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Support and support. Bandages for future mothers of

Many future mothers heard that it is useful for them to carry a bandage. However to make the decision on need of carrying a bandage and it is correct to choose this orthopedic product not easy therefore here not to do without consultation with the doctor.



When needs a bandage?

the Bandage is an orthopedic product which carries out more medical and in smaller - cosmetic function. The bandage fixes a fruit in the correct situation; protects from a remuscle strain of a forward belly wall; reduces load of internals and a backbone, thereby relieves of back pains. There are absolute (obligatory) and relative (desirable) indications for carrying a bandage.

To absolute indications are carried by some types of obstetric pathology:

To relative indications is carried:

of Contraindication

Contraindication for carrying a bandage only one - a fruit arrangement in a uterus cavity in the wrong situation. If the doctor told that your kid is not in longitudinal situation, the head down, and in cross or legs down - carrying a bandage can lead to the fact that if the child wants to turn over in the correct situation, then the bandage will not allow it to make it as one of its properties is a fixing of a fruit in a uterus cavity.

we Make the choice

in the world market Now there is a set of firms which are engaged in production of bandages, but, despite it, there are only three types of this orthopedic means: dorodovy, postnatal and universal (it can be carried during pregnancy and after the delivery).

Still bandages can be divided on their breed: a bandage - pants and a bandage - a belt. Each of them has pluses and minuses. Minus all types of bandages - their production from synthetic material but to sew bandages from other materials there is no sense as synthetic fabric gives them elasticity and good fixing.

the Bandage - pants renders to

the supporting effect due to dense weaving of material of which it is made. Bandages - pants are very simple in application, they can be carried both instead of underwear, and over it. In addition there are models of bandages - shorts, having the lower fastener thanks to which the bandage can be not removed at visit of a toilet (rather simply to undo buttons or hooks).


the Bandage - the belt is put on over underwear or outerwear. The supporting effect is provided at the expense of a rigid tape which makes a basis of all bandage.

Universal bandages can be carried during pregnancy and after the delivery, such bandages have wide and narrow speak rapidly. During pregnancy a bandage - the belt is put on so that its wide part was on a waist, and narrow - under a stomach; and after the delivery - narrow part on a waist, and wide - on a stomach.

to get a bandage, it is possible to address in a drugstore, shop for future mothers or to shop of medical equipment where to you will pick up a bandage individually. First of all, the bandage has to approach precisely by the size. As different producers have a numbering and designation of the sizes different, it is necessary just to measure a grasp of hips under a stomach and to find in the dimensional table (it is on packing) corresponding to the obtained data the size. It is not necessary to take a bandage “for growth“: producers already put in a design physiological increase in a stomach and hips for each size. In specialized shop or a drugstore the bandage can be tried on. Pay attention that laces or other details did not prick, did not give an inconvenience. It is not advisable to buy a bandage / at according to announcements in the newspaper or from girlfriends. The bandage, as well as at any product, has an expiration date - it is one pregnancy, at daily carrying from fifth month, plus (for some models) postnatal carrying for six weeks. Otherwise the bandage can stretch. And will not bring any benefit to you.

How to use a bandage

several general rules of use of a bandage Exist.

  1. to Buy and begin to carry a bandage better not earlier than 20 - y weeks of pregnancy as at this particular time the fruit begins to grow strenuously. And if pregnancy polycarpous or is available such pathology as abundance of water or a hem on a uterus and also if a fruit large, then it is necessary to carry a bandage with 16 - y weeks of pregnancy. If pregnancy the first, and muscles of your abdominal tension were trained before conception, and also now disturbs nothing you (you freely move, you do not feel back pain), then it is possible to postpone purchase and use of a bandage to 28 - y weeks.
  2. needs to Put on a bandage in a prone position, it is so possible to fix a fruit: the bandage will help to hold it in vertical position, evenly distributing loading. It being necessary to put on a bandage or sitting it does not make sense.
  3. In the first 2 - 3 days of carrying a bandage feelings of discomfort in a stomach as there is a usual adaptation, but if this discomfort dragged on, then it is worth addressing experts are possible
  4. . There can be two options: or the bandage is incorrectly put on, or the size is picked incorrectly up.
  5. cannot be the Whole day in a bandage, it is necessary to do each three hours a break for 30 minutes, and for the night to remove it. For those who all day long are at work it governed not an exception! Of course, on a workplace there is no opportunity to put on a bandage, lying on a back, but it can be made, having as much as possible leaned back on a back of a chair but in any without costing cases!
  6. If you suddenly feel
  7. belly-ache or your kid will begin to behave too actively, it is necessary to weaken a bandage and if it does not help, then remove a bandage and descend on consultation to the attending physician.
  8. the Bandage demands leaving. It needs to be erased in process of pollution in warm water.
  9. C 39 - y weeks of pregnancy a bandage needs to be put on only when performing homework or at long walks because from this term the stomach gradually falls as the child begins to prepare for birth, moving ahead on patrimonial ways.