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Verses for children. Part 1

Brownies and porridge

At a table shouts Dunyasha:
“I do not want! I will not be porridge!“
Mother with the father:
“That with you?“
Ded with the woman:
“Oh - yoy - yoy!“
Aunt with the uncle:
“Eat, Dunyash!“
“Our breakfast!“

But Dunyasha turns up the nose:
“This porridge bothered!“
Mother with the father:
Ded with the woman:
“Ai - yay - yay!“
Aunt with the uncle:
“Shame and shame!“
“Nyam - nyam - nyam!“

Dunyasha Is surprised to

“And where porridge was gone?“
Mother with the father:
“Who could?“
Ded with the woman:
“Oh - oh - oh!“
Aunt with the uncle:
“Look, a glazishcha!“

the clear head:
“Cook porridge in the mornings!“
Mother with the father:
Ded with the woman:
“Ah, beauty!“
Aunt with the uncle:
“Well done!“
“At last!
Ooh as eats, good!
with the Spoon to the right, a spoon to the left;
Taught a good lesson, will know!
Quickly in a chink under a bed“.

the Uncle - the smoker

As behind a little table in buffet
the Uncle smokes

of 2009 - a topsy-turvy!
Throw out, the uncle, a cigarette -
all Smoked around!

Well why you, the uncle, smoke?
Also you do not listen to the doctor;
Turned black you as if a storm,
As in the south a locust!

you poison

of All with poison, the uncle!
And yourself you do not protect;
All you smoke, looking at a wall!
inside to yourself you will burn Everything.

it is better than

, the uncle, kids
You fed the homeless!
How many money, rublishka
You in vain smoked?


Ya, the uncle, it is strong -
we need to protect ourselves!
And one I know precisely -
I will throw Cigarettes into the furnace!

of 2008.

of the Droplet of a rain

It was become sad by Veronichke,
the Rain pours - both a cap, and a cap! the Dish sweet of a cheesecake
Nastroyenya to it is so boring not to lift br at all in any way
Also darkens behind a window.
Well why you so, clouds,
Water my house?

Look at

- Veronichka, -
Is rain droplets,
Having wanted your cheesecake,
On a visit ask, awaking. On a window - knock yes knock -
Is distributed to br a booming sound;
Knock you with it in reply,
Smile, tell “hi“!

Started missing in a cloud gloomy,
In the rain droplet sky;
Therefore on a roof jump,
And brawl, awaking all; Play
, Veronichk,
With them cheerfully in reply.
Treat - with their cheesecake,
Smile you to them - hi!

the Nanny-goat - a goat

Oh you, a nanny-goat - a goat!
All you walk, a dereza!
a travinushka you chew Everything!
rest You do not give Everything
to goosebumps yes to bugs...

the Leg you trample down

here and there!
you Want a song to sing, be played,
Yes a golovushka to butt... it is Only time for br to sleep long ago!
From dew the earth of cheese,
the Small river in a blanket haze
With pleasure sleeps... Became cold!

noise in the distance behind a hill Stood... Here a leaf autumn
For the night the mushroom in the wood wrapped up br with a blind,
And without legs the Kind grandfather a bear snores inflated

Will drop down

, the nanny-goat to rustle! Will drop down
to jump!
Time to sleep …
Sleeps the nature long ago - mother.

of 2008

the Mole Egor

On a hillock where the fence,
Heats a paunch a mole Egor.
Oh, and laziness to it to work!
It should move!
to begin day with charging in the Morning,
to Weed in the field of a bed,
From a pond of a flute to dig -
Without water to the earth not to live!

the mole Egor Only dozes;
the fence Was lop-sided,
Houses the roof was worn out -
Dai - that God that did not fall down!
the log hut Rotted through completely,
On a sex of mice the crowd
Something looks for on corners -
Oh, Egorka parted stuff!

Year passed

... “It is time to marry!
Should phone to Yulya, -
Drowsily looking at a fence,
Argues a mole Egor. -
In light there is no krotikha better!
I Will present it from a garden a pear.
Yulya to me Will erase,
to Iron things, to clean,
And to weed in the field of a bed
Instead of morning exercises!“


A at Yulenka itself
wrote in a moment the letter:
“Hi, lovely mole Egor!
the axe
You, the friend did not hold sitny, whole year in hand!
And in a tall weeds a kitchen garden!
the Ignoramus grew up and is lazy,
Both is absent-minded, and is boastful!
do not write me SMS -
I Go to another to the wood“.

On a hillock where the fence,
Became thoughtful Egor:
“Have no need to be lazy more! It is necessary, it is necessary to move!
to begin day with charging in the Morning,
to Weed in the field of a bed,
From a pond of a flute to dig - I Yul Will show speed!
needs to take books, to study -
the clear head I Will marry!“

of 2008