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How to choose school supplies of

Gatherings of the child in school to someone from parents seem pleasant entertainment, to someone - the next care which is taking away a lot of time and forces. But as if you did not treat it, the comfort, safety and even health of your child depends on the choice of these or those goods. But it is not enough to choose a qualitative product - it is necessary to find that notebook, the handle or a case which it will be convenient to child to use. About what school supplies and in what quantity it will be necessary for the first grader, usually tell parents at schools (or just issue the list of necessary). And here how to define whether the concrete subject will suit your child, it will be a question in this article.



In the first classes of school at children forms handwriting therefore the choice of handles and pencils for them needs to pay much attention. It is considered that the best option for a beginner to write the child - a fountain pen. It is possible to write it only under a certain inclination, and it promotes development of the correct handwriting. Many western producers let out children`s fountain pens, the case at them usually from bright and light plastic, and a feather from the steel combining necessary flexibility and durability. However, whatever handle you chose, on it surely there has to be a rubber emphasis for fingers. It reduces brush tension by the letter and it is more convenient to hold such handle to the child.

Among pencils - both chernografitny (simple), and color - to preschool children and first graders most of all are suited trihedral with the case of the increased diameter. Thanks to the form they well lay down in a children`s hand, and slate pencils of bigger thickness break less often. By the way, for the same reason children should not buy mechanical pencils which have a thin case, and slate pencils fragile.

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pencils, be not tempted with low price. At external simplicity a pencil - a difficult product which quality depends on a number of factors: the used wood (the best the cedar is considered), gluing of a core and its durability, finishing of the case. The economy can turn back constantly breaking pencils, pale drawings and the fact that the child will not derive any pleasure from drawing.

At the choice of a sharpener pay attention that openings in it were calculated on pencils of different diameter. The sharpener with the container for waste will relieve the child of need somewhere to put garbage after sharpening of a pencil, and you - of cleaning of a case, a satchel or pockets from shavings and a slate crumb. By the way, if the sharpener is used often, time in half a year it needs to be changed: during this time the edge becomes dull and does not point any more, and breaks slate pencils.

Felt-tip pens

should talk About felt-tip pens separately as they, unlike the majority of a stationery, can be really dangerous to children. Check whether the felt-tip pen cap has air vents in case the child will swallow it. The cap from the opposite side has to be strongly attached to the case that the child could not take out it.

Other potential danger - ink as a part of which there can be unhealthy substances. Low-quality ink can be distinguished on a pungent smell and such inscriptions on packing as “not to allow hit in a mouth“, etc. In qualitative felt-tip pens ink on a water basis which practically does not smell is used and easily washed away from skin or clothes. However only the hygienic certificate which any goods for children, or the sign “CE“ on packing indicating compliance of a product to the quality standards and to safety of the European Union have to have will give you a full guarantee.

to First graders and preschool children will draw

more simply and more conveniently trihedral felt-tip pens or felt-tip pens with the case of the increased diameter. The best material for the case - polypropylene as ink in such case does not dry longer.


of Kinds of cases now much. There are classical models with the rigid rectangular case and folding valves to which writing-materials fasten (the last can be included in the package). Is same, but an oval form. There are empty cases - tubes and cases - cosmetics bags with soft walls. There are models from nylon and polyester, skin and suede, cotton fabrics (jeans, “Scotswomen“ and others). But it is not as difficult to understand all this variety as it seems.


Compact and easy cases - tubes and cases - cosmetics bags will be convenient to seniors who usually cost in pair of handles, a ruler and a pencil, and, strangely enough, first graders. The matter is that writing-materials are fixed in usual cases on quite hard loops. To pull out from them the handle or a pencil - a difficult task for small children and to find the necessary subject on two, four, and even six shutters can be difficult. As a result the child spends a lot of time for simple action and distracts from a lesson (with clear consequences for study). The simple case with soft walls, one office and a convenient lightning will allow to avoid these problems.

the Case with filling best of all will suit school students is more senior, and also will be a good gift. By the way, such case can be got also together with a satchel (some models are on sale complete with a case, a shoe bag, the container for breakfasts and other accessories). In this case all products will be executed in one design that will please esthetic sense both the child, and parents. In addition, many producers let out the whole series of school goods of uniform design. Satchels, cases, writing-materials, notebooks and other products which can be bought separately enter them.

School notebooks, according to the existing state standard specification, products of a certain format are considered as p as

of the Notebook (170 × 205 mm), with a certain number of sheets (12, 18 or 24), sewed by means of two brackets. Notebooks on 48 sheets are called “general“ more. They intend not only for children, but also for adults therefore requirements to them not such rigid. For elementary school it is better to buy school notebooks - they weigh much less “general“, so, the satchel of the child will be easier.

Paper of the internal block of notebooks has to be a certain density and a whiteness, the little is thinner and more pale than usual office. If paper qualitative, ink on it does not spread, and written does not appear through on the other side of a leaf. Razlinovka should not be too bright, otherwise load of the child`s eyes increases. Despite “pallor“ of a razlinovka, in a good notebook of the line are not interrupted and coincide on turns. School notebooks surely have to have lateral fields allocated with the vertical line.

Pay attention to a notebook cover, and both to material, and to registration. Now even school notebooks are issued with covers from the thin laminated cardboard thanks to what they keep original state longer. Covers with the rounded-off corners bend and fray less.

should consider

At the choice of notebooks not only desires of the child, but also the requirement of your school and teachers. Many them them are negative to brightly issued covers, considering that the last distract children from lessons. For this reason also younger school students should not buy the “general“ notebooks which are intended for teenagers and can be issued, from the point of view of the teacher, too safely. Drawing accessories

to Junior school pupils it is better for p to buy by

easy and simple rulers and squares, giving preference to products from flexible plastic (at them less chances to break or damage other things in a satchel). Surely pay attention to a ruler scale - it has to be accurate and bright.

When and what compasses are required to your child, depend on the program of each concrete school. For younger school students it is better to get model with a safe edge (short and thick). They can record compasses on a leaf, and to prick here very difficult.

the safest cases of drawing instruments and compasses are issued in cases from rigid plastic. The drawing tools entering them will not break and will not damage a satchel or its contents. Some compasses are completed with the protective caps closing an edge. Such compasses can be carried in any case, saving the place in a satchel and reducing its weight. Scissors

For preschool children and first graders it is better for p to buy

children`s scissors: lungs, the small size, with the rounded-off edges. The safest models - with edges from fiberglass, nonconducting electricity of material. Such it is impossible to scissor clothes or hair.

Scissors for school students usually make

of stainless steel, but also with the rounded-off edges. Besides, they can be got complete with a protective case. Special attention should be paid on rings for fingers: they have to be convenient for the child, ideally - with slips from rubber.

If your child the lefthander, try to find special scissors for lefthanders. Such models are produced by many producers, and they, unlike other goods for levoruky, are quite widespread in our country.