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Kenozerye of

This summer we with a family had a rest in the north of the Arkhangelsk region in Kenozero National Park. It is the father`s homeland and therefore we sometimes go there on fishing. Kenozero - one of the most significant and large lakes in Kargopolsky district. But at first sight it does not seem big in spite of the fact that it was stretched on sixty kilometers because has twisting coast and the intricate form.

the nature of this virgin land Is fancy and picturesque

. Various wild animals are found in the woods on numerous islands of the lake: bears, elks, wolves, boars and foxes. In the lake it is full of fish. And we boiled thoroughly almost all days, swimming by the boat and fishing on a rod in the middle of a reservoir at a high grass which locals call trust.

In park the set of species of unique plants grows. Especially I was surprised that the smooth surface of the lake is covered in thousands of snow-white lilies.

In kilometer from the village of Vershinino where we lived during holiday and where the ancient house of our family is located, the Sacred fir-tree grove is. The traditions connected with its honoring go to pagan antiquity. In it any cabin of trees is forbidden, and nobody ever tries to break this ban. To this grove the youth comes to festivities, and on some holidays there is a custom to swim under a grove in the lake. And in each of numerous small villages of Kenozerya there are own celebrations connected with icons - keepers of villages to which guests from the neighboring places are invited. Sometimes even begins to seem when you are in Kenozerye that you get deep into times and you are dipped into life of the pre-revolutionary village.

For quite some time now this area is considered to be as the homeland of the hero of fairy tales Ivan the Fool in honor of whom annually in June there takes place Durakovin`s holiday. We absolutely incidentally got on this action and not bad spent time there.

also the architecture of this ancient land Is amazing

. In park tens of samples of wooden architecture are collected: the rural chapels and ancient houses located on all coast. If you want to plunge into the world of the Russian North and to get acquainted with life of simple countrymen, by all means visit Kenozerye as we.