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No to the conflicts (or how to avoid a Rhesus factor - the conflict)

of 15% of Russians have a Rhesus factor - negative blood. The majority of them, as a rule, even do not guess this property of their organism. But only until decide to think of the child.

All people on the planet are divided

into a Rhesus factor - positive and a Rhesus factor - negative. Existence or absence in blood of a certain protein - the anti-gene which received the name a Rhesus factor - a factor is the cornerstone of this phenomenon. It settles down on a surface of red blood cages - erythrocytes. Persons at whom blood cells appeared with “covering“ are considered a Rhesus factor - positive. The same who does not have it - a Rhesus factor - are negative.

If future mother a Rhesus factor - is negative

, and the father - on the contrary, their kid can inherit a positive Rhesus factor. Then, than pregnancy (childbirth, spontaneous or artificial abortion) would not end, “positive“ blood of the child whom it carries will inevitably get to “negative“ blood of the woman. The maternal organism will immediately react to it: it will begin to develop antibodies which problem to destroy alien blood cages. As a result future mother will have peculiar “immunity“ (a Rhesus factor - antibodies) which she will keep for the rest of life.

, What will be farther? And further inevitably there will be a problem a Rhesus factor - the conflict. It will appear at once as soon as in a family think of the following child. During pregnancy the immune system of mother which already developed special a Rhesus factor - antibodies will begin “fight“ against anti-gene sources - erythrocytes of the kid. From - for it at the baby in a womb of mother the hemolytic illness can develop.

That diligence of maternal “immunity“ did not do much harm to future kids, the woman about a Rhesus factor - negative blood the one and only prick is necessary. It is necessary to enter antirezusny - immunoglobulin. This substance blocks alien “positive“ erythrocytes and brings them out of an organism. Such injection needs to be made or during pregnancy (if a Rhesus factor - antibodies did not manage to be developed), or in the next 48 hours after first labor. In general, an injection do every time when pregnancy comes to an end, irrespective of its serial number and an outcome (the birth a Rhesus factor - the positive child, a spontaneous or artificial abortion).

What to do if antirezusny immunoglobulin was not in due time entered also a Rhesus factor - the conflict developed? Many years experts rather successfully treat a Rhesus factor - the conflict with the help of various procedures. Among the last achievements - blood transfusion to the child who is in mother`s womb. To the baby enter the special “concentrated“ blood which compensates for the deficiency of its own erythrocytes. At the same time a task of doctors as much as possible to prolong pregnancy, ideally - till 36 - 37 weeks then there is childbirth. And both conducting such pregnancy, and childbirth have to take place in modern medical institution, under careful control of the doctor having experiment on “communication“ about a Rhesus factor - conflict pregnancy. The perinatal Medical Center completely conforms to these requirements. Specialists of the Perinatal Medical Center will prompt “a Rhesus factor - negative“ to future mother when and what analyses need to be made what additional methods of research to carry out and, of course, will not forget about antirezusny immunoglobulin. And all researches, including also the most difficult, are carried out directly to PMTs.