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The meeting place - my favourite St. Petersburg

a Story about how one city changed all my life.

the Train arrived to the Moscow station, however not to Moscow as it would be possible to think, and to St. Petersburg. I so long waited for this day that in any way, in any way could believe that I really arrived to St. Petersburg. For the white nights. To It.

In 20 minutes on the horizon It appeared. Runs, waves a hand. It turned out that he all night long could not fall asleep for nervousness, represented everything how I will arrive as we will walk on the night city as it will be fine. So met me St. Petersburg.

We reached

to Gostiny dvor metro station, I looked around, could not understand in any way why me all seems to some acquaintances here in spite of the fact that in St. Petersburg I never was earlier. Came to Nevsky Avenue. I involuntarily tried to compare the Nevsky to the Tverskaya. You sometime were in love so to be in a condition of euphoria round the clock? If yes, that you easily present that you feel when you are near darling. Moreover and after separation. But only to tell that I love it, to me it was terrible. Even very quietly. Even in the head.

We went towards Palace Square. Each house wanted to be photographed, each stone wanted to be remembered. I at last understood that St. Petersburg is imperceptibly similar to my native Sevastopol. Or Sevastopol to St. Petersburg. But the architecture, embankments and even the atmosphere were some relatives. It became clear why tourists call Sevastopol by St. Petersburg in a miniature.

the Palace Square me struck

. Also do not ask me, than. Unless it is possible to explain why you love chocolate or Remarque`s creativity? Just you love also all.

Ya examined the Hermitage, represented how beautifully there inside, and we agreed surely there to descend tomorrow. And today - to walk!

- And you know that we go along a route of “Walk“?

- Yes? Listen, and precisely... Let`s go further how they?

- Well, it long, but some part we will pass surely!

“Walk“ of Alexey Uchitel - the movie special. St. Petersburg is nearly one of the main characters there.

We went to the embankment. Surprisingly beautifully. But how it is possible to describe beauty words? Just look...

We went on Palace Bridge. I admit honestly, to me it was even a little terrible. I all tried to find out whether we can fail and fall to Neva. On the middle of the bridge we stopped, embraced and even made some wish. In spite of the fact that everyone thought of something special, I think, we thought same. After that we went to other side of the bridge, to Vasilyevsky Island. To me, the inhabitant of the peninsula on which there are several cities it was very difficult to understand how one city is located on a set of islands! However it is the fact. We passed across spit of Vasilevsky Island, however decided today in anything strongly not to go deep.

of Impressions at me and so was more, than the normal human mentality is capable to take out. On Birzhevoy Bridge came over to the Petrograd side, passed by the Peter and Paul Fortress where of course, too agreed surely to descend. By the end of walk I was already ready to drop. Therefore we passed through the square to the Gorky subway and went home.

So there passed my first day in St. Petersburg. Very fascinatingly and not less emotionally. But our adventures only began.

in the Morning (though who knows when in this city morning, right there the white nights!) I woke up from a roar behind a window and a ring of the shivering cups on a table. It according to the prospectus the tram slid. And then there were 18 more surprising days which forever changed my life.

To the same evening we went to divorce of bridges. Every night on Neva draw eight bridges under which there pass the ships. On this show thousands of tourists gather. And it really impresses!

We drank cocktails in “Coffee to Hauza“ and conducted philological discussion that actually in the word “latte“ the accent should be put on the first syllable, but not on the second with waitresses.

We went to Bukvoyed bookstore at Vosstaniya Square where it is possible not only to buy books, but also just to sit in cafe. And what can be more pleasant, than sit in bookstore with a cup of coffee and cake, reading aloud Bulgakova to darling? Stop, I told “darling“? Yes, it seems, told... In the same place, in “Pedant“, regularly arrange displays of conceptual cinema and hold meetings with interesting people. We tried to watch the movie Kim Ki Duca, but then went to walk. St. Petersburg is created to wander about its small streets for hours, without feeling fatigue.

Of course, we were in the Hermitage, and I represented again how Catherine II bought pictures for the Winter Palace. We were in the Russian Museum. And here I was struck by most of all forms for printing gingerbreads. On them inscriptions in Old Russian language remained, and it was madly interesting to see with own eyes what I learned on a filfaka according to textbooks. To sort words it was difficult, but the inspector of the hall right there helped us and told some more fascinating stories. And pictures, icons are fine too, but my heart is given to philology for ever.

From the sixth time we got to Cabinet of curiosities. It must be kept in mind that the line for tickets is often big so that it does not come to an end even after closing of the museum. It was curious to look at old times objects, at elements of life and traditions of many people. But when we reached an exposition of freaks in banks, I ceased to understand why we were torn the whole week here.

We were in Saviour - on - Blood which is very similar to the Moscow St. Basil`s Cathedral. And it is inexpressible feelings - to stand near that place where Alexander II was fatally wounded.

We danced the Finnish Pole in Tsarskoye Selo and kissed at fountains of Peterhof. It seems to me, on beauty only Versailles can be compared to Peterhof. And here musicians surprisingly play. We even wrote down on dictophones in mobile, masterly execution of classical works on xylophones.

St. Petersburg - the amazing city. Only here it is possible to see how in the yard chairs are placed, there is a small symphonic orchestra, ladies in evening dresses elegantly take seats and a concert begins. And all this without posters and tickets. Just the city breathes music, art, culture...

We spent the night at the friend in the real Petersburg communal flat. Believe, the fact that sometimes show in very old movies or is described by writers at the beginning of the 20th century, did not leave anywhere, did not disappear. If you think that all this already a part of history, then glance to one of houses where - nibud on the Petrograd party. Here you with own eyes will see not only Raskolnikov`s entrance, but also Zoshchenko`s communal flat. Nothing changed.

A still St. Petersburg is the capital of the Russian rock. Therefore we did not keep and went to grandiose fate - a festival.“ Spleen“, Butusov, “Siskin“, “Bee - 2“, “Pilot“, “Picnic“. Everything that for hours turned earlier in a player, can be seen with own eyes.

We rose by a colonnade of St. Isaac`s Cathedral where it is always windy and it is incredibly beautiful. And while I admired a view of ceremonial St. Petersburg, It pulled me a sleeve all the time and shouted: “Look, roofs, roofs, let`s get where - nibud, it is so healthy!“

We went to Dostoevsky Museum, and I right there wanted to read all those works of Fedor Mikhaylovich which I everything postponed for later.

We found for that house in which we shot the movie “St. Petersburg FM“, and the embankment on which Evgeny Tsyganov`s hero sat. And there it is really also beautiful. And I got 7 times from 15 to the Siskin - ti.

We were in the Temple of love and music of John Lennon.“ In the Temple of the world, love and music“, - Kolya Vasin, the most famous beatlemaniac in the CIS corrected us. These are two rooms where each centimeter is history of The Beatles group. Kolya Vasin not just created all this the hands, he even lives right there. And still I was struck with the depth by an inscription: “We already have a temple, we needed to build it“.

When I left St. Petersburg, I cried. Cried because could not leave from It. Cried because could not leave this city.

From this point St. Petersburg - my most favourite unusual city, in the following, 2010, surely I will go behind new impressions there!