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Eleven years ago, (1998) in our country responsibility for vaccination of own children was conferred on mothers who are obliged to record in writing the fact of the consent to an inoculation or refusal of it since then. Many parents think that physicians are not responsible now for anything.

Actually responsibility, of course, nobody removed

from medicine. As before, policlinics are obliged to provide all the “services of medical prevention“ noted in a national calendar. And in the necessary terms and with observance of all sanitary standards.

I though the purpose of the state medicine and parents - protection of children from dangerous infections - coincides, the medicine first of all is interested in decrease in mass character of these infections whereas parents - in protection against them of own child with the smallest losses for his general health, mental health and quality of life.

Some physicians call

for use of domestic vaccines, however we have to choose the most reliable and safe, being guided, first of all, by reputation of the producer, but not by feeling of patriotism. And if the doctor in policlinic does not offer a modern vaccine, recommending to give a free injection, it is not always the best choice for the kid. The state makes mass purchases of vaccines which use in policlinics, the producer gets profit, and we - lack of the choice. Therefore, probably, you should not be guided by opinion only of one expert in policlinic, and it is better to study properties of this or that means independently. And can - both the third, and the fourth. The main thing that the vaccine was safe, convenient in application and had some advantages in comparison with those which offer in policlinic free of charge. And differently why to spend for them money?

can carry To these most obvious advantages that protecting the child from all dangerous diseases provided by a calendar, it is possible to reduce number of pricks thanks to the combined import vaccines. For example, the French five-component vaccine will protect the kid from five infections at once: diphtherias, whooping cough, tetanus, poliomyelitis and hemophilic (HIB) infection. Such vaccines are called combined or multicomponent.

Attractive similar vaccines will be for those parents who are afraid of manifestation of negative reaction from a children`s organism. The modern combined vaccines, in particular French, do not contain “live“ viruses of poliomyelitis, sometimes capable to entail vaktsinoassotsiirovanny diseases, and instead of the integral koklyushny stick which is contained in a usual vaccine of AKDS contains only a few it the key components necessary in order that the immune system of the child developed antibodies against whooping cough. Therefore such vaccines safely protect the child from whooping cough and poliomyelitis from which inoculation quite often causes collateral reactions (temperature increase, an indisposition, a capriciousness, the reduced appetite, reddening and consolidation in the place of a prick). Besides, as a result of their application the children`s organism receives a minimum of the accompanying substances - preservatives and stabilizers thanks to what danger of emergence of side effects decreases even more.

A thanks to these vaccines can fill up a personal calendar of the child with those diseases inoculations which are not included in a national calendar only because of shortage of budgetary funds whereas in all developed countries this inoculation is included in national calendars. The inoculation from HIB - an infection which is one of the most frequent reasons of development of heavy infections concerns to them, for example, (purulent meningitis, pneumonia, epiglottit, etc.) at small children.

After acquaintance with different vaccines and their advantages (for example, on the website www. privivka. ru), is anyway better to consult to the doctor or the specialist in vaccinal prevention. But even to ask the necessary questions, it is necessary to read and learn much.

I Can prompt to

one more idle time, but a reliable way to avoid mistakes: look for the doctor who has children or grandsons approximately of the same age, as well as your child. Though even in this case not all decisions of mother - the expert should be transferred to the practice thoughtlessly.

your kid - one and only. And you for it - only.

the Professional advice about inoculations and vaccines can be received by phone of the hot line (495) 9377007.