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Too clever first grader of

Someone concerns that the child before school does not wish to read and consider. And some parents have an opposite situation: the kid knows all he will be taught in the first class to. This happiness or problem?

Preparation for school is the whole industry. Presently in anybody advertizing of the courses “Preparation for School, Children from 3 Years Register“ does not cause amazement. Sometimes earlier careful parents begin to worry that the kid will lag behind peers, look for programs of early intellectual development and... Certainly, find. Demand gives rise to the offer. And here the child in six years fluently reads, writes, considers, solves logical problems, makes stories according to the picture, Pushkina quotes. What pluses in it?

Woe from Wit?

the Poor student to the child the complex “the little fool - with - the last - a school desk“ - too does not threaten to be obviously. “2+2“ it will not spend at half of the night for calculations. That is it will be simple to study the child. But there are in such situation also minuses to which it is necessary to be ready, sending to school of the “knowing“ person.

needs to be remembered also that the school is not only knowledge, but also specific skills which are usually not so demanded in usual life.

In a word, it turns out that at school of the little intellectual expects many tasks, difficult for it, a little interesting (for the sake of what all this should be suffered) moreover and revaluation of values: the initiative, a non-standard for which it was praised earlier here suddenly appear not so - that and are necessary.

Where to run?

So to do if the child is so well ready to school what there can be easy and boring for it? There are several options which parents share with us.

to Give
  1. of to the second class at once.
    “My son on the advice of the director of studies of initial classes went to the second class at once. However, during the summer we did not learn to write accurately (before I did not learn it to written letters). In the second class English began - it was difficult and interesting to it. But in general he plays sports, goes to the palace of pioneers, and at school hangs out and not especially strains. And so three years“.
  2. to Leave to
  3. school on the second place.
    “I was admitted the child in usual and to musical schools at the same time. At usual school everything was easy for the daughter - „ homework “ in five minutes. Therefore there are time and forces for occupations by music. I am glad that the daughter is in time both that, and another“.
    “Our girl was selected in group of synchronized swimming. We did not solve yet whether we will fight for sports career, but the fact that it did not miss anything on school since nothing new in 1 class was - it is plus. The next year we will be defined“.
    “My son registered in the palace of pioneers - runs itself, the benefit there that through the road. Both draws, and glues, and plays chess, and still something. And so till the evening! I think, it is good that it has a life besides school. On an after-school club he would miss, and I before six cannot take away him“.
  4. to go to private school.
    “We go to paid school for huge money because there our child is taught, but are not built. In our class from seven people of 5 children difficult, and two - very clever and capable. The teacher manages to work with all. And at private school it is simpler to choose textbooks and to build the program under children, but not under the standard. We are happy, and we will be transferred then to profile school. Did not choose yet what“.
  5. House training.
    “We went in most - a presamy gymnasium, but there it became boring for the child, nothing he learned new, and infinite rules of record of this or that would even stultify my brain not that children`s. I do not say any more about what to sit at a school desk on a string is not physiologically. We were transferred to house training. The son is engaged with the governess only two hours a day and does volume cool and homework without problems. And in free time we drive it on sports occupations and we master the second foreign language“.
  6. to Replace school.
    “The psychologist after the first quarter summoned us and told that our child is not ready to school. It does not concentrate, at it it is bad with assiduity and discipline, skill of work in collective, etc. is badly developed. We are quite mature parents and we consider that all that readiness for school about which the psychologist spoke, is for future clerks and officials. And still we understand that when the child has mother - the artist, and the father is a photographer, and, both are freelancers, it is difficult to child to be „ suitable “ for school. We went to Valdorfsky school where children interestingly live. Eventually, state standard of knowledge - not the main thing. The main thing that it was interesting and interest in new did not weaken. I think, it is not difficult to find such schools if to try“.

option you chose, the main thing - to leave from a situation when training turns for the child into violence, and the school causes only bad associations. And it is still very important that the potential of the child was demanded, and knowledge and interest were encouraged that he felt successful.