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For whom do we wait? “Whom you wait for

- the boy or the girl?“ - such question was heard more than once by any future father. And even if the father is sure that he will equally love both the son, and the daughter, nevertheless it is interesting to him: what caused a sex of the kid and as it is possible to recognize him?

of the Reason why parents prefer to have the child of a concrete floor, the most various. Planning to bring the second child, parents quite often are guided by practical reasons: if the boy was born the first, then the girl or on the contrary has to be the second by all means. But, of course, the father`s desire to have the son most often is dictated by unconscious desire of the parent to embody own expectations and aspirations in the son, to continue a sort, to transfer it a surname. However, there are also such future fathers who dream of the girl: they want to sponsor, preserve it, wish to see in it continuation of favourite lines of the wife, count that in old age the daughter will not disregard the father. By the way, those parents who take a sex of future child for granted, - minority. So, the subject of our conversation will be interesting to many future fathers and mothers too.

Who is guilty


Knows that the sex of future child is defined at the time of conception and depends on what spermatozoon will impregnate an ovum. If it is the spermatozoon carrying X - a chromosome, - there will be a girl and if with an ovum the spermatozoon connects to Y - a chromosome - there will be a boy. That is the sex of the child depends on the man, but not on the woman, on what set of chromosomes will be presented to an ovum by future father: always contains in an ovum X - a chromosome, and the spermatozoon can bring with itself either man`s, or a feminine.

If sexual contact directly precedes an ovulation that, most likely, the boy will be born.

On what depends what spermatozoon will get into an ovum? The spermatozoa carrying X - and Y - a chromosome, differ on the properties. Y - spermatozoa are smaller, easy and mobile, but less hardy, than X - spermatozoa. At the sexual contacts happening in 2 - 3 days prior to an ovulation, less durable Y - spermatozoa perish, and the ovum with a bigger share of probability will be impregnated by X - a spermatozoon, that is the girl will be born. Let`s remind that the ovulation is a process of an exit of an ovum of an ovary. There is this event on average once for one menstrual cycle. In the first half of a menstrual cycle (it begins from the beginning of menstrual bleeding) the ovum begins to ripen in an ovary, this process lasts about 2 weeks - to the middle of a cycle. The ripened ovum leaves an ovary in an abdominal cavity, almost at once gets into a uterine tube where, actually, and there is a meeting of an ovum and a spermatozoon. If sexual contact directly precedes an ovulation or happens right after it, then, most likely, the boy as more mobile and fast Y - spermatozoa “will quicker reach“ the left ovum will be born. Except several different dimensions and mobility of X - and Y - spermatozoa such current of events is promoted also by acidity vaginal separated a genital tract of the woman. During an allocation ovulation from a genital tract of the woman become more alkaline that favors to faster Y - spermatozoa. If sexual intercourse happens in 2 - 3 days prior to an ovulation when Wednesday in a vagina sourer, then in more favorable conditions there are hardy X - spermatozoa.

the mass of theories, assumptions and tables which suggest future parents planning pregnancy to influence anyway this process - from use of different food to astrological forecasts Exists. However any of these theories has no enough weighty scientific arguments in favor of the existence. And the most important for couple which already expects the kid - everything that could be undertaken hypothetically, already behind and the sex of your child is already defined.

How to learn?

by the Most widespread, available, safe method of sex determination during pregnancy is ultrasonic research, but not any of them, not in any term of pregnancy it can be productive in respect of clarification of the question “boy or girl?“ .


during normally proceeding uncomplicated pregnancy of ultrasonography it is carried out three times. Standards of conducting pregnancy provided the following terms: 10 - 13 weeks, 23 - 25 weeks, 32 - 34 weeks.

of ultrasonography, carried out in the first trimester, as a rule, cannot give the answer to a treasured question. At the same time till 8 weeks it is impossible to consider a sex of the child on the monitor screen in general because external genitals of a fruit are not differentiated yet, but also right after 8 weeks to consider genitals rather difficult. In most cases it becomes possible after 15 weeks of pregnancy. It is the most probable to know a sex of the child during the research conducted in 23 - 25 weeks, genitalia - a scrotum and a penis at the boy or big vulvar lips at the girl are well visible at this particular time. In this term the fruit is still rather small, frequent, moves in a uterus much, the movements have it rather big amplitude, that is it proves to be in all beauty during ultrasonic research. During the following research - after 30 weeks - the kid occupies more - less situation of stability if he is developed, for example, by a back to the ultrasonography sensor, at the same time genitalia are clamped between hips, then it is rather difficult to wait when the baby turns in a position, more convenient for the doctor. Though such failures happen also in the second trimester. Besides, external genitals can “mask“, so, loops of an umbilical cord or a cam of a fruit can be mistakenly taken for a scrotum and a penis. Thus, the forecast of ultrasonography cannot be considered as absolute.

Of course, exist and more reliable methods of sex determination of future kid are methods during which study a fruit set of chromosomes. Treat them a biopsy of a horion, amniotsentez, kordotsentez. For studying undertakes or a small piece of a horion (the predecessor of a placenta), either amniotic waters, or fruit blood from an umbilical cord. However it must be kept in mind that only for sex determination these techniques are used in that case when there is a probability of the diseases linked to a floor (for example, hemophilia which only boys are ill), in the majority of cases these difficult researches are appointed at suspicion to serious congenital pathology, fruit malformations. The matter is that at an intake of necessary material there can be a threat of interruption of pregnancy and some other complications menacing to a fruit and mother. Agree, it is inexpedient to put at such risk of the kid who was not born still and his mother only from - for curiosity of parents concerning a sex of the child.

What to do if the desire to have the child of the defined sex is so big what, apparently, it is absolutely impossible to cope with it? Remember that future mother very thinly feels the attitude towards her and towards the kid, and it is not necessary that in these relations there was a negative as success of a course of pregnancy in many respects depends on a psychological state of future mother, as we know. You remember: anyway the beloved child has much bigger potential, than from what the father all life waited that it will be other floor. It is quite probable that when the kid is born, his kroshechnost, an umilitelnost and other qualities inherent in all children without exception, will strike you on the spot and to you the boy it will be perfect all the same, or the girl. But even before appearance of the kid on light it is necessary to try to take steps to acceptance of the kid irrespective of a floor and to treat carefully him and his mother.