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Optimum time for pregnancy and the birth of the healthy child

From time immemorial in Russia children was conceived in the fall, and given rise late spring and in the summer. Time of weddings was necessary for October. It was connected with religious traditions and a season of field works.

Just in September the harvesting time came to an end with em with

, and the peasant could have a rest. And as it is known, in fields all worked - both men, and women. It is easy to understand how it was reflected on health of children whom from early age tempered and were accustomed to work.

But if to consider time of conception and the birth from the scientific point of view, then it is possible to find the pluses and minuses in every season. Choose that it is more important for you, and solve.

Conception in the summer - the child`s birth


  1. is A lot of in the spring vitamins (fresh fruit and vegetables), a good stock of health.
  2. the Minimum danger to ache with ORZ and flu.
  3. an Opportunity to have a rest at the sea, to gain strength.
  4. the Mass of positive emotions in connection with rest, in the summer.
  1. the Last months pregnancies take place

    during a season of a flu epidemic and the increased probability of traumatism (ice, slush). You will be helped by a hardening on the eve of pregnancy, a sports way of life and vitamins, and also escort of the husband during walks.

  2. Childbirth takes place
  3. during seasonal weakening of an organism and deficiency of natural vitamins - lean on vitamins in the fall and in the winter, and accept the tableted preparations in the spring.

Conception in the fall - the child`s birth


  1. is A lot of in the summer vitamins B the conception period (fruit, vegetables).
  2. Can have a rest on the velvet season in the south - to receive positive emotions.
  3. lactation Time drops out for the period, vitamin-rich too.
  4. Smaller probability of seasonal traumatism.


  1. the First months of pregnancy fall on a season of colds that creates danger to a fruit. Be well prepared for conception: be tempered and are vitaminized.
  2. Last months of pregnancy summer. If weather hot and stuffy, it is hard transferred, especially at late toxicosis - buy the fan and you do not go outside in the afternoon, and walk in the evening or early in the morning when fresh air and is not present closeness.
  3. Long light day does not favor to production of hormone of pregnancy - melatonin which is very important last months. Hormone is produced by shishkovidny gland mainly in a night-time therefore most of all in its late fall and in the winter. If you are healthy and happy, then with pregnancy will cope with that amount of melatonin which you have.

Conception in the winter - the child`s birth in the fall


  1. in recent months pregnancy is a lot of natural vitamins (fruit and vegetables). They are especially necessary for a fruit for the birth and the period of adaptation.
  2. the Lactation passes
  3. in conditions of vitaminization of an organism too.


  1. the First months of pregnancy fall on peak of flu epidemics and ORZ. It is very dangerous as in the first two months there is a formation of the main bodies of the child. Be protected from infections by vitamins and a healthy lifestyle.
  2. By the end of pregnancy production of hormone of pregnancy - melatonin decreases. To the healthy and tempered organism it is not terrible.
  3. the First months of life of the kid fall on a cold season - it is not really good for walks. If the child is healthy, he begins to be tempered from the first days (air bathtubs and other), and walk with him under any weather conditions (the carriage and a hood will protect from wind and a rain).

Conception in the spring - the child`s birth in the winter


  1. Conception happens during the most joyful period of revival of the nature - during a love season. It brings many positive emotions.
  2. the Last months pregnancies proceed in favorable conditions when yet the vitamin stock was not exhausted.
  3. in recent months pregnancies the highest production of melatonin - pregnancy hormone.
  4. Good weather conditions in order that it is easier to have late toxicosis (on the street not hot).


  1. during conception parents can have a vitamin exhaustion which is observed at most of people in the spring. Use vitamins.
  2. in recent months pregnancies the probability of injuries (ice, slush) is high
  3. .
  4. the First months of life of the kid fall on the period of a flu epidemic and ORZ - temper and protect the child, use oksolinovy ointment.
  5. Not really good conditions for walks in cold and windy weather - dress the child on weather, get a reliable carriage with a hood.

As you can see, any minuses it is possible to overcome and even bad weather is good to make pluses, for example, for the child`s hardening. Besides the kid in the first months is reliably protected by maternal immunity which received at the birth and continues to receive from breast milk, to it viruses are not so terrible. The main thing that the child was dressed on weather, but did not sweat in several layers of clothes. But about it in other section.

* * *

Pregnancy Elena transferred

easily in spite of the fact that worried much. Though it was a woman hypochondriac, it had no toxicoses. The child had to be born in the spring. By its calculations, just at birthday of the husband.

Outside the late spring stood. Snow melted long ago, but weather was awful - a rain, wind, then a sleet, cloudy again. It did not dispose to good mood already worrying woman. Therefore one week prior to estimated childbirth Lena decided to lay down on prenatal office, the benefit the doctor was a good acquaintance and provided it all leaving and care.

the son fell short everything Of a husband`s name-day days, was born on April 20. This significant day even the sun left to meet the kid. It filled in chamber of the woman in labor and smiled to the baby. Day by day the kid was poured by health, and weather was softened. Contrary to any forecasts, in day of an extract the sun brightly shone and already kidneys were going to bulk up.

Here it will be good to walk with Ilyusha, - young mother rejoiced. As doctors advised, already next day mother with the father decided to go with small to the first walk. On the street became cold a little, and the sun foully disappeared, but endow the baby more warmly and went to park. To it was to walk about a kilometer, but to walk so to walk. On the way back they were expected by a surprise - tumbled down a sleet. Strong wind forced down from legs of parents, but the kid quietly dozed in the carriage. Its walls reliably amortized wind attacks, and the hood protected from snow.

Parents blotted

and froze, and to the kid all at all though Lena very much worried about the baby. Such snow cold weather stood a month more, but parents walked with the child every day. As a result of Ilyush became tempered and the first year did not hurt at all.


for conception

When made Favorable days necessary tests, vaccination is done, the healthy lifestyle is adjusted and even desirable time of childbirth is chosen, business remains for small - just it was necessary to become pregnant. For this purpose it is necessary to know days, optimum for conception. It is rather simple to calculate them if at you average on duration a menstrual cycle. With other case you will be helped by your gynecologist.

the Intermediate-term menstrual cycle of the woman makes 28 - 30 days. It begins from the first day of periods and comes to an end in the first afternoon of the following periods. If the cycle stable also repeats every month with just the same break, it is possible to start calculations safely. For the first half of a menstrual cycle in one of ovaries the follicle which leaves the ripened ovum ripens, and on 14 - 15 - y day occurs after that an ovulation, that is its maturing.

the Ripened ovum is capable

to fertilization within two days after an ovulation, and spermatozoa possess the impregnating activity within 4 days after an ejaculation. Therefore the general period of the most probable possibility of conception makes about 6 days.

So, we consider 14 - 15 days from the beginning of periods - it will be the first day of possible conception. We add to it 6 days during which conception is possible too. During this period make active the to sex? the alny relations, and pregnancy it will be most probable.