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07. 07. 2001.

B 12. 00 decided to go for a couple of hours to Lillehammer. On the road glanced in Hunderfossen camping - it was not pleasant to me. The only plus that near it there is family park Hunderfossen - the whole town of various attractions. The price of entrance tickets for two children and two adults made in the sum of 620 NOK. We noted to ourselves this information and went further. Lillehammer camping was not pleasant to me, in too - the first the price very high, in - the second the place not really successful. Therefore I recommend to stop in Mageli camping (36 km from Lillehammer). We stayed in the city a couple of hours, bought various souvenirs and returned back to a camping.

Run in a day - 92 km.

08. 07. 2001.

B 10. 30 left towards Hamar. The nice town, is a pity only that everything was closed - Sunday. Then curtailed on 25 - uyu to Elverum (there in a camping the price of a lodge of 350 nok) and on 20 - y on Kongsvinger . Behind it went on 2 - oh and rose in the first met camping - Sigernessjoen camping. It is located on the bank of the lake and in 300 - x meters from it the excellent place for bathing, especially for children because very flat entrance to water. In 30 - ti meters from the coast depth is 1 meter. Besides, in the camping the children`s waterslide is established! There were pleasures! And still important advantage is the only camping in which there was free a shower. Can for this reason here the prices of lodges - 360 nok appeared the highest. The tent place cost us 100 nok.

Run in a day - 240 km.

09. 07. 2001.

Since morning children drove from a waterslide, and in 13. 00 we already were on border.

In Norway, having bought goods in one shop participating in the Tax Free program for the sum over 308 NOK, you acquire the right for return at departure from the country from 11 to 18,5% of the paid sum. Ask to write out to you Tax - Free Shopping Cheque (the check granting the right for return of the VAT to you) and show your passport (if ask). The seller will turn and will seal your purchases. Try to keep them sealed to the border. (On border from Norway) you can return the money to Morokulien Infocenter and exchange the remained currency, and also spend it here for souvenirs. Operating time from June 18 to August 19 with 9. 00 to 20. 00, except Sunday. In the rest of the time of year - with 9. 00 to 16. 00.

B 14. 00 we crossed border, and again the speed of the movement increased up to 120 - 140 km/h. On the road we braked at a swimming bath because the heat stood intolerable. In 18. 30 was arrived to Vasteras and stopped in 500 - x meters from that place where on the road there we already bathed! The name - Johannisbergs camping. It considerably conceded to all previous both on purity and on a cosiness. One pleasure - it is cheap. Paid only 80 sek for the tent place.

Run in a day - 364 km.

10. 07. 2001.

On final part of a trip - Stockholm, we left 2 days. In 9. 30 left (for us it is a record) and in 11. 00 were on the place. We were helped by a case. Before the entrance to Stockholm I stopped at some shopping center to buy a map of the city. On sale there was only a card of its central part. I sat in the car and studied an entrance route to Djurgarden . Here the man from the car parked nearby approaches me and is interested where we head. I answered that it would be desirable to drive up to the sea museum as there, according to my Swedish friends, the cheapest parking and is the closest to those museums which we intended to visit. He kindly offered us the help. The Swede brought the acquaintance to capital hospital, and after that “on a tail“ brought us into place. So we had not to stray on the unfamiliar city right at the beginning. Huge to it thanks!

First of all we went to the museum Vasa. Hardly approached an entrance as the pouring rain began. The museum very much was pleasant to me! I will not retell a story about the ship which sank right after descent to water. Whom interests can find in the RuNet. The cost of tickets for adults - 60 sek, for children from 7 to 14 years - 30 sek, to children till 7 years - are free. I recommend!

the Following museum. It is the children`s museum - the world of heroes of fairy tales of Astrid Lindgren and others. On the special car you move from one fairy tale to another and all route you is accompanied by comments in Russian. Then the game hall with coloring of children`s physiognomies in various butterflies and so forth. Saddened only one circumstance - very long turns. This expectation spoils all impression. The price of tickets made 290 sek. Izmochalennye we went to look for the place for a lodging for the night.


On the map of Sweden marked 4 campings located directly in city borders. But on the card of its central part they were not. Decided to work as follows - on the map of Sweden one of campings settled down near the well-known Drottningkholmsky palace, and on the card of its central part the direction towards Drottningholm was specified. Therefore decided to set there. Left the center without special complications, the sign directing to a camping few times met, but before the bridges at Drottningholm I slipped turn to the right and kilometers 10 left aside. At the end - the ends to 18. 00 we were on the place - in Angby camping. The whole day poured a rain and there was a wish to remove a lodge, but for the first time it turned out that there are no empty seats. It was necessary to put tent again. Paid 140 sek and asked God that there was no rain.

Run in a day - 159 km.

11. 07. 2001.

Since morning excellent weather! At first we stop by in Drottningholm - the magnificent palace and the park adjoining to it! Versailles in a miniature! I recommend!

Then we come back already familiar road on a yesterday`s parking lot. At first visited Aquaria Vattenmuseum. The price of tickets - 60 sek for adults and 30 sek for children. Very much it was pleasant to us - a rainforest (do not hurry to pass this hall, wait for tropical heavy rain!) an aquarium with sharks through which it is possible to creep on the special tunnel, a great number of various exotic small fishes and cuttlefishes! I recommend!

the Following object of our attention. The price of tickets for adults - 60 sek, for children from 5 to 14 years - 30 sek, to children till 5 years - free entrance. Very much it was pleasant! We spent in it about 4 hours - it will not turn out quicker, too it is big. I recommend!

All above-mentioned museums are nearby in the radius of 500 m so it is not necessary to look for them. Finally visited Gamla Stan - the old city. Parking an atomashina at Gallerian mall, we nearly flew for 700 sek - put it closer than 10 m from the crosswalk. We were prompted by the local driver in time about violation as parking controller already went to our party. In the old city there are a currency exchange and mass of various souvenir little shops at which the Russian speech meets to a bowl of others. The city is beautiful, but Old Riga is pleasant to me more.

B 19. 00 got into the car and the rain went. The navigator worked the part perfectly well, and we without problems got out to E18 in the direction on Kapellskar.

On the road to us just mystical history happened. At us with the wife the impression was made that something accompanies the successful course of our travel, since preparation and finishing with weather. We sat and just discussed this subject. I and asked a question in space directly: “It is interesting how it is possible to call it?“ In it the moment overtakes us some car which has instead of registration plate an inscription - of Heaven . I at first did not attach significance to this circumstance, but in a moment at me as if enlightenment - so same the answer to the question raised by me! On a back goosebumps ran... We long went in full silence, and only driving up to a camping again found a speech power.

B 20. 15 were in a camping at the ferry - Kapellskars camping. Free lodges were not therefore again the tent helped out. Spent the night, having paid 70 sek.

Run in a day - 118 km.

12. - 13. 07. 2001.

B 8. 00 we on the ferry, and in 9. 15 sailed to native coast. Weather stood excellent and very picturesque stony islands long saw us to the high sea. There we floated at night therefore the way seemed fast, and here back we float in the afternoon, and the way seems extremely long. Besides began to stir up me from small rolling so the cabin very much was useful - lying easier to have nausea. In 19. The 00th ferry arrived to Paldiski, and in an hour we already passed passport control (procedure can drag on at several o`clock so on the ferry try to come around the first not to pine in turn at departure) and rushed on the Estonian roads - on quality leaving much to be desired. The Estonian trick is the contour of the police car which is cut out from plywood full-scale located along the route. Involuntarily you dump speed before such effigy.

At last, native Latvia! We put clock, exactly midnight turns out. In two hours we open a door of the apartment and all - travel is finished...

Run in a day - 335 km.

Approximate expense of finance:

Total: $1500