Rus Articles Journal

Searches on Vishera. Part 2

the Beginning

Here the wood receded from the small river, and it spread on meters 50. And, if in bottlenecks we Booze was a fast mountain stream, then at a glade it inertly floated by the small sandy beach.

river Depth on flood was no more than a meter.

the Most tempered our travelers decided to bathe though water temperature was degrees 10. Only Ruslan and Tanya ventured it. The girl slowly went to water. Fingers of her hands were squeezed in fists. Wrists are bent so that fists became in parallel water. Her face reminded a face of Joan of Arc going for execution (I, of course, did not observe execution and saw the famous Frenchwoman only in movies).

Suddenly Krylova exclaimed:

- Mother! - also plunged. After that the enthusiastic audience did not even manage to notice how it appeared ashore. It was the lightning jump from Kutim`s middle on a warm coastal grass.

Ilyichev did not regret the colleague:

- the Hostess of mountain streams! - by voice of the sportscaster he said, observing as the frozen “hostess“ does intensive gymnastics.

Ruslan quietly came into water and popleskatsya. Igorek wanted too, but we dissuaded him. Vitya told the boy:

- Listen to

, the brother. Why to itself voluntarily to do such unpleasant things. Sometime you should do unpleasant things for now it makes sense to wait. Why itself to torment?

- Yes to become tempered and when it is necessary that it was easier.

- However, you are a philosopher. As well as I.

So far we fussed around a fire, Aslamov left somewhere.

the Boy assumed


- Probably, on hunting.

was surprised to Tan`s


- Unless it has a weapon?

- Is not present

. And why to it weapon. The father of any animal hands will strangle. Saw what muscles at it?

wanted to say


- It of course, - but kept silent, proceeding from educational reasons.

the Lunch was already ready

when Ruslan returned. He told:

- on the river the thrown village is a little lower Here. And what if to sort there a shed and to make a raft? What to suffer - on a windbreak to jump.

began to doubt with


- the River that narrow. The raft on which all of us will go in will not pass on rifts.

- And I suggest to make two small balsas. And on wide Uls we will unite them.

Igorek delightfully waved the raised fists. Vitya approvingly told:

- Ruslan! You are talent. A day more of my walking on these dense woods under supervision of mosquitoes, and I would hang. You rescued me.

commented on Tan`s


- Ruslan, you also rescued someone from the audience of a samoveshanye of Ilyichev as Ilyichev would try to make it on an old mouldering tree which immediately would fall to the audience.

Made the decision that after a lunch of the man go to sort structures.

With tools we had a problem - only one axe and a small saw. There were no nails and a wire to connect logs.

the Thrown housing consisted of several chopped log huts and sheds. The cemetery was the most sad show. Several forgotten graves without plates and one with a rusty iron star. On the metal plate under a star it was possible to read:“ Red Army man Timofeev. Was killed in 1925 in battles with bandits“.

Ruslan told


- Almost a century to this village. People lived here, hoped, worked, had fun. Where now their children, grandsons?

- maybe in Moscow, - Ilyichev assumed.

Till the evening we sorted a shed. Estimated that we need on one balsa one and a half meter wide eight logs and one more to make cross fastening. We provided ourselves with nails, having taken out them from old structures. Yes with what! Forged. And here it was not succeeded to find a wire, we will use part of our kapron rope.

the next morning clear and windless, we transferred camp to our “shipyard“ on the bank of Kutim.

Ruslan was

the master of the highest class. Under its management by a lunch we constructed two rafts 4 meters long and one and a half wide. On them made low scaffolds that backpacks were not filled in by water. In a taiga cut out four thin long poles from larches.

At midday solemn descent of our ships to water began

. They slipped on skating rinks in we Booze and downloaded in its transparent water. On one raft Aslamov with Igork and Vitya, and was located on the second I and Tanya.

Made a start poles from a bottom, and an alloy began.


After the first rift showed a number of shortcomings of our “ships“. It was necessary to stand in wet sneakers as waves reached legs, and sometimes and backpacks. But the sun shone. It was warm. The sunlight got through clear water and lit multi-colored pebble at the bottom. Water struck us who got used to the flat muddy rivers, the transparency.

- Transparent. As air, - Igorek gave an assessment.

Vitya at this moment by means of a pole chose by

the direction of the movement of the balsa. He reflected. The pole got stuck between ground stones. Ilyichev seized him, and the current pulled out a raft from - under his legs. The mathematician with an astonished face hung several seconds over water, and then with a cry departed in we Booze. Fortunately, it was superficial, and he got wet only to a belt. But it was necessary to stick that Vitya changed clothes and dried things a little.

Igorek with interest asked

On the parking Ilyichev whom he perceived as the theorist in total

- the Uncle Vitya, and you know why noses at people holes down?

- I Think that it was made for appearance.

- Is not present

. It in order that during a rain water was not poured there.

Tanya Krylova burst out laughing with

and approvingly told:

- the Good fellow. So also the science considers. Evolution selected.

Ilyichev turned obstinate:

- If evolution, then at bedouins from the desert where there are no rains at all, noses would be sideways. By the way, it would be so more convenient to smell danger. The friend Igor, instead of with the aunt Tanya to attack me, solve - a task.

- I Will try.

- the Old task. It was thought up at the tsar, it seems to me. It is necessary to transport through the river a goat, hay and a wolf. The boat is small therefore it is possible to transport something only one. However, if the first to carry a wolf, then the goat will eat during this time hay. If hay the first, then the wolf eats a goat. If to transport a goat to the first, then it is not clear what to carry to the second time. On the opposite coast it is impossible to leave neither a wolf, nor hay with a goat too. Solve.

- And it is possible instead of a wolf that there was a bear?

- It is impossible for

. The task will collapse. If the boat can transport a bear, then a goat and hay it would transport for once.

- it is fine, let there will be a wolf.

the Boy of minutes five thought and told:

- Not. Does not decide.

- I Prompt. The carrier should perform, at first sight, silly operation. Senseless. For example, to drive with a goat on the river.

the Boy reflected. Began to draw something a twig on sand. At last said with badly hidden pride:

- I Know. The first goat, then wolf, and goat back. Then hay. The last again goat.

Ilyichev raised a finger up:

- So. At the decision this task should use not standard thinking. To think not as we got used usually. For example, all know that to get to some place, it is necessary to walk in volume the direction. And whether it is possible to get there if to take a step forward and two back. It is possible if you move on a sphere. Well, for example, on the moon. We will achieve the objectives, but having approached it on the other hand.

- the Uncle Vitya, but why not to go normally? Also more simply.

- And if you are a commander? Your opponent waits for you in one place, and you suddenly appear at it in the back.

- Yes. Interestingly. I will teach the mathematician, and I it not really loved that.

Next day small accident which led further to serious consequences happened. Our balsa flew on a big underwater boulder. As we with Tanya tried, could not shift our ship. The current wore out a raft nose on a stone more and more, and the stern at the same time plunged into water. Suddenly in water Tannin a backpack which it forgot to tie to a flooring slid off. It before it rendered to Igork small medical aid by means of iodine and an adhesive plaster.


K to us suited Ruslan`s balsa. Through joint efforts pushed off our ship, extended a backpack from meter depth. But the majority of things got wet, and the worst that the box with medicines fell out. Carried away an easy box a current, and we could not find it.

Decided to stop, and while the sun shines, to dry things. Tanya sadly sat on a stone and is indifferent looked at water.

- the Aunt Tanya why you sit “at charm grieves“? You do not long, the aunt Tanya, - the boy approached, - we still the best will buy drugs in the settlement.

- Of course, in Zolotanke we will buy for now it is necessary to try not to be ill, - I supported Igork.

But as it will be visible from the subsequent events, the exact forecast is essentially impossible. This is still the American meteorologist Edward Lorentz defined, studying “Butterfly Effect“.

Every other day our expedition reached the abandoned settlement we Booze. The silence stood around. Deficiency.

Tanya got a notebook and read excerpt from article:

- “In Kutimsky iron plant of Volzhsko - Vishera joint-stock company, become operational in 1890, blast furnaces were the improved design, had mechanical elevators, in distance of 30 - 35 versts from plant 64 charcoal furnaces are constructed in two groups, the narrow-gage railroad of 35 versts is carried out“.

Looked round. Around even the hint on blast furnaces and a narrow-gage railway was not. The collapsing log huts, ghosts of streets. And, probably, in its best times in the settlement lived to one thousand people. Children ran. Women rinsed linen in Kutim. There were also local intellectuals: engineer and managing director of plant. The nature gradually erases all this. Perhaps it and to the best. But it is for some reason sad.

we found

the supplier of berries who stopped here for several days In one log hut.

- you did not meet geologists? - Vitya asked.

- As, left three days ago. On the Twenty now, it seems. There too in old dumps dig. Two women and man wearing spectacles.

is mother! - Igorek exclaimed.

the Supplier scratched a bald head:

- This man your mother wearing spectacles?

- Is not present

. My mother with a big braid of chestnut color. Round face. Eyes are blue.

- Well, you as the police officer. I admit that your portrait is similar to their chief. And you that for team? Too geologists? So on rafts geologists do not swim?

Ruslan smiled to


- We team of this boy. And he looks for the mother. And almost found, in my opinion.

Lesnoy the person shook

the head approvingly:

- Aha. It is good. Mother. See, you. And from where?

- From Kiev.

- My God. Yes I there, nearby, in army was, in the settlement of Desna. Heard? Means we almost “fellow countrymen“.

“Fellow countryman“ presented us two loaves of bread and wished good luck.

Through three kilometers our ships escaped on river Uls “high water“. This high water had width of meters 70 and the speed of a current of 6 kilometers - as Ilyichev calculated. He measured on the bank of 10 meters, threw a branch into water and noted time for which the branch floated a distance.

we connected by

On Ulsa together balsas, and the big raft turned out. Ruslan found the sheet of old iron in the abandoned settlement. We put it on a raft, and on it made fire. Our oven - a stool was established over a fire, on it the kettle with fish soup from the graylings caught by Ruslan - this Siberian kind of a trout boiled. And if there was no strong wind, then near ours “a water fire“ it was possible even to be heated.

Having floated

two hours, rose on spending the night in a small bay on the right river bank.

- it is beautiful

, and at night nobody will appear, - Ilyichev told, - all paths and paths go only on the left coast.

This choice was

our biggest mistake for all expedition. From - for this mistake I had to jump for the first time in life with a parachute.

A. In the afternoon the sun heated in everything, wind was not. But at sunset the horizon became brightly red, with North - the West highly in the sky plumose clouds floated.

- By bad weather, - Aslamov noticed. what began at night it was difficult for p to call

bad weather. Rather the word “horror“ approaches. The heavy wind, heavy rain sometimes passing into snow grain. Air temperature sharply fell.

- some Absurdity, - Ilyichev gave definition.

in the Afternoon this weather did not change, and it was impossible to float in such hell on a raft. Sat in tents. Having built a protective wall from stones and branches, made fire and cooked a dinner.

the Rain went two days. All missed.

Everyone remembered interesting stories. Ruslan told that his mother, by the way, the diplomaed sea navigator, believes in existence at soul plants.

- my mother - Svetlana Nikolenko was born in the village of Kolodistoye under the Ukrainian town of Uman. All Ukraine heard about the beautiful Sofiyevsky arboretum created 230 years ago by the count Pototsky for the wife Sofia. The park is in this city. It is visible, under the influence of legends of such place some inhabitants idolize plants around. The neighbor of mine of the grandmother and the grandfather, mother`s parents, was a professional gardener. Among its favourite trees seventeen-year cherry grew. The old man assured Svetlana that this cherry has a consciousness that she understands his speech and tries to help it. Once the neighbor strongly got sick, and doctors made a helpless gesture, without understanding an etiology. Somehow in summer twilight Svetlana saw that the gardener leaned against a favourite tree a sore point, something whispers to it and irons a trunk hands. Svetlana even burst into tears and very much felt sorry for the old man who already could hardly limp from a door of the lodge to this cherry. The girl went to continue study.

For winter vacation appeared at parents and the first that saw, it the old man - the neighbor who chopped firewood near a porch. The girl with pleasure greeted it and asked about its health. The answer struck it.

- my nice cherry Cured me. The daughter, all live has soul. If you love and care about live, it also will help you. Be - that tree, be - a korovenka, be - the person! After that mother also believed, - Aslamov finished.

- Yes it could be just coincidence. Perhaps, there would pass the illness and so, - the skeptic Ilyichev commented.

- Can be

and passed. Mother was interested then that in literature write about consciousness of plants. Most of scientists stand on materialistic positions. Everything that occurs between plants and people, explain with effect of hormones, phytoncides and so forth.

But experiments which thus are difficult for explaining are. Plants report each other about danger. They yield a bigger harvest if to them turn on the music.

Igorek asked

also the question:

- Around here a taiga. Great lot of trees. It what - each of them the consciousness has? They among themselves are on friendly terms or quarrel?

- I Think, it as at people. Things do happen. Here in a garden at my grandfather the pear which grows under a pine well fructifies. That preserves it against harmful insects and diseases.


Behind a wall of tent about something trees in the wood rustled. Probably, they complained to each other about wind which wants to break them branches.

A water level in Ulsa increased. The river spread, water in it became dirty.


For the third day Igorek got sick. Felt feverish it. It lay in a sleeping bag sad and pale. Tanya gave to drink to him tea from raspberry leaves.

Ya with Vitya and Ruslan is sent further from tents that we were not heard, and carried out council.



- Situation worsens. It is necessary to bring the boy in Zolotanka. Ways three. - to transport the first through the river and on the old road along Uls to bear on itself. - to bear the second along this right coast to the place against which Zolotanka is located. This way is unreal as to carry the person without road on a windbreak a task not solvable. The third way - to be alloyed from the boym on the river. Very dangerous way. Under a cold rain with probability to be thrown, having hooked for toplyak or a stone. Water muddy, in it nothing is visible. It is necessary only - to be transported the first here.

Vitya objected


- the fourth Is. To be winded to the village to someone from us. And Tanya, having modern drugs, will lift the kid and here.

Thought and agreed with it especially as this option was the safest for Igork.



- We with Vitya will be transported on the left coast and we will reach on a raft or on foot the live settlement of Zolotanka. There we either will get drugs, or we will employ the boat, or at least on foot we will approach the place against camp and we will somehow be transported back.

Ruslan agreed:

- Probably, correctly. I have to be with Igork. So to it will be quieter.

our decision I reported

to Tana, and we with Ilyichev, having unfastened one of small balsas, started on a journey.

When the balsa was on the middle of the river, Vitya cried out:

- Water rises. It will be difficult to come back!

- If wait very much, then we will return.

Absolutely wet and frozen, we got out to the left coast. Hid the balsa in coastal bushes and a fast pace went on a track towards the settlement.

In three hours is sent to the empty settlement the Twenty. How many did not look for geologists who, according to the supplier, have to be here, did not find them. In two hours of fast walking we were in Zolotanke.

of Geologists here too was not. We were told that some chief arrived yesterday and directed them somewhere to Vishera.

Weather continued to remain bad. Uls bore branches of trees, sometimes in the water bubbling near stones huge fragments of trunks emerged. Water became muddy. The rain did not cease.

our negotiations on the boat did not lead

to success.

Situation became difficult. Though we bought the necessary drugs, but to come back with them to the sick boy without boat there was no opportunity.


Me presented a picture. Drugs at us, we against our camp, and for 70 meters on the right coast the sick boy. And between us the rushing dirty waves in it is gray - a brown penalty fee. And it is necessary to be transported through this rushing dirt on the unhandy fragile balsa.

Ilyichev as if having read my thoughts, told:

- And drugs will die, and we together with them.

I here in such situation some little old man near shop, the most brisk place in the settlement, whether for fun, whether seriously advised:

- There near the wood behind the settlement the plane prepares for a departure. Tests of gold have to carry to Perm. Ask the pilot that threw off a package over your camp.