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Whether juice can be a dope?

during the Day Nursery - a Garden Championship of judges surprised “serious“ results which are shown by kids. Having suspected young champions in use of a dope, they interrogated experts - trainers how they came to big-time sports. Perhaps, they know some secret?

Angela is a riding coach, 20 months: “I always knew that I will become an equestrian - I since the childhood was harmonous and dexterous. I already went to half a year astride a mother`s knee. I laughed and squealed - so took the breath away when we fell in a pole.

the father`s turn came Then. He was such quiet horse, it is even boring. Obediently rose on all fours, I sat down to it on a back, and we went to walk on the apartment. Once I grabbed father`s ears not to fall on turn. But it for some reason was not pleasant to it. Eh, the father would have mother`s hair, it would be more reliable! But father for some reason bald.

Once I wanted to leave on the father to the yard and to show to friends as we dashingly jump, but he told that horses are not able to go on steps, and in general it not at that age any more prinarodno to run on all fours. And I regretted it: well of course, it already absolutely old, to it soon 33.

the father began to demand

After the first trainings that mother gave it apple juice with calcium as well as me because it needs to strengthen bones too. „ But not that the equestrian should change the tired-out horse “ - the father told.

But mother did not agree. She told that it is special juice for young jockeys, from it muscles well grow, and they are necessary to keep balance. „ Horses need absolutely other juice - from “ barley; - mother told and allowed the father to take one small bottle in the refrigerator.

A to me was bought then Ellie`s horse - big and shaggy. She more obediently, than the father, and always nods to me. I learned to climb on it, to sit at it on a back and I can even carry out different tricks as jockeys in circus - it is more convenient to hold wool, than father`s ears. When to us on a visit came Vovchik from Nikitkaya, looking at their progress in sport, I understood that already big, and it is time for me to impart experience with younger generation“.

Nikita is a soccer coach, 24 months: “Earlier I wanted to think out clothes and hairdresses, but the father told that boys of some other color can only be designers (I forgot, what), and I need to be engaged in man`s business - for example, soccer, then he will be able to train me.

At first on gate delivered to

mother, and I had to strike a ball. But when she got up in the doorway (that is, in gate) with a frying pan in hands, there is no place left for a ball any more. „ So we will never hammer “ - we told. Mother took offense and left. And we did not begin to beat. Of course, it is simpler to go into a ball in empty gate, but, in - the first, it is dishonest, and, in - the second, is uninteresting.

then the father delivered to

I on gate me. And here it became clear that at me too nothing will leave. I blinked because I am afraid to be left without teeth and to become as the grandfather. And still it is boring for me to stand still.

is shorter than

, we with the father exchanged. He got up in gate, and I put a ball on 11 - a meter mark (this is so the father told, and mother was surprised where it in our eight-meter kitchen found this mark) and departed far away to run up.

Running start did not turn out: I for some reason fell. But on a ball everything is struck. Head. Goool!! It was the first goal in my professional career, and I still am proud of it, soccer is a serious game not that Vovchik`s gymnastics. Mother told that such rates I will play in an UEFA Cup final soon, and awarded me... bag of carrot juice.

She told that carotene which in carrot, is necessary to the forward for accuracy as it improves sight. And still we decided that now not the father has to train me, and I am him. So I also became a trainer“.

Vovchik is a gymnastics coach, 16 months: “When I was small, I „ dived “ in a bed, adults for some reason always laughed. And there was everything incidentally. I am on all fours on all fours over me the strange yellow hare hangs. It was necessary to consider it closer: to what strange color - hares such are not. Perhaps it is not real? Far too, here disappointment! It is necessary to move a bottom - to be shaken, then I will reach, can be.

Again anything. I shake stronger (wow as fine as on a swing, but it is not terrible to fall!) . And here it is victorious breakthrough, hurrah, it turned out! I seized a hare and failed together with him a nose in a pillow.

the Hare me was not pleasant to

. It some silent and sad, but now I can „ to move a bottom “ and to jump on all fours!

A then I invented somersaults standing. Too it is casual - just there was a strong wish to look how the world head over heels looks. I bent, bent, well and somersaulted incidentally. It was necessary to start anew (I managed to consider not everything) - and again somersaulted. And, you know, it was pleasant to me.

Still I thought up

to jump through a cat. We with Anzhelka and Nikita for days on end trained (the main thing - not to lean to a cat on a back, and at once to jump, differently there will be myavka and scratches). And then I began to be called for trainer`s work. I thought that it is already time to impart experience. I am not sorry, and it is useful for people.

B than secret of my success? Mother says that - it is good to eat the main thing. I love vegetable puree and quenelles, and still surely I eat cottage cheese and I drink banana juice with calcium. Speak, to gymnasts the calcium strengthening stones, helping to raise and become quickly the toothiest is especially important. I have a purpose - to learn to hang on a crossbeam, keeping teeth, as in animated cartoons. Well of course, when what will keep“.

* * *

Having compared to

stories of the experts, from pampers who were amicably going to sports heights, the commission revealed that regular reception of fruit juice with calcium was the only general moment in a day regimen and training of athletes. Members of the commission decided to test effect of juice on themselves. A conclusion is unambiguous: juice really lifts a vitality, but does not excite and does not anesthetize as drugs, does not give side effects and does not cause accustoming therefore as a dope cannot be considered. Results of a competition will not be reconsidered.

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