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Shaping together with the child of

Somehow we walked with the sister and my little son. The kid held our hands and periodically hung on them to rock or through something to jump. We bypassed all playgrounds which were found on the way, ran about on hills, polazit for the sonny on ladders and lifted his incalculable number of times - to a crossbeam, rings, a swing. At the end of walk my sister exhausted and said: “The C such child, as your son, no gym is necessary. It can be leased to persons interested as the universal exercise machine!“

We, of course, laughed, but if to reflect - and why and is not present? Game and leisure with the child can be combined perfectly with physical exercises for parents so instead of sighing about a gym to which it is difficult to get because there is nobody to leave the baby it is worth looking narrowly more attentively at occupations with yours “the universal exercise machine“.

Many mothers joke: after the birth of the child it is necessary to pump up a press and legs, and you swing hands and a back. Really, long carrying on hands of the baby and, periodically, also carriages, gives just remarkable load of bicepses so, lifting the fifteen-kilogram peanut, we be touched to the one-year-old kids weighing kilogram on ten - fuzzes!

A if to show a little imagination, it is possible to think up such games and exercises which will help mother to strengthen also other groups of muscles.

we Are engaged in

at home

  1. It is known that at the beginning of any training for a warming up of muscles warm-up is necessary. Include cheerful children`s songs and play:
    “Copycats“. You do the simple movements under music - the child tries to repeat them.
    “Performances“. You with the kid together or in turn dance to music.
    “Zoo“. Represent different animals - you can jump as hares, to resemble as a bear, chanterelle, to popolzat on all fours as a kitten or a puppy, to do some flying as birdies.
    “Fidgets“. Just jump together with the child.
    On time warm-up takes usually 5 - 10 minutes.
  2. Main part. Exercises are carried out from the main part 40 - 45 minutes, approximately for 2 - 3 minutes on each exercise. However to your kid can bother to carry out an exercise machine role much earlier therefore it is absolutely optional to carry out “all program“ entirely. You can come back to sports occupations several times during the day, changing exercises and including them in your games with the child, thinking out own exercises. Duration of performance of exercises, the number of repetitions, regulate depending on your preparation, age and the child`s weight.
    • “Rocking chair“. Sit down on an edge of a chair or a sofa, put the kid to yourself on a shin and take him by hands. Pull a sock on yourself and shake the kid serially on the right and left leg. Other option - your leg is bent at right angle, you swing the kid sitting on your hip (such option is suitable for absolutely small children more, of course, if they are already able to sit). These exercises help to strengthen a forward surface of a hip.
    • “Rocking chair 2“. It is carried out if your child already rather big to fit well and surely to hold you. Get up on all fours, one leg is bent at right angle, other leg direct. Put the child on the extended leg, he has to keep strong. Carefully raise a leg on which the kid sits. Exercise is carried out by serially right and left leg. It strengthens a back surface of a hip and buttock.
    • “Rocking chair 3“. A starting position - lying on one side, the leg from below is slightly bent, the second is extended directly. We put the kid on the extended leg, holding him with a hand, we pull a sock of a leg on ourselves. Carefully we raise a leg. It is carried out by serially right and left leg. We strengthen a lateral surface of a hip.
    • “Window“. A starting position - lying on a back. Raise direct legs up at an angle of 90 degrees. The child sits a back to you at you on a stomach. We part and cramp legs - the window opens, the window is closed. We strengthen an internal surface of a hip. As option - direct legs are raised at an angle 90 degrees - we lower and we lift serially the right, left leg.
    • “Samoletik“. A starting position - lying on a back. Legs are lifted and bent at an angle 90 degrees. The child a stomach leans on your legs and holds you by hands. We bend and unbend legs. When the kid rises up, it is possible to shout - “Departed!“ When falls - “We Land!“ . We strengthen a forward and back surface of a hip.
    • of Squat with burdening. Put the child on a back, strong you hold him by hands and carry out squats. Legs do not come off a floor. We strengthen buttocks and hips.
    • Rise on socks with burdening. The kid sits at you on a back, you tight hold him by hands. Rise and fall by socks. This exercise strengthens a shin.
    • “Went - went“. A starting position - lying on a back, legs are bent in knees. Put the child on yourself, you hold him by hands. We lift the top part of a trunk, sentencing “went, went!“ This exercise strengthens buttocks.
    • “Mother - a tumbler toy“. A starting position - lying on a floor. Put the child to yourself on legs, take him by hands. Lift and lower the top part of a trunk. When you rise to the child, can kiss him or tell something, for example:“ hi “or“ ku - ku“. This exercise on strengthening of a press.
    • “In a pole boom!“ A starting position - as in exercise above. It is low we raise legs. It is possible to sentence: “went - went“ and from time to time to part legs that the kid failed “in a pole“ - “in a pole boom!“. This exercise also strengthens a press.
    • “Departed“. - costing a starting position. Strong hold the child by hands and lift and lower him on outstretched arms - up and down, lifting up it is possible to speak “Departed!“. If it is not pleasant to the child when he is lifted for handles - you can hold it by a trunk (but not for armpits!). We train a vestibular mechanism of the child and mother`s hands.
    • “To the right - to the left“. A starting position - the same, as in the previous exercise. We drive the kid to the right - to the left and we strengthen a back surface of a shoulder. If to turn not hands, but a trunk - oblique muscles of a stomach become stronger (we do a waist!)
    • “Pendulum“. Put the child to yourself on shoulders, strong holding him by hands. With a small amplitude we do inclinations and turns to the right - to the left. This exercise also strengthens oblique muscles of a stomach.
    • “2 Departed“. We hold the kid by a trunk, hands are extended over the head. We lower and lift it, bending and unbending hands over the head. The forward surface of a shoulder, an upper back becomes stronger.
    • Inclinations with burdening. Holding the child on hands, carefully we do inclinations. It is also very useful for a vestibular mechanism of the child, and mother at the same time strengthens a back!
    • “Quick horse“. A starting position - being on all fours. We put the child to ourselves on a back, he has to hold you hands by a neck strong. We curve a back an arch up and down as though a horse who tries to dump “horseman“. We strengthen back muscles.
  3. Final part or hitch.
    On time about 5 minutes borrow. Usually enter hitch relaxation exercise and an extension. Sit down on a floor, having moved apart legs, put the kid before yourself. Holding it by hands, do inclinations forward and sideways. That the extension was more effective, can put the kid to yourself on a back. To restore breath, present that you a mountain eagle who smoothly soars over the earth. Do slow smooth waves by hands - hands are raised against a breath, - fall by an exhalation.

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