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Tranquility! We learn to avoid stresses of

Pregnancy is unforgettable time in the woman`s life. But sometimes it is accompanied by experiences and stresses. And future mother needs to worry as little as possible! Fortunately, many stressful situations can be avoided and if something forced to be disturbed, then it is worth learning to cope with it as soon as possible.

the Stress which it is not necessary to avoid

the Concept “stress“ is introduced by the Canadian physiologist Mr. Selye in 1936 for the first time. A stress - the condition of mental tension arising at the person in the course of activity in the most difficult, difficult conditions both in everyday life, and at special circumstances. These circumstances are not always bad for the person. Receiving the apartment, promotion, a wedding and, of course, pregnancy and the child`s birth also provoke a stress. But there are situations which bear to the woman negative experiences during pregnancy. Such situations are called stressor, they provoke developing of a so-called negative stress. These potentially stressful situations are rather certain. Feature consists that not all situations will manage to be avoided, and for this reason if it was not succeeded to avoid tension, then it is necessary to learn to cope with it as soon as possible.

Communication with the family


Each future mother are surrounded by close people: parents and relatives, both own, and husband. Also there can sometimes be misunderstanding situations between “the parties of communication“. Perhaps there is a lot of options, and the conflict situation can be as it is connected with pregnancy (for example whether to buy in advance to the kid a dowry what name to choose whether it is worth doing to future mother something or not), not connected with expectation of the kid. Anyway future mother needs to try to learn as it is possible to react to what occurs as in her direct communication with someone from the family, and on what occurs between them more quietly.

How not to provoke the conflict...

Be benevolent

If all of you got into a conflict situation, it is necessary to solve it...

Medical care

the Medicine is that sphere which has to help future mother to take out and give birth to the healthy child. But, unfortunately, happens what interaction with doctors not? set tension to the pregnant woman. Frequent the situation when the woman does not receive sufficient explanations to destination of preparations and to results of analyses, and also exhaustive information for health reasons of future kid becomes the reason which can cause a stress. The inattentive relation of the doctor in relation to future mother also can belong to such situations. Of course, you can ask about change of the doctor as a last resort, but it is possible to try to improve the relations. For this purpose...

At work

It is remarkable when colleagues and the administration at work are ready to treat with understanding to future mother, without detaining her after work, loyally concerning to sick-lists and if necessary facilitating its loading. In this case the stress does not arise. But, unfortunately, such relation is observed not always. What to do if you assume other development of the situation or already got to it?

you and surrounding

during pregnancy the woman gains new experience of communication with people around: unfamiliar or unfamiliar people in transport, shops, in turns of policlinics and drugstores. Future mothers tell that the part of this experience is positive: they are given way, pass in turns and pay compliments. But there are situations which afflict the woman: frank rudeness of people around during this period is experienced much stronger.

Someone from future mothers listens to such “speeches“ and so is upset that cannot answer immediately, considering then offense long time. Others borrow aggressively - an offensive position, probably using the slogan “Attack Is the Best Protection“. But future mother is quite capable to behave so that to reduce probability of negative attitude from people around or to cope with it if necessary.


the Real stresses


Unfortunately, it happens so that during pregnancy future mother should face events which can cause the real stress. The illness and death of close relatives, the fires, loss of a private property, natural and technogenic disasters can be carried to such events. If such event took place, then to avoid a stress it will not turn out, it is necessary to cope with it so that to reduce possible harm. Well, it is necessary to show firmness.

of the Rule of avoiding of stresses

  • of Try to keep self-checking. Of course, future mothers are more emotional and often react much stronger both on good, and to bad. But you remember that nobody cancelled self-checking, and in most cases the pregnant woman is quite capable to cope with emotion which in this situation can prevent it to keep a balanced state.
  • Estimate own expectations. the situation when the person expects much more from people around Is frequent, than they can give it, and future mother not an exception. It concerns all spheres: families, works, communication with friends, visit of doctors and public places. If your expectations are overestimated, then you will constantly be on the verge of a conflict situation, so, stresses will be difficult to be avoided.
  • Down with aggression! you Remember: if from you the positive proceeds, then it influences on people around in the best way. And on the contrary, yours it is intense - the aggressive position causes a negative of people around, whether it be strangers on streets, your family, fellow workers.
  • you Learn to place priorities. If some event caused in you tension, think as far as it is really important as compared you will have a kid. Put these two events on the imagined scales, and you will understand that temporary troubles lost the ponderability.
  • Limit to
  • frightening information. the Pregnant woman is very sensitive therefore it needs to avoid a negative. If you do not watch movies with violence scenes, then switch off the programs of news operating subjects accidents. Also do not read frightening stories about childbirth on the Internet and do not hesitate to interrupt the acquaintances wishing to share with you “horrors“ of childbirth and sleepless nights with the child.
  • Dream of the future! Dreams of how you will become mother what at you will the beautiful kid are necessary for preservation of composure during pregnancy. Will help to keep a positive spirit a smekhoterapiya. You watch chorusoshy comedies, read cheerful books and communicate with those who maintain in you optimism.