Rus Articles Journal

The southern evening of

slowly went down Quiet warm evening on the small town lying near boundless, something the uneasy sea. The sun was scattered by gold threads on roofs of small, but very nice lodges with the beautiful painted windows twisted with a grapevine. From where - that from it is far melodious music reached. Air was filled with aromas of the stupefying flowers growing along roads, and a breeze, is slightly heard rustling in foliage of the southern trees, brought with itself sea cheerfulness and freshness.

When I on a stone path went down to the sea, the sun reminded me the juicy red cherry shipped in the same red syrup. I sat down on the sandy coast covered with numerous motley cockleshells and looked afar... There, dissecting waves, the fine caravel with blue sails floated, and in the scarlet sky white seagulls shouted. Along the coast the person with the lovely monkey who submissively is sitting on a shoulder, and too, as well as I, thoughtfully looking afar walked. I got up and got banana from a backpack and, having overtaken for the person with a monkey, asked: “It is possible?“ The person at first looked at me, then at banana, and then approvingly nodded. I broke off a piece to a monkey, and she, having looked at me with a grateful glance, took it in pads.

still long enough watched

Ya at the moving-away silhouette of the person with the little monkey on a shoulder who is thoughtfully looking afar... Suddenly my eye was fixed by the remarkable big cockleshell cast by the sea ashore. Having lifted it from sand, I delightfully gasped. Twirled in an intricate form, with multi-colored inserts, it cast bluish silver. I accurately put it in the backpack filled with different interesting sea finds.

Got dark with

... In the sky stars - glowworms lit up, from the sea blew as a cool, in bushes cicadas loudly cracked. I looked at the watch...

Again I went on a stone footpath and on a small town, with small, but nice houses. Having reached the intersection, I turned back... From height I saw that place from where just came. The breeze blew to me in a face, and I closed eyes...

I Opened eyes that the small spot of sunlight glanced to me the person. I slowly stretched, yawned and thought: “Rather already to go to the sea!“