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My daughter is one and a half years old. Sometimes it begins to pinch me or to beat if that not on it, and waits for my reaction of

  • From: Irina 16. 03. 99 8:18:45
    Hello! My daughter is one and a half years old. Etovesely, contact child, not angry and not aggressive. It begins Noinogd shchipatmenya or to beat if that not pony, and waits for my reaction. If yaburno I react - the isnova laughs it is pinched more painfully. I do not react, tries “to doshchipyvat“ until I maintain. Esliudarit, I put from hands on a floor, the noona right there golosomprositsya by gentle “To mother“. To Bor - again. No, it is not so frequent, kakmozht to seem from a moyegopism, but it would be desirable to know, vchy there can be a reason. Inogdy I notice that it occurs when too multipositive impressions. Well, as if does not know how to eshcheproyavit the delights. And inoyraz - also I do not know why. Mozhetbyt is a normal phenomenon vety age? And how with etimborotsya? Once also hit a nabralasdukha on a hand, poslechy cried even more, chemdoch and I know what more NIKOGDAETOGO I will not repeat. Pomogitesovetom, please!
    • From: Love 16. 03. 99 12:25:14
      From an odnoystorona, nothing strashnogos your daughter occurs. svoyeobraznyyvybros energy of otvpechatleniye. I, buduchimalenky, too so zhedelat. Poor mamaterpelivo transferred everything. But it in me iostatsya so. Sometimes it ikhochtsya so whom - to nibudyudarit for fun...:-))) And sdrugy party... Otdaditev of the child in a garden.... and what? Reproaches of other parents? Or, if it not budetety to do from a drugimidetma, to vent emotions Navas? There will be enough patience - that? Try if not to spank, then to pretend. Put on knees to a popoykverkh, a strogovygovarivayta that Vambolno, and it is bad to cause to the boldrugy person, slightly splash. Revubudet, of course, is a lot of, norezultat will not keep sebyadolgo waiting. The child should zhepokazat that you will not suffer shchipkivechno! Though the daughter is also small, the nostrogy voice and a yavnoyenakazaniye will make svoyedet. But, instead of pinches, offer something else. To embrace you or to clap vladosh... Something what to eyponravitsya. It is impossible to zheotnimat at it “toy“ just like that.
    • From: Lena M. 16. 03. 99 14:54:21
      Irina, do not worry, yours dochkaprosto wants to check what will be if it ushchipnetil hits you. At a menyamalchik takzhedelat earlier, still in addition too ismeyalsya when I am a rugalasna it. I prostoprekratit to turn on an etovnimaniye, and srazuotvlekat it or knizhkoyit a toy. On a moyegorebenka the beating or shouts do not work. It byrasshalitsya even more after that. I Yadumat, only the otvlecheniyerebenka from problemypomozht to you. And it skorostant less often to be pinched iliperestant absolutely, kaksluchitsya at us.
    • From: Rimma 16. 03. 99 23:53:57
      you know that it seemed to me, kogdama passed also such stage in
      development if it is possible to takvyrazitsya?
      That my son in it vremyaustanavlivat granitsypovedeniye for himself.
      at negoprosnutsya At this time passion to a delatvsa, “as it is necessary“, and in fact - as we do to
      that, his parents and okruzhayushchiyelyud.
      Garbage - in a bucket, mokryeshtanik - in a stiralka, dirty plates - in a sink,
      of a toy - into place, leaving - to say goodbye, having come - to greet...
      That can be done that - does not cost.
      I here still that: if it delalchto - that is bad (even on an egorazumeniye), it zhesmotret on me,
      on my reaction here. And I to scold an obyazanabyl (a vyskazatporitsaniye, to look to “rugacha“, etc.) p because it is SO NECESSARY to
      . To Ina pouted at my rebuffs. As if it was convinced: yes, vseverno, so to do
      DEYSTVITELNONELZYA. Remembered? Checked? - I do not know.
      But that the most interesting - if I did not abuse - took offense!!! Cried, molotilkulachka air, topalnogam... same
      I as spredmetam, made a pootnosheniya to me.
      Will knock - and looks: you syechasporugat, huh?
      Yes. I will scold. I will turn away. I will leave. I will not give in a nazaiskivayushchy look - a pokrayny measure of a minutytra - I will stand four.
      Through this time it uzheotvleksya - forgot. The iyena can return to a spirit horosheeraspolozheniye. Shchipnet`s
      . Will bite. Will strike. But - passed. Washing it reaktsiyaokazyvatsya vsegdanegativny and to interesaprodolzhat
      experiments at it was not any more.
      A accurately acquired then - pinches, blows, a kusaniye - veshchnepriyemlemy with anybody. Paruraz “experimented“ with other children
      and calmed down. the Main thing in it deleokazatsya by
      - to be postoyannoposledovatelny. In lyuboyvybranny you reactions nataky things.
      It only the beginning, a potomvasha the child to nachneteksperimentirovat soslovam, it will be gorazdobolny. It is impossible a davatrebenka in hands takoyeoruzhy against itself. You remember - in “an ordinary miracle“ - “You mneneinteresen“. Here a takayarektion on such things, perhaps, the best. In a takomvida it meets also with moimivospominaniye about reaktsiimoy mother on my already “teenage“ trick. to you good luck, eslichto - write, wash Gordeev`s adresrimm, Israel.