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Verses for children. Began part 2

Kryak and Bryak

Once upon a time there was a duckling Kryak -
he Swam everywhere;
Once upon a time there was a bobryonok Bryak -
Put it dams.

the Good fellow a duckling Kryak -
Wants to be a young naturalist! the Ill-natured person -
Wants to be the pirate.

of Times Kryak floated far,
did not listen to Mother!
Bryak Rubs hands,
he Pricked up ears.

Everything floats a duckling Kryak,
Sees suddenly - a dam.
the ill-natured person Bryak,
Where koryazhek heaps Hid.

All in thoughts kind Kryak -
Before it a snag.
Here bobryonok Bryak: “Give everything, the tramp!“


the duckling Kryak Rustled:
“Mother, father, brother!“
the ill-natured person Bryak is angry Further:
“I - sea piratik!“

But was solved by a duckling Kryak:
“Have nothing to be afraid!
Let the ill-natured person Bryak brawls -
I Will be protected!“

the Beak to the right, to the left Kryak - Hit a bobryonka back!
the ill-natured person Bryak Became silent suddenly -
Was frightened, means!

“Do not fight you, - Bryak shouted, -
Played enough, enough!
I wanted, the duckling Kryak,
to Play pirates.“

Kryak Smiled to

“All right, we will forget!“
the ill-natured person Bryak Changed the mind:
“I will not be an ill-natured person!“

I is not wanted by more Bryak
to be a sea pirate; It is better for br kind to be as Kryak... it is better for br to be the young naturalist!

of 2008

Small ofitserik, or the Story of the little boy

Let I small an eroshka,
Let distort words!
But I dream a little bit
to be more courageous than a gray-haired lion.

Mother wants

the diplomat
to Make in the future me;
the Father wants the lawyer
That there were once I.

them I listen to

Ya seriously
And I nod it in reply;
And then skipping to the grandfather,
to ask council it.

“I do not want to be the diplomat,
the Lawyer I do not want!
I Will be the Homeland a soldier!“ -
to Ded I will loudly cry out.

And you, the grandfather`s darling, Will smile, as always:
“Eh, my lovely fidget!
the Officer you will be - yes!“

you I will hear

Ya, the grandfather, the General!
Let now I am a fidget -
That my dream now!

I will be told by me at dinner
to Mother, the father and a cat,
That I will go, my darling of the grandfather,
I in military institute.

Tam I will be busy with business -
to study All sciences!
There I will be taught safely Mother, the father to protect!

A shoulder straps on a shirt,
the Dark leather belt,
Both boots, and a peak-cap
will Clean to me not laziness!

I all girls
will fervently Smile to me,
As home I will go in shape
To the uncle, the aunt - all relatives!

Let I small eroshka,
Let I adult not a couple!
Here such here a little bit
to Protect the country the dream!

of 2008


and mobilnichek

Well there lives Nastyushka!
Both it is dressed, and is full; Only became here vrednyushky -
All not that and all not so.

was Bothered suddenly by Nastyushke
Mothers tasty food,
all toys Bothered!
Here child... there is a trouble!

Is angry, Nastyushka pouts,
And does not eat, a hit ruche, Russian cabbage soup;
Give to such vrednyushka,
Give the mobile phone to it!

Yes not just phone
You give

to Nastyushke!
that was Small as a donut!
Red that, as loaf!

Nastyushka Wants adult to be

And to play with a mobilnichok, in the Evenings with Mishka - a bun
to Take br with itself it in a bed.

Eh, hit ruche you, Nastyushka!
You are dressed and full.
Stop being a vrednyushka!
Harm - silly line.

do not squeeze

, Nastyona, lips -
embrace Mother with the father!
they so love you -
You listen to them! Do not rustle!

of 2008.


Buttocks, or the Story of a dissatisfied parrot

All I sit in this cage -
Bothered - the whole day!
Better I would sit on a branch
In the jungle of Africa where a shadow.

was Taken - Buttocks called!
Who thought up? - Vanka is the devil.
did not call - called!
Only I am proud of myself.

And Mashka everything circles
Goes, looks at me,
In a cage climbs to me hands -
I do not love it!

And feed me badly, All leftovers.
All throw bread of the baby! waters Forget to give.

So why me you bought
in the market all family?
Played and forgot -
Ugly, oh - yoy - yoy!

start up

I all of you want,
That I started talking.
you will not wait - I in offense!
Better a wolf I would raise a howl!

Therefore ruffled up -
I Am dissatisfied with you!
Both froze, and caught a cold -
all Forgot me!

So even you do not ask

I will not tell you: “Hi!“
Tasty grains bring -
to Sami, eat an omelet!

And later put
to me on a cage a warm plaid;
allow to Do some flying to me -
did not fly eight years!

I then, I will tell you honestly,
I will Adore you! I Will become kind and charming,
Nevertheless you - my family!

I Will tell

to you at dinner
Many different, clever words! it is good to br to be under a plaid...
And mother`s pilaf is tasty!

of 2008

Tarakan Timosha and Novy year

Tarakan lives in a rubber galosh Timosha;
In the mornings - salad and cheese,
Before going to bed - always kefir!
Well there lives in a galosh
Cunning little Timosha!
But friends as an old mole,
Well it will not find in any way!


- densky in the galosh Timosha Learns the alphabet;
Writes and reads,
Figures subtracts -
Here what good
Tarakan Timosha!
Also let it growth it is small - the cleverest in the house became!

Somehow time Timosha
Left a galosh;
On pans - da bam`s boom!
Shout circle! Both noise, and din -
Children slap hands together:
“Hey, catch Timosha!“
In a moment behind it skipping
Petya, Tanya, Mishka!

But hityor Timosha -
Shmyg in the galosh!
All shout to it around:
“Hey, hi, cheerful friend!
Leave a galosh,
Tarakan Timosha!
we Wait for you on a round dance -
Soon, soon New Year!“

“Alone, the friend Timosha,
All to sit to you in a galosh! Near a fir-tree the people -
On hours beat twelve with br!
And Only you long in the galosh,
one, Timosha!
we Wait for you, the man with a big mustache,
we Will dance cha - cha - cha!“


suddenly a galosh -
That moves Timosha!
Got out in a chink as if at a door,
Eh, happy it now,
Darling our, good,
Tarakan Timosha!
as twirls a pretzel!
Oops, oops!!! A Torah - la - la!!!

Tarakan lives in a rubber galosh Timosha; But now it not one -
Is adored and loved by br!
it is frequent - often from a galosh
To children our Timosha goes!
friends were found by it - here!
On a nice holiday New year.

of 2008