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My angel...

the Last hour before appearance of my daughter... I precisely know it... Stronger and stronger weight in the bottom of a stomach is felt, fights accrue.

Ya I am silent... I think only of you and all the time I glance for the hours hanging on a wall of the delivery room. Still slightly - slightly“, - I say to myself, 40 - 30 more-... minutes, and I will see you... Everything will be OK. The father waits for ours with you a call and all the same the first calls, but you are absent for the present...“ It is better not to answer us calls yet?

Last 15 minutes... I lay down... I feel how you are born... My feelings overflow me: I very much want to see you, I love you, and here you go to me... We are helped by the doctor and the midwife. You already see them?

Calm... I look at the watch - 00:51, 08. 07. 2008. We wait for the last push: I already see your makushechka! Breath... And I already hear you... I hear... I hear!!

Ya I close eyes from tears: these are the most unique and best sounds, I enjoy your voice... I cry with happiness together with you! At me hands shiver... I am cold and hot...

I Open eyes... My God! You are held directly over me! You are a pure angel!“ Last a moment“, - I say to myself. We look each other in the face - what charm! It is difficult to make out you through my tears of joy, but I try, try...

I now you at me on a stomach. I think about myself: “What warm, wet, gentle creation...“

Ya I iron you on the head, I consider you, I kiss your tiny handle, a small forehead, I continue to cry... I love you! How I could live without you so much time? You are my angel!

Here the father calls

... It is necessary to answer, and there are no words, I could only tell:“ Listen to it... We have it“.

and still we with it are unseparable

After transfer to chamber... I enjoy it every day! I with pleasure observe how my child grows and develops. Alinochke 1 year, but history of its emergence and those feelings which I had, I will never forget!

the history I want to share

with parents of wonderful children, I want to share the pleasure. And to tell future mothers: “Dear future mothers! Let all 9 months will pass for you on one breath! Let childbirth will be lungs! Soon a meeting with the most loved and native one on light!“

to All I wish

Good luck! Big, strong and close-knit family!