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Here decided to tell Arkaim how we somehow time got to Arkaim.

Here decided to tell Arkaim how we somehow time got to Arkaim.

there Came the summer, to us at work bothered “to plow“, and we decided to have a rest all the friendly staff. Mudflows also began to discuss where we will jerk. Solved on Turgoyak. To the people gathered, and here it turned out that there are not enough cars... Twisted - twirled this way and that... Well there is not enough also all here! And here, as the messenger from above, enters a door the acquaintance of our directors - Liouba.

Liouba was a person very interesting, red, little, very bright woman who was engaged in treatment of people, something connected with Reiki. Always cheerful and positive, she asked at once:

- What we discuss?

- we Think where to go to have a rest to a two-three of days.

- So went with us, we go to Arkaim on Friday with group of masters, there will be a huge two-storeyed bus... Doctrines, seminars... All will have enough place and will listen at the same time.

We reflected. Agreed to phone next day and to give the answer. And got into the Internet at this time and began to study what is this Arkaim? Information was I will not tell, what is a lot of... Generally same - the reserve, the beautiful place, rest... Decided to read forums for those who were there, and those who gather... And only there we gathered information, necessary for us, and became interested in this place. The decision was made - we go!

Friday Came... All left work before the lunch - that it was necessary to gather - thoroughly, we go not close, about 500 km. Only 5 people gathered us: the director, his wife, I, my friend Gala and Luda - a colt (so we nicknamed her for surprising similarity to little animals of this breed and always loving it so called, she also did not take offense). Were going to go on Galochkina 14 - oh... Nobody knew the road and therefore Liouba was taken as the navigator, and the Colt was replaced in the bus with masters. Departure of the bus was appointed in 19 - 00, but we left only in 20 - 30... Bought products in shop and loaded the car tents, blankets and different another useful to us utensils there. All process of preparation very much was pleasant to us... On the quiet the wife of our director even managed to get new sneakers, a sports suit, a hat and a bathing suit - clever all - she is a woman! And here we go... The route Kurgan - Chelyabinsk. In way it was cheerful, told stories, sang songs, joked and almost forgotten about work... Driving - Gala, the driver with an experience, and many men can even envy as she masterly owns a piece of iron, she even participates every year in “Zaporozhetses“ races that are carried out on March 8. And here I see - there is a caravan from trucks heavy-load, pieces six in a row, and one jumps out on overtaking, to us on a meeting - the forehead in a forehead and does not concede... All life flew by at me before eyes, it is good that Galina reacted and moved down on a roadside from the route down. Thus we survived. Stood minutes 20, all were silent, smoked. After mudflows and again at way.

Darkened, we drove up to Chelyabinsk, so we also did not catch up with the bus, only there it became clear that Liouba does not remember the road... It was necessary to remember that wrote at a forum, but for reliability stopped on departure from Chelyabinsk at the inspector of traffic police and asked how to reach, but also it did not help us. Decided to go to Troitsk. At this time it was already dark, and the route flashed by the passing sparks, we were already tired and not so actively stirred, listened to specially written down disk with music for this trip and in salon sounded: “Rrrrromantikaaaaaaaaaaaaa!“ .

Here Troitsk, far farther to go - it is not known. According to all descriptions we have to turn in front of Troitsk to the right... Indexes, anything! We went to Troitsk... Few times asked people - nobody knows... Stopped by at the center... As it is beautiful! The churchlets illuminated... Excursion turned out. Here we saw a big fight of drunk teenagers and the appeared in time police squads, decided to stand and wait when they are calmed, and at the same time and to ask law enforcement officers, where to us to go further. Messengers sent the director and Liouba. By the light of headlights this couple seemed to us similar to Shrek and a burro as Eduard was a man large and not thin, and Liouba small and brisk, in ridiculous clothes then the nickname Burro also was attached to it. Having learned approximately the road, we with the animation heroes set further, already nobody slept and all cheered up. Here again this ring and turn, we go, but again not there... So around Troitsk we wandered about one and a half hours when all - found turn, all fell asleep, except Galina and me, well and it was not necessary to her - she driving... What I only did not stir that she did not want to sleep! The road was narrow, the steppe and a spark around... Then remote places and terrible fog began, remembered movies about the zombie. Here I saw the stealing a march hedgehogs about whom told all, but for some reason except me nobody saw them, then I began to doze, and Eduard to talk to Gala. There were first gleams and as if settlements, a little later our courageous and firm driver told us what after fog she saw by the running man in pants. All laughed and nobody trusted it, as well as me that I saw hedgehogs. Small small villages with the Soviet steles and appeals to communism went, and all of us went and went. It was necessary to turn again somewhere further, only nobody knew where. We began to wander around one village again. It seems, found a reference point, but it was strange: the index shows that it is necessary to go to the right, but if to be developed back, other index shows in other party. Here already dawn, sunrise began. We stopped, all went out of the car, and the Burro showed us as it is necessary to meet the sun correctly. Around everything was green and it is beautiful, beams of the sun gave to vicinities some pinkish shade, we stood in a row and, having stretched hands in different directions palms up, shouted to the sun: “Hi!“ You do not represent, all forgot about fatigue, we received so many positive emotions at that moment that I remembered myths ancient and their worship of this yellow disk at once. But it was necessary to go, in the tape recorder legendary sounded: “People will wake up tomorrow, and already neeeet us!“ We quickly paraphrased it in “people will wake up tomorrow, and we are absent yet“ as usually to Arkaim come to sunrise to meet him on Gore of repentance. Then still there were several confusions with roads, and here we came out to the last road which had to bring, at last, us into this favourite esoterics the place. The new asphalted road. Grandmothers from the village said that there has to be an index, we went, but its everything was not, through 50 km we began to doubt that we go there where it is necessary, and stopped. Everything it was already not ridiculous, was the 12th day of Saturday. And here we see: from - for the woods goes rather trudges, starekhonky “kopek“ of red color. All of us ran out on the road and began to wave a hand. The little man stopped and, friendly smiling, asked us: “What, children, Arkaim you look for?“

here us nearly broke off

I: at least one someone knows that it is necessary to us. Further he asked us from where he we, and having learned, long laughed, explaining it with the fact that we are odd fellows and we go God knows where and is unclear why when at around such beautiful places with lakes and the river.

of Ur... Arkaim!! From far away at once the huge tent town, hills, a mill and still some constructions was visible. All quickened and tried to discover our bus among a large number of transport. “Wons it!“ - I shouted, and we drove up to it. There already nobody waited for us, only our Colt, lonely sitting in the Panamanian on the backpack, read something to her interesting. You would see her face when it uvidat us, it something similar to when you go across Rome, and towards to you your neighbor with whom you never in life communicated, and here so Rada to it.

Having unloaded the car and having put tent, we with Gala went at once to bathe in Karaganka, the heat stood for +30. Karaganka - the small curved rivulet flowing on all reserve with cold water, speak there silver keys beat, but places for bathing absolutely are not equipped in any way: stones, the sticking-out pieces of wood from once the bridges which were earlier standing there, on coast a cane. Even it was terrible for the small children bathing and frolicing there. Nakupavshis and having removed from itself stress with all this a grief - roads, we went to eat, and then, having eaten, went for excursion to the Ancient city. This dwelling of ancient is in 6 km from camp, it is necessary to go through Gore Lyubvi and the steppe on a footpath with which it is impossible to come anywhere neither to a step, nor in left, nor in the right, under the scorching sun. We were dressed in Panamanians and bathing suits, took with ourselves pareo, and so we felt sorry for people who went in socks, t-shirts and trousers, and all this black color. Later these people began to undress, many very much were tired and already just began to squat, even without listening to the guide - the young girl of years of twenty, with well trained voice and perfectly knowing the business. It was similar to that ancient, all in is blue - turquoise chiffon with stone busika and all trinkets from stones. It was interesting. There is a lot of such thematic excursions - they cost 50 or 100 rub

After excursion we were filled up to sleep at once. Woke up already at sunset because it is impossible to sleep - the head will hurt. Bathed again, but already in other place, it was safer there, around canes, it is not deep also stones small... Then began to think, as if to settle down for the night. Arkaim is a certain place with the infrastructure. The cafe, shop with products in which beer is on sale, but is not present vodka: there it is simple to drink it it is impossible, however, as well as beer, but there go people not only to restore health and to put thoughts in order, but also to relax therefore there it is sold. There is shower, a tent paid camp, cars, cottages. We decided not to sleep in tent and removed the car on four, and the Burro decided to sleep with the Colt in our tent. There came evening, all people dispersed who where, one at excursion, others on doctrines, the third on seminars. Seminars are held different - both for believers, and for sceptics, but all of them are very interesting. Group of masters who came by the bus together with the Burro invited us to sit with them at a fire, to listen to their doctrines, we were delighted, Eduard descended and bought a bundle of dry firewood, carried them in the general heap. But, having sat minutes 15, having listened to songs “Oh, the Guelder-rose Blossoms“, to us it became uninteresting. And we decided to leave and organize the fire at our car, especially there long ago meat and sausages to a barbecue was tired of waiting for us. We imposed the place of a bonfire with stones which we there a huge number, took away a bundle of firewood, but not the already, began to light a fire. Nothing left, firewood was crude. Then the Colt disappeared somewhere, and in 10 minutes it appeared with the axe and dry firewood. So it saved us from starvation and was awarded ranks “wizard“. Night came, it became cold, we put on jackets and trousers. At once I will tell - there big differences of temperatures. In the afternoon more than 30, and at night 0 is also lower therefore it is necessary to take with itself warm clothes, but we it knew the benefit after reading a forum therefore we were prepared. Time was spent cheerfully, learned new about colleagues much, gorged on, sung, listened to loud snore from the tent town which was across the river, even few times beat off drunk guys who tried to get acquainted with us, but after Eduard`s speech sharply evaporating. The burro with us was not, it remained with the. Went to bed.

Before dawn to us came to the car the Colt and began to awake us. We did not get up, it took the camera and left. We woke up hours in 11 and all amicably again went to bathe. Our bus and the Colt was not any more, Liouba sat on the rolled-up tent one, did not talk to us. We tried to talk to it, but she was silent. Through a couple of hours we should have gone back. We bypassed all tents with various beads, ringlets, bracelets and any knickknacks from a stone, various figurines and things which all were signed “Arkaim“. Ponabrali to itself, having right there dressed up in it, were also very happy. There was no wish to leave, we delayed this moment as soon as could. Visited to Gore Lyubvi (on a legend, at night young couples then they had children left there), Gore Repentances (where all apologize), Bald to Gore (still it is called the Shaman, the name speaks for itself, sometimes witches gather for a sabbath there). Only on Gore Razuma we could not descend, it is very far, there it is necessary to go.

But here the farewell moment also came. To us it was sad. And here we already went by the car, everyone thought of the and analyzed all that he saw. At once remembered the road there, as well as it was described at a forum, many very long stray also many, without having found the road, come back home. At many the second opens “I“ there, many swear among themselves, many get sick, many, on the contrary, recover. Here and in our case it happened so that the Burro unclear from - for what took offense at us and did not talk. Nobody could understand in what business. All products that were, left there, for those who live there therefore there it is possible to live easily and without money long time. It is tradition... Went quickly, exceeding the high-speed mode, and near Troitsk we were stopped by GAI officers. Having shown the speed 90 on a radar, they wrote out the coupon, and we went further. We long laughed, we went not 90, but 120 - 130 how so? In Troitsk we ate very tasty shish kebabs, they very much were pleasant to us, at the price even they were not such expensive, as at us in roadside cafes. Liouba still sat and was silent, did not even go out of the car.

Here Chelyabinsk, and already Kurgan, time - the first one o`clock in the morning. We stop by in Kurgan and here... A hole, the wheel also burst... Well, remained absolutely a little! We already everything wanted to go to bed in the soft, warm beds, dreamed already of it, but not here - that was. Galina rang the brother, he arrived and carried all on houses. Next day after a lunch all gathered on work. A colt told that she suggested the Burro to go by bus instead of her, but that refused. We settled that time she does not wish to speak, let it remain on her conscience. Here to you and “possible discrepancy of opinions“. It from read at a forum.

Next day we were shocked because that in service for repair of cars the master was surprised how we in general came by this car, it completely erased blocks, we just could break as brakes in general were absent. Next day the director did not come to work. It did not appear week - there was a cleaning of an organism. And in a week came the Burro and, having brought together all of us in the certain room, apologized to all for the behavior, having explained that she saw at night how we break on the way home. Then she pledged to be silent to herself and all road warded off from us disaster, studying something by the methods there. Everything rose on the places.

A we still very long remembered this trip and laughed... We passed 700 km only in the first way. It is much more, than actually. There everyone goes behind the. Who behind what goes there, that there and receives that. Not for nothing in that place the crust break, also occurs a lot of things abnormal. We received all that we thought there of... But it another story altogether...