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Deprivation and health of

One of myths about adoption: “in children`s homes all children sick and mentally retarded“. The second myth - completely opposite on sense:“ in a family all children blossom and become absolutely healthy“. Truth somewhere in the middle: pupils of orphan establishments really strongly lag behind the peers, both from the point of view of physical health, and from the point of view of intellectual development. Part from these problems are reversible, the part is not. Let`s talk in more detail about health of orphans and their difference from health of family children.

the Deprivation
from late armor. deprivatio - loss, deprivation), the touch insufficiency or underloading of system of analyzers observed at the person in the conditions of isolation or at violation of work of the main sense organs. <…> Depth of mental, vegetative and somatic changes at D. is defined first of all by its expressiveness and duration, and also specific features of the personality. For preservation of working capacity and mental health in the conditions of. the rational organization of work and special measures increasing reliability of acoustical, visual, interoretseptivny and other information are of great importance. Litas.: V. M. bathhouse attendants, Stolyarov G. V., Touch isolation, “Magazine of neuropathology and psychiatry of S. S. Korsakov“, 1966, № 9, page 1428 - 40.

Risk factors

From the point of view of medicine, risk factors for health and intellectual development of the child are adverse conditions which define predisposition of the person to diseases. Major factors of risk are:


Congenital or acquired?

future pupils of orphan establishments and children whom mother does not abandon differ in

At the birth not so strongly as it is possible to think. Defeats of the central nervous system and the delay of pre-natal development in future orphans meets for 3 - 4% more often. Genetic problems at orphans are a little more frequency, but it is connected with the fact that those who would not leave the healthy child in maternity hospital refuse children more often - disabled people.

However following the results of the first year of life the gap increases. The lack of body weight and rickets at orphans meets more often almost five times, and forms of these diseases heavier. 98% of pupils of children`s home and 10% of house children lag behind in psychoemotional development - children are inactive and incurious, badly understand the speech, do not babble. The ENT specialist - diseases at orphans meet twice more often.

Certainly, partially such formal deterioration in a state of health depends on that, how carefully and honestly examined the “neutral“ kid after the birth. But nevertheless the large role is played by a factor of a deprivation and living conditions in orphan establishment.

That it is possible to correct

Here what problems with health are acquired and corrections give in.

Lack of breastfeeding. all know About advantage of breastfeeding: a healthy digestive tract (and it and production of enzymes, necessary for digestion of food, and bacterial flora), therefore, good immunity - all this a merit of a mother`s milk. If it is absent and mix is selected for the principle “that gained weight“, the kid gets problems with development of internals, suffers from catarrhal diseases more often, clings any infection. Subsequently it is more difficult to it to digest food from an adult table - it is transferred to food on age norms, and it badly acquires food, the child actually starves, though receives plentiful portions. Body weight increases poorly; muscles, fabrics, the bone tissue, skin receive less food, badly develop though the stomach is full of quite qualitative food. Such exchange processes usually it “is available“: the kid has less volosik, than at peers, a marigold weak or is almost absent, skin weak, muscles sluggish, the kid in general looks weakened.

of Feature of physical contents. Orphans spend the most part of time swaddled in beds, deprived of the movement. They are practically not taken on handles, at them any proceed the ENT specialist heavier - diseases. The lack of physical activity results not only in psychological apathy, but also in the general weakening, problems with blood circulation. Kids usually muffle up and keep in the warm - they do not learn thermal controls, do not receive a natural hardening. Visually it is shown in the form of constant nasmorok and chronic bronchitis, the lowered tone. At most of kids of deformation of a skeleton: the flattened head from a temple to a temple - did not finish after the delivery as the kid lay on one side all the time, on another. The little body in general looks squeezed, the movements which are held down and sluggish - quite healthy children make impression of neurologic patients.

Age inoculations. Orphans impart strictly according to a calendar, postponing inoculations only in case of a serious illness. But what can be not dangerous to the healthy child weakened often leads to the next disease.

of Giperdiagnostik and hyper treatment. In orphan establishments of children treat by the principle “it will come to no good“. It means that often resort to aggressive medicamentous therapy, in particular, to antibiotics when the family doctor would recommend to splash in a nose sprey, to delete slime, to carry more the baby on handles, to refuse a planned inoculation and more often to give a breast. In case of complications of kids usually send to hospital where he takes food through a probe and injections of antibiotics when the house child would be near mother under control of the district doctor. Result: strains of bacteria, chronic respiratory diseases, a deep depression, steady against antibiotics, from - for stay in an insulator and hospital.

Shortage of rehabilitation actions. What house child did not pass through hands of the massage therapist or an osteostalemate? Practically all children had these or those problems with neurology, however at the correct treatment got rid of them for the first year of life. At the orphan of chances of such individual approach is not present, and the lack of physical activity does not allow to compensate “neurology“ independently.

Chances of correction of these problems very are also very big

. To restart a digestive tract which will pull for itself(himself) other exchange processes it is work for a long time. And the before it to begin, the better. Physical development if to give to the child freedom and to address the help of manual therapy and physiotherapy exercises, will also be normal. Chronic diseases give in if not to full treatment then to control. In a word, most of kids if to take them in a family in the first year of life, are corrected within a year.

Serious problems

However it would be too naive to think that everything is so iridescent and it is fine that the love and care treats all. Of course, anyway, in domestic surroundings any child will better develop, than in orphan establishment. But many problems, alas, “it is not worse than correction to a state, than at others“ can not give in. And the main problem is that it is not always possible to define one from another.

the Simple question without answer

As to understand, the kid is conditionally healthy or not. And if it is simpler: it at it is treated? Nobody will give you a guarantee that you will take away the baby with which everything will be good from Children`s home. You can only make a maximum of what depends on you.

  1. U you the right to study medical documentation on the child is. Pay attention to data on a drug addiction it bio - parents and diseases, sexually transmitted. Discuss the obtained information with the chief physician of Children`s home and separately with the expert to whom you trust.
  2. Compare to
  3. the facts about health and development of the child and with the facts of his biography. It is obvious that the child who spent the most part of time in an insulator and hospital will look backward even in comparison with children from Children`s home. The child who was withdrawn from a family not so long ago will show kickback in development. Discuss the obtained information with the entrusted doctor.
  4. you have the right to conduct independent medical examination of the child, and it quite often happens reasonably as it makes sense to recheck diagnoses or their absence. Under the law - in the state clinic. Upon it is often possible to agree about taking the kid to your doctor if you provide transport and a possibility of journey of the employee of children`s home together with you. As a last resort under the guise of the relative it is possible to bring into Children`s home of the doctor. It is illegal as the direction is given only to candidates for adoptive parents, however upon in Children`s home often allow family members.
  5. If you already began to communicate with the child, pay attention to as far as it changes from your visits. Quite often after week of daily visits, personal contact with the adult the kid begins “to blossom“ is a good sign. It does not mean at all that if there are no motions yet, the kid is hopeless or that revival of the kid speaks about huge potential, but nevertheless such revival gives a certain hope.

It is possible, our article seems to someone blasphemous supposedly children do not choose. It is impossible to be sure even that the sobstvennorozhdenny child from healthy parents will be clever, healthy and happy. However it is worth reflecting about health and the potential of the child whom you would like to adopt nevertheless to proportion the forces to real needs of the child. From the point of view of psychologists, warnings of possible risks which will be made by the competent doctor are very important for the further relations of the child and adoptive parents. In - the first, forewarned is forearmed. In - the second, lack of the overestimated expectations helps to accept the baby it what it to eat and rejoice to its progress.