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Our motto: “Rest has to be active!“

Summer - a wonderful time of vacation and holidays. In every spring we with the husband solve where to us to go that all have a rest, and it was interesting to all. Having hardly endured a winter economic crisis, came to a conclusion that we lack money for the distant countries.“ And why to us distant, - the husband told, - we have the huge country“. So, as in the song it is sung, “we do not need the coast Turkish, and Africa is not necessary to us“. Let`s travel around our Homeland, and there are enough novel corners in it, thank God.

our family loves active recreation. To sit in one place is not for us. Therefore one fine day we all family packed backpacks and joined the tourist group following to the Caucasus. My son was the youngest on age from the children sitting in the bus. The daughter joined the company of the peers at once.

the Nature of the Caucasus were described by many recognized writers. We had to agree with them in everything: the mountains with snow caps illuminated by the sunset sun left indelible impression in soul. And at night even the smallest did not hurry to put to bed to show them the night sky. Stars on it were such big and close that it seemed to us as if they got stuck in tops of pines. In the afternoon our group walked on vicinities. We drank the most tasty mountain water, bought svezhesvarenny sheep cheese from shepherds. Life around us was measured and quiet. Any vanity around. We, eternally running residents of the megalopolis, rising to mountains, greedy peered around and absorbed in themselves this harmony. Our little participants of group, of course, were tired of transitions. But my little son before going to bed, with pride spoke: “I am already absolutely big, mother. I reached falls. I well done!“ At such moments it seemed to me that my boy matures in the eyes. Looking at how other children behave, he tried to be it equal.

the Next week of our holiday we carried out

at the sea. Lived in a camping near a stream. Around, despite the resort, people were practically not. In one of nights to us raccoons on a visit came. To my surprise there was no limit. I think that raccoons were surprised not less ours too. Without being afraid of our noisy company, they impudently checked our stock of the food. In the morning we counted damage - raccoons almost completely destroyed a stock of food of our dog. All next night we tried to track down raccoons. But small animals were much more cunning and did not catch sight any more. Our dog looked at efforts of people with doubt, understood nothing and left to sleep. Why she and never barked - remains a riddle.

Summing up of

the results of our holiday, I can tell that any more you will not be provided by so many various impressions anywhere, as in our country. Abroad if there are non-staff situations, then they are carefully planned. There you will never be eaten around by raccoons, and water in mountains will be on sale in bottles and for money. Your rest will depend not so much on you how many from animators - inventors of a host. There without hint of the conductor you and to a step will not be able to step from a track. Only having visited various corners of our country, you begin to understand true beauty and greatness of our Homeland. Yes, I am a patriot. Also I hope to impart love to the country and own children. And the coast Turkish let so far will wait...