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Travel to the Crimea by car

our Travel was not planned in advance, and it turned out a little spontaneous. At first it was supposed that holiday will be at the end of August, and we will carry out it absolutely in other place. But it happened so that I was put in a rigid framework of holiday from the middle of July for two weeks, and neither tickets, nor big appliances were at this time. Therefore decided to drive the car to Yalta. I will tell at once that I rested legs and hands against such way of movement as children (3 and 6 years) not very well transfer the road, they rock to sleep strongly even at a trip on the dacha, and here it was necessary to overcome 1700 km on the unfamiliar district. Our route was assumed following: Moscow - Shostka - Poltava - Dnipropetrovsk - Zaporizhia - Melitopol - Dzhankoy - Simferopol - the settlement of Otradnoye in 4 km from Yalta. Went a little “crookedly“ as wanted to come to the father-in-law on a visit, and on a direct road the way is 150 - 200 km shorter.

was decided to go in the night from Friday to Saturday as in the morning on Saturday mass departure on dachas continues. So, having fulfilled Friday, I came home, we have fast a bite and began to pack things. Departure took place in 23 - 30. Naive, we thought that traffic jams do not happen at this time... Without problems passed on MKAD, but hardly passed Krekshino on Kiyevskoye Highway as rose. Fortunately, children by this moment already fell asleep therefore derganye of the car did not disturb them. But we with the husband did not cease to be surprised to such movement. Well, only to a half of the second of night we got out of a crush and went normally. It is necessary to tell that the route quite successful, cars were, but were not stirred, youngest overslept all night long in a chair, and the daughter dozed only to 3 nights, and then woke up. At 6 in the morning we drove on Bryansk customs. The Russian border was passed quickly enough, and on Ukrainian such drag... Generally, lost on all 3,5 hours. The last throw, and we in 40 minutes on a visit at the father-in-law. We have a rest the whole day, and the next morning at 6 in the morning started on on a way. And here our surprises began. Earlier I went to the Crimea only by train and did not see all beauty of the nature, and just now understood how I lost much. At first we saw storks, I do not know who admired them more: we with the husband or children. And then fields of sunflower, wheat, corn went... All stared!

we Stopped all few times to have a bite, and by 17 o`clock passed Zaporizhia and began to look for the place for a lodging for the night. Having come out to the coast of a reservoir about Mikhaylovka, decided that we will spend the night in local motel especially as it was very clean and nice. The only thing that was not pleasant, so this very long service at restaurant of motel. More than an hour was necessary to wait for the ordered food. At children appetite was gone by this time, and they hardly picked in the brought food. And water in a water supply system in this motel, it is visible, undertakes from a reservoir and unpleasantly smells slightly. Next day left only at half past eight as decided to have breakfast, and in vain, very much all slowly there.

On the way we with kids read to

books, played machines and oral games, so imperceptibly and reached to the settlement of Otradnoye where the Pribrezhny boarding house was located. Were in time just by a lunch. Were arranged and went to the sea. Children got into the sea at once, lapped so that it was impossible to pull out. The beach there pebble, at first it was unusual to move, but then quickly got used, ran only barefoot.

the Boarding house is in the territory of the former estate of Orlov - Davydov, is constructed 50 years ago, but numbers, quite convenient are recently updated, at us was 2 - x room with 2 - mya with / at and the conditioner. Living conditions very good, feed perfectly, but here it is not enough entertainments. For children there is a game room but quite expensive - 50 hryvnias from the person in 1 hour. On the embankment - machines, a playground old and scanty. There is an inflatable trampoline - 10 hryvnias for 10 minutes and a hill with descent to the pool - 10 hryvnias for 4 descents. Few times in 11 days that we were there, showed children`s doll performances and 1 time an animated cartoon at movie theater. Starshenkaya at first was upset that there is no children`s animation (last year we had a rest in private hotel in Anapa, so there holidays, contests and competitions for children were staged every evening). But we are arranged so that got used to see in everything good. So, the sea - pure very much was pleasant. Warm, tender and quiet, eventually, we came here to bathe and sunbathe. We woke up early, at 7 in the morning, children refused to sleep longer, and till a breakfast went to bathe. Our case was on the high coast, on a straight line to the sea - meters 100, but it was necessary to go down the serpentine on quite abrupt hill. But and physical loading we did with the husband on our grown very lazy bodies.

was many

of Excursions, but we decided to go only there where it will be interesting to children. As the car near by, went without the guide. “Glade of fairy tales“ was our first departure. We spent for the road minutes 20 after a lunch, and here about a stone. Where to go - nobody doubted - of course directly!

we there only did not meet

of Whom: both Vasilisa Prekrasnuyu, and Ilya Muromts, and the Zaporizhia Cossacks, and three pigs, and the Hut on chicken legs was Buratino with the Little Red Riding Hood, and the main hit, of course. When magic words were pronounced, the izba turned and it left, of course, the Baba-yaga. But she was very kind, asked to children riddles, and then with all and was photographed. To delight there was no limit, remember still.

our Following trip was in the Nikitsky Botanical garden. What there is only not present - both the bamboo grove, and palm trees, and roses, and orchids

We could see

how bananas what huge cactuses are grow, even the plakuchy cedar was seen. Children very much liked the Tree strawberry is called so because fruits taste like it wild strawberry, and it has very thin bark which bursts, and it seems that a tree absolutely naked.

Of course, we could not but visit a dolphinarium in Yalta hotel. But its visit upset us a little. It is clear, that now the people earn money in any ways, but when it becomes with a view to children, causes very unpleasant feelings. A half of representation was devoted to a vymanivaniye of money as that:“ Throw to dolphins ringlets and they will choose the most successful“. About 10 hryvnias wishing were offered to pay for each ringlet there was a person 100, even ringlets were not enough for all. Then arranged auction of the picture painted by dolphins, and as the curtain fell only and representation began. Beautifully, of course, only the deposit unpleasant nevertheless remained.

There now, our rest also ended with

. Sunbathed, bought, having thrown at 6 in the morning coins at parting, we go to a way back. We go almost without stops to Dzhankoy, we are bought in the local market by tomatoes and apricots, we move further. In 15 hours of a way we overcome 1100 km. Svekr already waits for us, we eat and for fatigue we fall to sleep. Next day we have a rest, we swim in the lake and at 21 o`clock we leave to Moscow. Spent for passing of border 1,5 hours, but Russians are zealous now. Examine all cars, but do not touch us - children sleep, it was not even necessary to go out of the car. About 4 mornings the husband feels that he falls asleep. We stop to doze also in 15 minutes again at way. At 6 in the morning we enter already the apartment.

That`s all. Holiday ended. We begin to make plans for following. Now I know that by car with children it is possible to go to any travel.