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Matter of habit. Bases of care of the newborn of

Some young mothers have the real feeling of panic when one for the first time stay at home with the kid. To avoid it, already during pregnancy the woman has to represent accurately what procedures for care of the newborn it should carry out daily after an extract from maternity hospital.

Necessary procedures

Skin at the newborn child very gentle, vulnerable and sensitive therefore the wrong care of skin often and quickly leads to its infection and development infectious - inflammatory diseases. The most frequent inflammation of skin at kids is a diaper dermatitis (intertrigo), but if the infection joins irritation of skin, there can be such diseases as vezikulopustulez (pustulous rash which most often develops against a potnitsa, diaper dermatitis at accession of a staphylococcal infection: pleated skin, on a neck, buttocks appear small bubbles), a puzyrchatka of newborns (it is characterized by emergence of multiple pustulous elements: on skin of a trunk, extremities, large folds various elements of rash appear). To avoid these troubles demanding serious treatment including by means of antibacterial preparations, it is necessary to follow all rules of care of skin:

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Who will teach


Where can be learned how it is correct to carry out care of the newborn child?

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a soft hardening of the kid.

Many pregnant women attend schools popular now for future mothers. There offer visitors a course of a theoretical and practical training on preparation for childbirth and care of the newborn. Doctors obstetricians - gynecologists take up all questions concerning childbirth, and pediatricians tell future mothers as it is correct to look after the newborn child how to adjust and keep breastfeeding what dangerous states can arise in the first days of life of the kid and as to cope with them.

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answers to the questions concerning care of the newborn baby in special magazines for young parents, books and child care allowances.

But the main assistants to future mother are, of course, the pediatrician and the children`s nurse in maternity hospital. At the choice of maternity hospital it is necessary to give preference to those obstetrical establishments where practice joint stay of mother with the kid. If mother and the kid are after the delivery together in chamber, then in the first day the nurse will tell, and the most important - will show to mother necessary skills on care of the child, and mother will have an opportunity “to be trained“ in the presence of the skilled mentor. The first toilet (processing) of skin of the kid is carried out, as a rule, by the nurse, and then mother herself tries to carry out these procedures under control of medical personnel. If mother learns to carry out the major hygienic procedures with the child in maternity hospital, then when she appears with the kid of the house, she will have much less problems.

of the Nurse, working in maternity hospitals, have a wide experience of establishing breastfeeding, and in case of need each mother can address them for council and the help. They will show how correctly and carefully to decant milk (a milk pump or hands) not to injure a mammary gland.

In the first day after an extract of the kid and mother will be visited the district doctor at home - the pediatrician and the patronage nurse. The local nurse visits the newborn child on the first week of life 2 times, then - weekly within the first month. The district doctor - the pediatrician has to visit the newborn child on the first month of life not less than 3 times. The first patronage is carried out on 1 - 2 - y day after an extract from maternity hospital, the second - on 14 - y day of life of the child, the third - on 21 - y day of life. The doctor and the nurse can ask any questions about feeding, leaving and a state of health of the kid.