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Grove of roots

Dmitry Andreevich this year looked younger?! How it happened? In total and years did not pass as we marked out its ninety and the seventieth anniversary: birthday and creation of a family.

he Looked shaky, groaned, hardly moved and often breathed. Sometimes it seemed what here - here will choke.

his eldest son often visits though he lives far, but to surprise with everything and all finds time - from Moscow to Carpathians Mountains not no distance, and it is attracted by unknown force to the native land.

their hatka costs

at the big rock which is similar the outline to tooth - a cutter. The basis as if an open palm, it is covered with smooth stones, small pillows as steps. If to climb them on the first ledge, then there from a smooth plate a drop streamlet spring water slowly flows down. Streams change the direction as if someone squeezes out them under pressure, and, falling in easy dance on the perfected platform surface, they sound, creating a peculiar melody that sings and murmurs infinitely, never repeating.

Dmitry Andreevich calls

this rock “Fun time“. There is the known proverb about it and to them remade on application and supervision.

the Sun at different times has year the point of emergence from - for a mountain ledge. If to be accustomed, then it is possible to use with ease the rock as for hours. And the fun is a great pleasure from an admiring local beauty...

U it and own “Grove of roots“ is available, so it calls the chain of trees put by it around a hatka as a sign of the birth of daughters, sons, grandsons and great-grandsons. Each of them knows, nominal, a tree. They are same different, as well as people, but all are brought together by memory fatherlike in a uniform host.

.... But if to return to the fact that to the grandfather there was a miracle, then this year two new trees increased. This event woke in it all its rustic force... The grandfather all changed - to him everything became suddenly available and conceivable: repaired a roof, the kitchen garden itself dug up, new beds that to children for show - without them coped...

Such pride from the man goes for pleasure, amusing soul with heat and content: here, they, a love tree - rustle with foliage, bows on wind nod, change the attire and bear fruits...