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From Moscow to Warsaw of

This summer we had an opportunity to go for several days to Warsaw. Mother was going to go there with my younger brother who is only 1 year old. The fact that mother will take me was solved before the departure. I was very glad!

we got

In Moscow on the train in the evening and arrived to Warsaw in the morning.

In this train.

When we went by the train, I looked out of the window on meadows, fields, the woods, stations. On the road to us different trains met, I photographed them. I very much love trains and I collect their images. So my collection of mute was replenished.

my brother ran on the train, I had to catch up with it. By the end of the road to me bothered to catch it. I went by the train and thought of what it, Warsaw.

About Warsaw

Warsaw - the capital of Poland. All this that I knew before a trip to this city. As then it appeared, Warsaw also very beautiful and interesting city. Beautiful parks, palaces, there are a lot of most different museums. I am fond of equipment and transport, and we with mother went to the Museum of Army Polish. We also just saw the Museum of equipment, but we did not have time to descend in it.

In the beginning I will tell

a little about history of Warsaw. There is such legend: the young man Vars and the girl Sava which loved each other founded the city. From here and name Warszava.

Year of foundation of Warsaw is unknown to

, but it is very ancient city. In 1596 the king Sigismund III of VAZ transferred the capital from Krakow to Warsaw. At various times Warsaw was both a part of Prussia and structure of the Russian Empire. Now Warsaw - the capital of Poland.

At the station

When we went out of the train, we were met by the father.

On the square at the station we saw the high building with hours. It was the palace of Science and Equipment.

to us were told such story. After 2 - y World war Stalin offered the Polish government at choice two gifts - either the subway, or the high building. Poland chose the building. Long time it was the only high building of Warsaw. On 30 - the m the floor of the Palace located an observation deck.


We lodged in Jan III Sobeski hotel. The hotel is called in honor of the king of Poland. This king won a victory over Turks near Vienna and did not allow a gain them Europe.

the Hotel me very much was pleasant to

In this hotel there are a sauna and a jacuzzi.

For breakfast. There was so much tasty! Most of all I liked fruit. I gathered the whole plate of fruit: water-melons, bananas, strawberry, oranges. And my father ate only salad leaves because he read that they are very useful. The brother was given a children`s chair, but to it quickly bothered to sit, and he began to misbehave.

our number was spacious. From a window trams and cars were well visible. And as I love transport, I with pleasure photographed trams and customized cars.

For Dani to us were given a small bed, but sometimes instead of it I slept there.

the Museum of Army Polish

In Warsaw is the Museum of Army Polish. We got there in Day of the Museums therefore everything was free, and there were many visitors. On the street near the museum there is very interesting military equipment: planes, helicopters, tanks, pass the tank and an armored car. The most part of equipment was made in the USSR.


to me liked the ts plane - 11 “Iskra“ which was designed at the Warsaw institute of aircraft in 60 - x years for training of pilots.

the museum consists of three floors. Halls are divided on historical eras, beginning from times of knights. We saw clothes of knights, Polish military and military other countries (from Russia, Germany, America, Japan), it is a lot of ancient weapon (arbalests, guns, automatic machines), motorcycles, household items of military, photos, drawings and descriptions of battles.

All inscriptions were in Polish, and not everything was clear to me. But all the same the museum to me was very much pleasant and remembered

the Zoo

B one of days we went to a zoo. The Warsaw zoo was founded in 1928. At that time in it there were about 500 animals, and today them there are about 5 thousand!

We came to a zoo late, and remained to time before closing a little. We decided to see large animals at least: elephants, giraffes and crocodiles. And saw also other interesting animals. The first that we saw, there was a lake with beautiful birds. As I learned, they are called a flamingo.

the Ostrich pecked a fencing. My little brother long looked at him, then approached a fencing and began to repeat after an ostrich, wanted to peck a fencing too.

was Very interesting to watch

monkeys. They ran, played with each other. Big monkeys backed the children and under a stomach.

About a big elephant in a separate cage. We were told that he growls as a lion, but he said some hardly audible sounds.


to me very much liked a snow leopard. I passed along a cage, and the snow leopard on that side of a cage followed me. I tried to go to other party, the snow leopard ran for me again. I liked this game, to it - too. And we played dogonyashka a little. To it, probably, it was boring for one.

In a zoo beautiful paths. On them it is good to walk and run. I and did, running across from one open-air cage to another. And Danya went by the father.

the Water park

In Warsaw is excellent water park. There are several offices. One of them - the pool which consists of three halls. In other hall it is possible to float too. There are cool hills and interesting pipes in which I very much liked to ride. Mother at first was afraid, and I had to finish her and to show on the example that it is not terrible at all, and is very cheerful. But then and it hills very much were pleasant, and we rode already together. Danil with the father swam in the small pool which is made especially for such kids as it. Then all of us were together heated in water geysers.

In the third hall located saunas, the ice room and the pool with ice water. I tried to come into the ice room, but there was so cold that I left it at once.

After the pool we came into cafe where bought my favourite kanapka of a grilyovan (hot sandwiches with different stuffings).


In Poland is one shop under the name “Smyk“. “Smyk“ - on - Polish means “kid“. The shop is located near the street of Marshalkovsk where there are a lot of shops on which mother likes to go. On 1 floor of “Smyk“ do soft bears, such what the child will want, and select to bears clothes, on the 2nd floor there are a lot of toys. I wanted even to remain to live there. The father bought two LEGO: the first for my brother, and the second for me. On the following floors clothes. I do not love clothes, and mother went without me there. In the evening I opened a big box of Lego. Mother could not force me to sleep until I up to the end assembled the car.

Lazenki`s Park


- the former summer residence of kings.“ Lazenki“ on - Polish means “swimming baths“.

In park pheasants walk and there it is very beautiful. We were in June: there the lilac blossomed, there were many peonies, camomiles and other flowers.

In this park the royal palace on the island surrounded with water is. In this palace there is a building of a swimming bath where on doors it is written: “This house hates grief, loves the world, offers bathing, recommends rural life and invites on a visit kind people“.

On the lake I swept by the boat and saw interesting falls. On this lake, speak, the king of Poland Stanislav Augustus Ponyatovsky who Lazenkam betrayed a modern look liked to swim by the boat.

At the lake located an amphitheater, and a scene - on a small island. There took place performances earlier, but also now there sometimes there take place concerts and performances.

In park we came into cafe. There I wanted ice cream and told the seller:“ “ The seller everything understood two daws of a truskavka and gave me two balls of tasty strawberry ice cream.

the Old city

we came To the Old city on very beautiful street with amazing ancient houses. But it turned out that houses were built not so long ago. We were told that all houses of the Old city were destroyed during World War II. Fascists decided to raze Warsaw to the ground to destroy the city which did not want to surrender in any way. And after war all buildings, the areas, monuments, everything was restored anew.

We approached

Zamkovaya square with the Royal castle. From this area the Royal path begins.

In the center of Zamkovaya square is costed by a column of the Polish king Sigismund III of the Vase who transferred the capital from Krakow to Warsaw.

Once all Old city was surrounded with a fortification, but it remained parts.

We came into the Catholic temple, listened to a few sermon. Not everything was clear, but it was pleasant to be in the temple.

We reached the market where different souvenirs were on sale. Very expensive and not really interesting. Therefore, we, having had a bite kanapky grilyovanny, went to excursion.

was Told to us about history of the old center by the Pole, he said in Russian with accent, but I understood everything. We drove the ridiculous car with open doors. I photographed, and mother worried about the camera that I did not drop it on the road.

We passed

along a fortification, about a monument to the little soldier, by the Warsaw court and a monument to the Warsaw revolt, by buildings where there lived the famous people.

Here our trip Warsaw also ended with

. That day when we had to leave, I dreamed that we broke the car or that we got up for a long time in traffic jam. I did not want to leave and very much hoped that we will be late for the train …

Ya was by the car window, to me it was very sad, I cried and asked everything: “Mother, tell, we will arrive to Warsaw? Well, promise me, please …“