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Preparation of documents for agencies of guardianship. Recommendations

  1. Round of doctors, collecting references and preparation of documents for obtaining the decision in agencies of guardianship on an opportunity to be adoptive parents. the Main part of documents are necessary for

    as for obtaining permission to be adoptive parents in agencies of guardianship, and later - for court (the list is laid out here, on the website). Adoptive parents prepare the main part of documents and collect.

    most Longer, as a rule, than is made out the certificate of lack of a criminal record - from - for need of inquiry in the Main Information Centre Ministry of Internal Affairs . Usually this procedure takes from two weeks to one and a half months therefore it is better to begin with it. For obtaining such reference it is necessary to file a petition to the local militia inspector at the place of residence. Besides the statement it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire, it can be made directly on reception at the district police officer.

    the Most troublesome and too rather long procedure - the medical examination in a form No. 164u/96 provided both in agencies of guardianship, and in court. It is the best of all to begin round of doctors and filling of the form of medical certificate with visit of clinics. If you have no fresh result of fluorography, and it should be shown in an antitubercular clinic to the phthisiatrician, - come and make for now its results prepare, bypass other clinics. Before visit kozhno - a venereologic clinic it is more reasonable to come at first into a narcological clinic not to puzzle the doctor afterwards from a prick on a vein. :) But also do not tighten since not in all establishments can carry out the express the analysis on of HIV and therefore on receiving results of blood test week, and even two can be required.

    In a psychoneurological clinic besides the passport, men will ask to show the military ID - do not forget (!) . Between visit of clinics it is possible to begin to bypass other doctors.

    Pay attention - the conclusion of each doctor has to be certified by round stamp of establishment which usually is at the manager, the chief physician, but most often in the secretariat. The press of the doctor and a stamp of establishment (rectangular with the name of establishment and the address) are optional. The triangular press is not necessary at all, it is valid only for recipes and litters the form. When passing doctors in one policlinic it is not necessary to put separately on the conclusions of each of doctors round stamp, all will assure them then of office of policlinic. Medical certificate is valid

    within three months from the moment of his approval by the chief physician (manager) lechebno - preventive establishment in the place of residence or works. Results of fluorographic inspection are valid for adoption within six months. Medical certificate - the most important component of the filed documents therefore be especially attentive to its registration. Haste or a carelessness can respond at further steps, for example, upon transition from guardianship to adoption. Certain experts it is better to take place in one policlinic, hospital, it is advisory - the diagnostic center - surely state or municipal, it is highlighted in the government resolution No. 275. or the certified Ministries of Taxes and Tax Collection of the copy of the declaration on the income have to confirm

    of of the Reference about a salary and a position that you have the cumulative income on a family not less than one living a wage on each family member taking into account the adopted child, so, for Moscow in the third quarter 2003 it made 3044 rub

    of the Autobiography is necessary only for Guardianship: the most important points of your course of life - education, marriages - divorces, work have to be reflected in it - on the basis of which the inspector judges stability of financial and marital status, experience in communication with children.

  2. Submission of documents in agencies of guardianship, consideration of documents and inspection of living conditions by the expert of guardianship. Obtaining the decision on an opportunity to be adoptive parents. Having stocked up with

    with documents according to the list (the list is on the website), again you come to Guardianship with the statement. The specialist of agencies of guardianship carries out an inspection inspection of living conditions regarding a possibility of accommodation of the child: arrangements of the place for its rest, occupations, checks sanitary conditions and real material security. At accommodation in the apartment of other people, besides adoptive parents, the expert will take an interest in their state of health, the relations between them and adoptive parents. Keep in mind that if the child is more senior 9 - ti than years and heterosexual with the adoptive father or the disabled person, then it will need granting the certain room. Besides formal characteristics of housing, i.e. existence of 12 meters of total area on the person, including the adopted child of total area. the Premises have to take vacation spots and occupations, a case, the light, pure normally ventilated room, existence of a separate nursery is optimum. the expert prepares for

    on the basis of data of the documents filed by you obtained from studying and visit of housing two documents: “The act of inspection zhilishchno - living conditions“ and “The decision of body of guardianship“ about a possibility of applicants to be adoptive parents.