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Traffic light not panacea!

In Traffic regulations are formulated the pedestrian`s duties at adjustable crosswalks. Whether meets written to a road situation? Whether sure crossing of the road on the crosswalk on a green signal of the traffic light is really safe for our life?

Statistics thing relentless. For 2008 by data DOBDD the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation total of road accident was made by 218322 cases in which died 29936 and 270883 persons got wounds. Accidents of running-down pedestrians made 82508, died 10692, and 77378 got wounds. The share of the died pedestrians made 36,1%, a share of wounded - 28,7%. Every sixth (17,3%) is run down the pedestrian at crosswalks, died in 14271 road accident 929 and got wounds of 14387 people.

the usual situation would Seem to

: 4 - x band carriageway, crosswalk, green signal of the traffic light. It is possible to cross safely the road, without being afraid of anything, in Traffic regulations in item 4. 4 the pedestrian`s duties at adjustable crosswalks are formulated: “In places where the movement is regulated, pedestrians have to be guided by signals of the traffic controller or the pedestrian traffic light, and at its absence - the transport traffic light“, in item 6. 1 there is an accurate definition of a green signal of the traffic light:“ ... signals of the traffic light have the following values: the green signal allows the movement; the green blinking signal allows the movement and informs that time of its action expires and the forbidding signal will be soon included“ that is done by most of conscious citizens of our country. whether

Corresponds to

written in Traffic regulations to a real road situation? Whether sure crossing of the road on the crosswalk on a green signal of the traffic light is really safe for our life? Here some of situations in which pedestrians even on a green signal of the traffic light are not guaranteed against road accident:

Yes, sound signals still are from far away heard

and flashing indicators are visible, but burns green, and, estimating distance to the vehicle, the pedestrian decides that he that will precisely manage to cross the road, it is late and hurries. And how to estimate the speed of the approaching car? The driver will manage not just to see the pedestrian, but also to slow down, stop? Who will be guilty of the incident of road accident?

In commercials cars stop quickly. Whether it is possible in real life, on the wet road, in ice? Any driver will answer it a question negatively. Under the changing weather conditions, on various type pavings, at satisfactory technical condition of the car and a certain speed the vehicle needs time in order that will stop. By tests it is established that the brake way increases in so many time, in how many time coupling of the tire with the road worsens. Also time of reaction of the driver which fluctuates from 0,5 to 1 - 2 seconds, and also the reaction time of brake system 0,2 - 0,6 seconds has significant effect on the size of a brake way. If to remember that modern cars for only one second pass 28 meters at a speed of 60 km/h, then it will become clear what impact is exerted by a factor of time for the size of a brake way. Whether the pedestrian will have this time to avoid road accident?

during the movement breakage of the vehicle can happen. The researches conducted abroad show that from 30 to 50% of vehicles are operated with the faulty and not adjusted brakes, a steering, headlights and other mechanisms which are directly influencing traffic safety. The statistics shows that it is more than a half of all dorozhno - of technical condition of the vehicle is of transport incidents from the result - for malfunctions in brake system. The incidents connected with technical malfunctions of brake system of vehicles always differ in a large number of the dead or wounded. Circumstances under which there are road incidents are very different and often are caused by several reasons at once. I will give an example: the Chevrolet car operated by the driver To., moved down the street; at an entrance to transition where there were pedestrians, To. decided to slow down. However the car continued the movement, left on transition and put heavy mutilations to several pedestrians. At survey of the car the effluence of brake fluid from the brake cylinder of the left forward wheel is revealed. After dismantling of the brake mechanism it turned out that the sealing rubber cap of the cylinder had a ring gap. During the movement of the car on the dirty road through this gap on a working surface of the brake cylinder parts of soil (sand) got that brought to loss of tightness and to a liquid effluence. And the day before the car passed maintenance. whether

the pedestrian Can be sure that all cars approaching transition are serviceable and will stop?

Not only technical condition of vehicles, but also a state ulichno - leaves much to be desired by a road network, both for drivers, and for pedestrians. In 2008, every fifth accident of running-down pedestrians (18,4%) at crosswalks was accompanied by shortcomings in transport - an operational state ulichno - a road network. In total 2 625 such incidents in which died 167 and got wounds of 2667 people are registered. 6,9% of all accidents of running-down pedestrians on these objects ulichno - a road network are connected with absence or bad discernability of a horizontal road marking at crosswalks (991DTP). Insufficient or faulty lighting of crosswalks accompanied commission of 342 road accidents of the considered reason. Lack of road signs was contributing factor at 111 road accidents, an uneven covering - 68, malfunction of traffic lights - 42 incidents.

the Driver who finishes maneuver from - for the transport which is in lanes can not see

, the pedestrian who decided to finish out of time begun transition of the carriageway to already blinking green signal of the traffic light. Not to manage to slow down or make it too late, and the pedestrian, in turn, with confidence that all vehicles are obliged to pass him, hurries on transition. The wrong actions when performing maneuvers are the frequent reasons of collision and accidents of running-down people, especially on country roads where the speed of traffic is high.

As the unsatisfactory state of health or feeling sick of the driver becomes frequent

the road accident reasons? Decrease in attention and reaction of drivers owing to overfatigue or under the influence of the external factors causing change of a psychological state of an organism happens from - for:

the Speed of reaction of the tired person is strongly reduced by

and to fall asleep driving not for long. Possibility of an emergency increases by 5 times. There is a danger to the pedestrian if the driver fell asleep driving? Without having found figures of domestic statistics, I will give a foreign example. In the USA annually more than 100 thousand car accidents occur from - for the fact that drivers fall asleep driving.

A the driver can and die, driving up to the crosswalk. I will give several examples from mass media: in the Surgut area (The Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area) 48 - the summer driver of the Tatra car died directly driving the truck, it had a coronary heart disease (“SIA - the Press“); in the village Suvorov (Stavropol Krai), there was a road accident, the driver died driving, heart failure (“The Stavropol truth“) became a cause of death, in Moscow area the employee of group of militia of a special purpose “Damask steel“ died in road accident at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region, accident resulted from death of the militiaman driving death came from - for heart failure (““); 42 - the summer judge died driving of heart failure, road accident happened in the center of Moscow (“The Russian newspaper“); in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky the driver of the regular bus died driving, according to preliminary data, the driver had a heart attack (24news. ru). At the moment of death of the driver driving you can be on the road.

Every fifth road accident with participation of the pedestrian, happens at the crosswalk when pedestrians, think that being on the carriageway, at the crosswalk they in perfect security and are guaranteed against road accident. whether

Everything drivers are conscious

and do not violate traffic regulations? If it was so, then dorozhno - transport incidents would be much less.

of the Traffic regulation forbid the driver to steer the vehicle of the easiest alcoholic or drug intoxication which is able even. However one third of all dorozhno - transport incidents is the result of driving in a state of intoxication. Over the country the specific weight of such incidents averaged 7,4%.

As often we reflect whether we can call ourselves the cultural pedestrian, the cultural driver?

Questions. It is a lot of questions of rules of conduct on the road. If the reader of this article, answers them for himself, then, coming to the crosswalk on a green signal of the traffic light, he not once will turn the head, will look attentively at the road, will be convinced of safe transition through the carriageway.

of Knowledge of Traffic regulations are forced out by everyday knowledge, hope for speed of own reaction, the confidence that the driver has to give way. But the desire to lead full-fledged life, but not in a wheelchair, to grow up the children with a sense of responsibility for own safety, is worth it not to hurry when crossing the road. The number of the road accident connected with violation of the rules of traffic by pedestrians made 38 858, died in incidents 6 270 and were wounded 34401 persons.

Cannot rely

on the fact that someone another will teach our children competently and to behave orderly among iron streams of modern city roads. First of all, own example is important. Children are inclined to study first of all at parents, the father and mother are the main example for the child.

Psychologists not for nothing say that all of us - it is from the childhood. Honestly, the childhood is that time in human life when he learns and acquires a large number of information, first of all that which helps it to live in society. Ability to acquire the new facts is inversely proportional to age. The we become more senior, the more difficult for us to perceive the new facts. Therefore, the earlier the child learns about importance of rules of conduct on the street and the road, the level of its safety will be higher.

Adult, say, late for work and stealing a march in not put place in the face of the child, creates at the last illusion that it is so possible to arrive. And after that, often, no teachers will change his impression about observance of Traffic regulations.

A if parents always do on the road right thing, then and it is clear to child to become how it is necessary to arrive to meet standards and rules of society. Parents on that and parents to play the major role in the course of education of children. And it begins with a personal example when adults with the child do not neglect the traffic light, cross the street on the crosswalk, attentively behave on the carriageway.

Training of children in safe behavior at the road rather difficult process. It is necessary not just to know how to convey information to the child, but also to understand what! At the moment in pedagogics the insufficient number of the works devoted organizationally - to pedagogical conditions of increase of efficiency of prevention dorozhno - transport incidents with children. The available researches and works open or the separate parties of the prevention dorozhno - transport incidents or train traffic regulations with inaccuracies and mistakes.


Me investigated more than 30 manuals and art books according to traffic regulations. I will stop only on one of training elements - rules of transition of the adjustable intersection. And so in all editions authors suggest to begin transition right after the green signal of the traffic light was lit.

S. Mikhalkov

If light was switched on by

Means, it is dangerous to move. Light green speaks:
the way is opened for Pedestrians!

V. Kozhevnikov

Red light to you will tell


:“ Is not present“ -
Frostily and strictly.
Yellow light gives advice
to Wait a little.
And green light burns:
you “Pass“, - says. As it was already told by

to p earlier, this council categorically contradicts reality. Accidents of running-down pedestrians still remain a main type of road accident.


B investigated uchebno - methodical grants use the works written generally in 70 - e years of the last century. In a percentage ratio more than 48% of the used literature are let out till 2000. These are fine verses. But what was acceptable in a transport situation of former years, absolutely unacceptably today. Here also it turns out that beginning training of the child, we do it not competently at once, and any mistake can cost life. it is offensive for p to understand

that the most part of originators and authors, without finding time to take Traffic regulations in hand, rewrite verses and riddles from outdated literature, without thinking of consequences.

According to traffic regulations a yellow signal also as well as red forbidding, but do not “prepare“ as practically all modern originators advise.

Unfortunately, in Traffic regulations, except as in article 6. 5, “If the signal of the traffic light is executed in the form of the pedestrian`s silhouette, then his action extends only to pedestrians. At the same time the green signal resolves, and red forbids the movement of pedestrians“ any more nothing is told for pedestrians. Formally everything correctly. But the given examples and figures are higher indicate that crossing of the road to a green signal of the traffic light is not safe.

At a problem of safety of pedestrians on the road and training of children in the correct behavior in road situations it is a lot of components. However a task us, adults to realize all measure of responsibility both for the life, and for life and wellbeing of the children. To teach children so that they did not repeat our mistakes, and, perhaps, today, approaching the crosswalk and having spent more for transition to 20 seconds, we guarantee ourselves long, healthy and happy life tomorrow.