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Man`s approach to education of

Man`s approach to education and training of the child is not indisputable, but is interesting and very effective. This article - the testimony of difference of man`s educational policy from female, but not their oppositions each other.

Natural wisdom or mode?

Many women are convinced by

that the child has to live on the mode. To sleep, walk and, of course, it is necessary to eat food according to the schedule. But sometimes does not getting hungry and why I, you or the child have to go against the nature? A time of mother begin to stuff children with food literally. On own experience I know how it is unpleasant. I should be fond at work of business and to forget to have dinner as several employees try to make me the victim of hyper guardianship and maternal care at once: “Igor Nikolaevich, you do not care for the health! You should take care!“. There are also frankly negative suggestions: “You so will get sick!“ With the children these women in questions of food even more naporist. And what to do if needs of the child are regulated by natural wisdom of his organism? And what happens if to pass one - two meals? There will come exhaustion? On the contrary, the child will work up appetite and will eat not only with pleasure, but also with advantage for an organism.

Main secret of a good dream

One more interesting supervision: many women whom I know sincerely consider that the child before going to bed needs to be isolated from any irritants, “to calm“. Perhaps, this stereotype in general svoystven to most of women? My approach to training of the child to a dream differs cardinally. From the earliest age (since 1 month) I took the child on hands, and we went to watch at birdies, doggies, florets and cars, touched bark of trees, stones and a grass, listened to hum of bees and singing of birds. The child obtained information on all channels of perception (“looked“, “touched“, “listened“) and, of course, was overloaded with this information soon, “was sleepy“, fell asleep. After that I stacked it in a carriage or a bed. As the specialist in rocking the child, I will share the main secret: if the child falls asleep in vertical position - it is a sign of the fact that he received enough information and to it is what to process into dream time.

As men treat health of the child

can seem to Someone that men trifle of care about health of the child, but it far not so. Present that the child long sits in a cool pond, and the father is happy as he does not want to leave water. And how mother reacts? She is revolted: “Leave immediately, and that catch a cold!“ Same just some harmful installation: let`s leave and will precisely catch a cold. Our organism, deriving pleasure, perfectly understands that get sick we tomorrow, all entertainments will end! And then natural protective mechanisms begin to work, immunity develops, the body becomes tempered. The child very much wants to lap in water, to watch whitebaits and to throw pebbles. And it can be done only when you are healthy.

the Man turns reality on the developing Wednesday

the Woman very often seeks to listen to councils and recommendations and therefore for development of the child uses ready toys and various didactic grants. The man, on the contrary, develops the kid by means of real objects and plots, turning surrounding reality on the developing Wednesday. It gives in hands to the child various tools, acquaints with equipment. Even the standard practice of food can be filled with the developing effect. For development of small motility it is necessary to involve fingers in the course of a manipulation small objects. I used simple exercise in game with the son to whom also six months were not executed. Cut small pieces fruit. At first it were cubes with the parties of 1 cm, over time their size decreased. I scattered tasty cubes on a table, and the kid was forced to take them fingers. At the same time, without realizing that, the child used the correct capture (plucked and pintsetny), and it already - preparation of a hand for the letter. Rather early? But still V. Sukhomlinsky wrote that “mind of the child is on tips of his fingers“. Today neuropsychologists already proved the fact that on development of the speech direct impact is exerted by the small movements of fingers of hands (children begin to speak while they manage to make the isolated movements by fingers). In process of the child`s growing I began to teach it to button (by the way, important skill of self-service). Occupation not from pleasant, especially when is impossible, and it is impossible first always. In fight against boredom we turned training into game. At first mastered large buttons on an old coat. That it was more interesting, on buttons pasted circles from a cardboard and drew on them eyes, a mouth. Ridiculous attractive faces turned out. Cheerful little men can hide, look out on the street one eye and, at last, put out the head in a window, substitute the smiling face to tender beams of the spring sun.

Let`s look at

on everything in a new way!

At intelligent approach by the most powerful developing environment! Cars are such different, dynamic. They perfectly help the adult to develop the child: “Look, the red car went, and this is white“ (distinction of flowers); “The passenger car small, and cargo - big“ (the size of objects);“ On the right the bus, and at the left - the fire truck goes“ (orientation in space);“ Let`s count cars“, etc. And what is cost by our weekly walks in the wood which we began with 1,5 - monthly age! In the wood all really. Unfortunately we, adults, often pass by surprising things which seem to us habitual. The child is surprised to very much as he sees it for the first time in life! Training the child in the elementary skills, we also can learn the most difficult and unique ability - to see ordinary things and the phenomena from the unusual point of view as though for the first time. This ability helps to solve not only informative problems, but also psychological problems, and therefore it needs to be developed, following an example of kids.

of the Father - for communication with electronics!

From the earliest age of the father involve the child in process of communication with electronics. Or rather, the kid himself reaches for phone, remote controls, the computer, and fathers in it do not interfere with them. Unfortunately, mothers often see in it a connivance to whims of the kid. Children, aspiring to equipment, work intuitively truly. Psychologists revealed the following regularity: the person masters technical systems of subjects more successfully and quicker, than earlier begins to do it. For example, in a family the computer appears. Before all family members possessed zero skills of the user. Glance in this family in a year and compare progress 10 - the summer son and it 35 - summer parents.

the Developing potential of the mobile phone

All electronic devices “are charged“ with the developing potential as work by the principle of the algorithms put in them. Comprehending them, the child learns to think logically. Thinking - process of finding of communications and the relations between objects and the phenomena of surrounding reality. Electronic devices as though are created to study prichinno - investigative communications. The fine developing device is the mobile phone. Changing call loudness, acquaint the kid with words “loudly“, “quietly“. For the purpose of development of the speech it is possible to contact an answering machine of customer service and to allow the child to have a good long talk much with “the electronic aunt“. Phone well, and the camera is better. Especially digital. Here where it is instantly possible to see how actions lead to result, to compare the facsimile to reality, and after a while to see and compare with image from a visual memory again. Well, and when the child watches own images in photos or video, rough rates form it “Me am the concept“ (mechanisms of self-identification, self-knowledge and self-expression). All this is directly connected with development of the identity of the child.

the Stress and fear are necessary for


Not less important aspect of development of the identity of the kid is emotional development in general and emotional intelligence in particular. These factors promote success in school training and self-realization in adulthood. Not without reason diagnostics of school readiness includes research of three parameters - intellectual, emotional and personal readiness. Undoubtedly, mothers pay to development of emotionality of the child much attention. But, unlike fathers, they often underestimate positive influence of a stress on development of children`s emotionality. Yes, a stress, ability to resist to stressful factors is prirodno caused and necessary for the person. Also the fear, reasonably, of course is not less important in our life. Ability in time and adequately to react to negative emotions - important skill which needs to be formed for development of emotional stability of the child. In the parent`s arsenal surely there have to be games during which it is necessary for the child (and there is a wish) to hide, run away, reflect attack. These return games in kind times of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, in times when the person was able to use a stress “for designated purpose“. Then the stress did not oppress him consciousness, and helped to survive and feel the winner. Times changed, and the human physiology remained former. The child needs experience of strong emotions, both negative, and positive. The best way to create and endure them is a game. And who as not the man, can think up for the child game under the name “The Stone Age Has a Rest!“

a collecting Instinct - at the heart of game

the Instinct of collecting, hunting is deeply put by

in unconscious the person. Parents can apply various games which purpose - search of objects and their properties. I conduct one of such games about one and a half years. Game has no name, but it very much is pleasant to my son, and therefore lives long, develops, and I think, will continue to be transformed at the solution of the new training tasks. Everything when the son was not seven months old yet began. We hid under a pillow and found a favourite toy - a bear. It was acquaintance to the words “hide“ and “find“ which I is loud and to intonation pronounced. By nine months game was modernized. The bear began to hide in the room, but with an indispensable condition (it is important!) - he had to be visible. I put a bear on a foreground in the room, and then entered with the son on hands there. Its task was to find a bear cub eyes. The kid twisted the head and very much rejoiced when he found a toy. The bear became more cunning over time, choosing places not so obvious (on a floor, directly at an entrance to the room, on a chandelier, on a flower support). The task gradually became complicated: the bear “hid“ for tulle on a window sill (limited visibility), only one head looked out from - for some subject (partial visibility). Ran away to the adjacent room, and in spite of the fact that the toy was well visible, the child needed to expand psychological borders and to direct attention out of limits of initially set territory of search, that is to overcome already developed perception stereotypes. At such round of events game began to get the value as the instrument of development not only perception, attention and randomness but also as means of formation of psychological flexibility of the child. Then game developed on the way of reduction of the extent of objects of search and use not of absolutely usual locations of objects in space. My imagination ran low, but there came the fall, and our game was transferred to open spaces of the Russian woods. We with the son and the daughter turned into mushroom pickers. Yaroslav was 1,5 years old. Sometimes I the first noticed a mushroom and defiantly tried to pass by. But not here - that was. The little son stopped me shout: “The father, perished!“ Now this game developed not only informative processes of the child, but also his self-assessment. (However, according to psychologists, formation “I - concepts“ and consequently, and a self-assessment as its component begins only by 3 years).

the Father - the best friend!

Spontaneity - one of the most important differences of man`s approach to game with the child. Why men seldom plan game development, and follow process of events and the desires and the child more often? Yes because the man in game itself becomes a child. And the it is more senior, the better at it it turns out. He like spirit of game, is fond, deriving not only pleasure from process, but also advantage. This spontaneity, sincere enthusiasm for process and aspiration to pass from playing the games in its participant does the man by the best friend of the child.

And mother always remains meanwhile mother.

the Loving, sponsoring, kind, best mother on light!