and the firstborn, timeliness of this event is very important. So, what ideal interval between the first and second labor? What it depends on and what influences?

It is unconditional, appearance of the second child in a family together with pleasure bears additional load of all members of household - not excepting the smallest. New pregnancy - test for health of mother; the organism has to be restored well after first labor. Care of two children are additional cares and duties. Besides, the birth of the second child - a new line of expenses in the family budget. At last, relationship between children too in many respects depends on parents. Brothers and sisters can not only be on friendly terms, but also envy, be jealous and even to be at enmity with each other.

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after the delivery

Pregnancy and childbirth - the major stage in the woman`s life. How there will pass this stage, in many respects depends on an initial state of health at the time of pregnancy approach. Therefore when planning repeated pregnancy it is especially important that the woman was completely restored after first labor.

It is unconditional, motherhood - not only huge pleasure, but also huge test for a female organism. During pregnancy at future mother the blood volume, the area of vessels, body weight, pressure in an abdominal cavity increases. In this regard load of heart and vessels, kidneys, a backbone, bodies of a digestive tract repeatedly increases. The consumption of useful substances increases. At the pregnant woman immunity decreases and viscosity of blood increases. Quite often during expectation of the child become aggravated or for the first time the general diseases come to light. It is not surprising: pregnancy - some kind of “a stress - the test“ for an organism, revealing the hidden malfunctions.

Childbirth - the long process demanding a large number of physical and emotional expenses its success depends including on a physical condition of an organism.

At last, during pregnancy, childbirth and a lactation (feeding by a breast) the hormonal background several times changes that, certainly, affects also a condition of nervous system, and at work of an organism in general.

It is unconditional, for a complete recovery of an organism after such physical, nervous and hormonal expenses with which process of incubation, childbirth and feeding is connected by a breast, time is necessary. From correctly chosen time interval necessary for restoration of a female organism before the following pregnancy, safe conception, incubation and the birth of the second child in many respects depends.

When to plan repeated pregnancy?

At small intervals between pregnancies (children are stair-steppers) the woman is weakened by the previous experience of motherhood. Often it leads to interruption of pregnancy (abortion) on early term, to development of avitaminosis and anemia of pregnant women (decrease in amount of hemoglobin), is warm - vascular and other pathology (increase and lowering of arterial pressure, a varicosity, tendency to bleeding or thrombosis), the wrong attachment and an otsloyka of a placenta, violation of a placentary blood-groove, threat of not incubation and premature birth and other pathologies of pregnancy.

At repeated childbirth with a small interval the probability of development of weakness of patrimonial forces and the prompt course of process (less than 3 hours) increases. Both complication of patrimonial activity increases risk of development of neurologic pathology of the newborn and ruptures of patrimonial ways of the woman in labor. At small intervals between childbirth the postnatal period is complicated by bleedings more often.

the Probability of the listed complications at small intervals between childbirth increases because of physical, nervous and hormonal exhaustion of an organism of the woman the previous pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. It not only worsens the course of childbirth and the postnatal period, but also reduces quality of life of the woman in general, deprives of pleasure from motherhood.

the Considerable intervals between childbirth which are measured decade and more are also undesirable

. The more years passed after the previous childbirth, the future mother became more senior. Alas, except wisdom years add to us problems with health. The quantity of chronic diseases and frequency of their aggravations increases. The hormonal background worsens that leads to threat of interruption of pregnancy, weakness of patrimonial forces, gaps in labor in connection with loss of elasticity of fabrics more often.

immunity decreases With age, and organism resilience to infections and risk of development of toxicosis of pregnant women depends on it. At last, intensity of a metabolism decreases, and growth and development of a fruit depends on the speed of exchange processes. All listed factors increase risk of development of complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period at the “age“ woman in labor.