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All the same to you to drive!

When all toys and games already bothered, and the kid is eager for new and new entertainments, you should think out them literally on the run. Agree, sometimes rather empty bottle, three stones and a piece of a cord to make interesting a long trip on the dacha and cheerful birthday of the great-grandmother.

the Tender address

to the Kid very much will be pleasant to

Till 3 months if you carry out on his tummy or a back by a plumelet, a piece of soft matter or fur. Slightly blow on its face, a tummy. Show to the child multi-colored kerchiefs - bright colors instantly attract attention of the baby.

the Young drummer

Try to accompany a favourite lullaby of the kid with rhythmical and easy percussions on a back or careful searches of fingers on a little body.

Only for you

are Known by you that the African mothers sing to children personal lullabies? You can follow their example and compose a song which you will sing to the beloved sun every evening, wiping it after bathing or putting to bed. Remember in the song about that time when he was born, describe a family in which he will grow, tell of what he will do when becomes more adult. Put words on motive of some known lullaby (“Sleep, my pleasure“, “To Bai - bayushka - to Bai“).

the Ball, slide!

Everything is very simple

: take a small ball, it is desirable bright color and take for a drive him on a body of the kid. It will help it to relax and will deliver the mass of pleasure.

From 3 to 6 months

Game in “nazyvalka“

Gently touch different parts of the face of the kid and call them a melodious voice: abrupt forehead, nose - kurnosik, blue eyes, chubby sponges... In 6 months when kids begin “to study“ parental faces, think up a rhyme which will tell it about different parts of your person.

One of the first toys of the kid own handles and legs become p>

. To occupy the baby, strong sew to socks or to bootees jingles which ring he will hear when he begins to touch legs. Sew on brasletik from elastic fabric small toys: bee, butterfly, ladybug. He will see them when lifts handles.

Here and nicely, to Torahs - Pham - Pham

Touch different parts of the face or a body of the child and call them “figuratively“: a garden (lead round around the person), the sidewalk (forehead), small lamps (eyes), flutes (nose), sticks (fingers), a drum (stomach). Then clap it handles on a tummy, sentencing: to Torahs - couple - frames, Pham - Pham.

the Cheerful family


a glove of bright color and attach to each finger of the character from the favourite fairy tale or a tiny small animal. Then arrange small theatrical representation with participation of all five dolls - puppets.

the Kingdom of curve mirrors

Sit down opposite to the kid and build to it cheerful mugs. Put out tongue, move eyebrows, wrinkle a nose, smile broadly, diligently blink eyes. You will see that the child will try to answer you with the same as at this age any movements of his face literally bewitch! And that the prankish admired results of the efforts, continue game in front of the mirror. Do not forget to remind him that in it he sees own reflection.

the Fresh press

Approximately in 5 months the kid will master new occupation: it will rumple and crumple tirelessly paper or to pull out pages from magazines and books. To avoid losses, leave it alone with the mountain of old unnecessary magazines, prospectuses or catalogs.

Game in “povtoryalka“

the Kid smiles to

From 6 to 12 months - you smile, you do by the handle “good-bye“ - it does the same. He claps - you clap, he “chirps“ - you chirp, he speaks br - r - r - you repeat. The main thing - to do everything in turn. The child learns to exchange “remarks“ and to participate in dialogue.

Pole, boom...

you put the child on knees and swing it, keeping saying: “On hummocks, on hummocks, on an equal path, in a pole boom!“ The most interesting will be at the end when in words “a pole, boom“ you move apart legs and pretend that the kid will fall now, strong supporting him under hands. The success is guaranteed!

of the Photo for memory

Approximately in a year the kid begins to be interested in pictures. Take several photos (its own, friends, a dog, the apartment, the room, toys), cut out from the magazine! image of animals, objects, clothes. Then paste all this in an album and from time to time look through it together with the kid, calling the subject represented on the picture.

of People - an orchestra

Children of this age adore knocking in surrounding objects and to make incredible noise. For game in an orchestra of percussion instruments wooden spoons and pans, and will be suitable for more silent execution - plastic boxes from - under yogurts. To amuse the little musician, make to him maracases, having filled in boxes from - under films or empty plastic bottles and bottles sand, lentil, corn, buttons, stones. Only surely track that maracases were densely closed!

of Ku - ku, here and I!

Hide the face in hands or hide for a towel, and appearing, you say cheerful “ku - ku“. Explosion of a laughter is provided! This simple game - development of fundamental concepts of absence and presence. Over time complicate hide-and-seek: disappear behind a door of a case or doors to the room.


the Pyramid

Make a pyramid of cubes and ask the kid to throw a ball so that everything collapsed.


Little scullions


It is interesting that at the age of 9 - 12 months of children usual household objects begin to interest. To satisfy research interest of the kid, share with it multi-colored plastic forms of the different sizes, plastic glasses, bottles, funnels, skimmers, soap trays, molds for ice. Let will tinker with them at a leisure.

Where bear cub?

As soon as the child will learn to point

by a finger to the subject interesting him, begin to look for familiar things together. Ask to show you a bear cub, a bed, phone, the senior brother.


In the face of the kid hide his favourite toy under matrasik, a towel, a pillow. You will see with what pleasure it will take away objects to find the elephant calf! Other option: hide a toy behind the back and get its gesture the conjurer.

of Ur, goal!

Sit down on a floor the person to each other and send to the kid a ball so that it could catch it. Then ask it to send a ball back. Most often by 8 months the child already understands that it is necessary to make that the ball swept, and in 15 months he will learn to catch it and to beat it with a leg.

From 12 to 24 months

Ya water, I am water...

Sitting in a bathtub, the kid adores pottering with water, to fill and devastate small small bottles, to pour soap water from one cup in another, to squeeze out a sponge, pressuring her a hand, to play with floating toys and to do ships of soap trays.


Spread a big blanket on a floor and put on it the kid. Give it different capacities and what can be scattered (lentil, a semolina, corn, small stones, color sand, cockleshells). Show it as it is necessary to fill, pour out, mix, to mix, and allow to enjoy this occupation independently. But do not leave far, this game demands your fixed supervision!

On horses!

All children adore getting on backs of the fathers and to play a horse, riding on all apartment. Do not forget to ask the little equestrian to hold properly your clothes, especially, if you decide to rear! And still boys like to fight with fathers pillows, and little girls - to dance, standing directly on father`s legs not to get out of time.

of Paint for fingers

to become the true artist, at first it is necessary to learn to draw not a brush, and fingers. For this purpose take special paints and show to the kid what will occur if to dunk into them a finger and to put it to a clean sheet of paper, teach the beginning painter to mix different colors, to do a print of own palm... There will be enough once that yours a crumb understood that to what!

Salty dough

Any amusing figures can be molded not only from plasticine. For this purpose also salty dough will approach. Recipe: 2 glasses of flour, 1 glass of salt, 1 glass of water, food dye.

the Ball which never falls

Inflate with

a big multi-colored ball and teach the kid to throw up it hands, legs, the head, knees up. The game purpose - not to allow a ball to fall. After a while, complicate a task, having suggested the child to play at the same time several balls.

Take not to strike

with the person in dirt

a little water, sand or the earth and knead dense... dirt. Allow the kid to do with it everything that he will want: let splashes naked legs or hands, leaves prints of hands, kneads, stirs, molds a Kulichiki, cooks soup with grasses, leaflets, stones and cockleshells or builds houses. Attention: do not forget to prepare clothes which easily wash off for this case.

the Doll performance

Instead of just reading “Three bears“ or “Little Red Riding Hood“, use plush toys and dolls as puppets. Choose characters who will be necessary for you, and play the improvised dialogues from favourite fairy tales. Soap bubbles

As it is interesting to p to watch

how it is inflated, the soap bubble flies and is poured on the sun. And it is even more interesting to catch up with it and to force to burst.

Magic boxes

At some imagination the empty box can become the ship, train, car, fortress or the pool? It is enough to draw on it doors if it is the car, or windows if it is the steamship. And in big boxes it is possible to hide.

Head over heels

Teach the kid to hang the head down and to look at the world on the contrary. By the way, any gymnastic exercise (velosipedik, scissors...) it is possible to turn into game!


From 2 to 3 years by

to me terribly!

Ask the child to represent different emotions: the angry wolf who was frightened of a kitten, a terrible tiger who prepared for a jump, a kind dog, the surprised lion, a sad birdie who looks for the chickabiddy, the happy monkey... Together imitate shouts of hens, roosters, pigs, horses.

Who the first noticed


not to miss in the car, ask the kid to watch attentively at the road and as soon as possible to find the red car, the red truck, a cow, a lonely tree, the small river.


If the child is forced to sit long, for example, in policlinic or in cafe, suggest it to solve riddles. The essence of game is in guessing about what animal there is a speech. White with black, lives on the North Pole who it? Moustached, striped also mews who it? It has a long neck, and he loves the sun who it? The one who guessed in turn thinks out a riddle.

Birthday of a bear

Put a favourite toy of the kid for a small little table. Thrust one or two candles in the cake made of the salty test light and ask the child to blow. Let so many time how many it will want to it, at your presence, certainly will make it.

Sea entertainments

On the beach always are, than to be engaged? It is possible to be dug entirely in sand, to construct a dam from sea waves, fortress with a set of entrances and exits, a fishing lodge or to lay out a mosaic from cockleshells, stones, seaweed, armors of crabs and shrimps. Long live velvet season!

Game in “as though“

Of course, you already forgot to play in shop. But your participation in this game will be required surely. “How many to you to weigh tomatoes?“ “Please, add to ice cream of a chocolate sauce!“ Your kid will become an adult, having learned to imitate social codes. Therefore, without reflecting, “taste“ the offered cakes from the salty test or cakes from sand.

“The sea worries time...“

the Sense of game is in that the kid executed commands which you give it. For example: raise a hand, jump in water, jump on one leg, sit down on a stone. And if you tell nothing, so it is necessary to remain in the same situation and to patiently wait for the following team.

A well - collect!


on several pieces of cardboard of the photo of different animals and cut them on pieces. Having mixed them, ask the kid to put initial pictures or to invent fantastic animals. For example, to attach horses a fish tail. When he learns to perform this task, complicate a task, having cut pictures on bigger quantity of pieces.

the Suitcase of opening

Pack the old things (caps, boots, clothes, ornament, scarfs, ties which you do not wear any more) and give to the kid. Let he will think up him the appointment.

the Journeyman behind work

At this age children like to help mother about the house. Use this circumstance and let`s the kid wash several small plates, ask to investigate purchases, to put canned food in a case, to hang up towels on the battery, to lay out spoons from the dishwasher, to water flowers.

That in a bag?


a pillowcase from a pillow and put in it different objects (a toothbrush, a spoon, a ball, a cube). Ask the child to dip a hand there and to define to the touch what there lies.


Teach the kid to compose ridiculous rhymes from one line, selecting rhymes to names of his friends or family members. For example: Masha cooks porridge. Veronika gathers strawberry. Prepare that you should hear also “hooligan“ rhymes, it seems “Dashka - a shit“ or “Deniska - a willy“.

Pass - bowling

Fill with sand several plastic bottles, put them as it is done in bowling. The purpose of game is simple: to bring down a ball it is as much as possible “size“ at the same time.

of the Song - a reminder

On motive of some known children`s song compose rhymes in which it will be told about the last mischief of your kid, about his quarrels with brothers and sisters or about what happened when he ate too much ice cream. To put it briefly, make him the new hero of a song. It is an excellent way to force it to laugh at themselves.