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Happiness of

Ya - the father! And this happiness! Happiness - every day to see burning, sincere, open to the world of an eye of the son, its joyful, still toothless, a smile. I am ready to consider for hours its tiny handles and legs, to inhale aroma of his skin and hair, to listen to his loud children`s laughter. I like to wake up at night on its first exacting call to feed, iron a tummy if it disturbs, to press to itself and to kiss when Nikitushka is upset with something. I can sing, dance, represent tirelessly different animals, clap and build ridiculous grimaces if it amuses the son because when he rejoices - I live!

Besides heavy responsibility and gravity of adulthood, working and household cares (somewhere problems, somewhere - udach) I live together with the son his small, bright, children`s life. We with Nick do everything together. Together we watch animated films and news, together we rattle rattles and we talk in “space“ language, we go for a walk, we eat, we wash, we do important calls, exercises, we have a rest (all and not to list). And it is pleasant to us!

one rule which I for myself established Is: “Before try to give something to the sonny himself!“ For these half a year as our kid (the happiest half a year of my life) was born, I tried so much that never ate, did not listen and did not do! I drank dairy mix, ate baby purees, washed the head with smallest shampoo, tried carminative means, camomile infusion, took grass baths, washed the things children`s powder, dripped in a nose played the means increasing immunity in the developing toys, listened and sang song lullabies, gnawed prorezyvatel for teeth and even carried out test of a paddling pool (with a height of 198 cm, believe, it was not simply). Thanks to such method all new, unknown, sometimes, guarding and frightening the sonny, becomes not so terrible, cheerful, ridiculous, fascinating knowledge of life of our champion and we are quiet that everything is checked and it is safe.

I am proud of

Ya of the family! I am proud of what all of us do together, together. I am proud that we understand each other and we appreciate. We - a big close-knit family - the wife, the sonny and I! And this happiness!