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caught itself Recently that I and cannot live day now, without having visited a website page 7ya! It is my favourite website, my small weakness now. Everything began, perhaps, since my birth, I hope, only the first child - my baby. Questions appeared, as they say “a cart and the small cart“, I long tormented the searcher, wandering and collecting information. As now I remember, the question rose about registration in kindergarten, and I, of course, tried to find responses, recommendations about this occasion, and here - about a miracle! - I came across on 7yu. What there was an amazement to see not only opinions, but also such full rating of kindergartens across all Moscow and not only! My pleasure was not a side-altar when among other things I saw so much interesting that I could not come off. Ah, if I know about its existence earlier! It is so convenient - to come and find all at once: both the rating of child care facilities, and cosmetics rating, and schools, and competitions, and questions on answers (by the way as it appeared, mummies are visited in most cases by the same questions), and a lot of things is many other things... Yes you also already know.


Ya I do not imagine

any more how earlier I managed without 7i, here judge. I think, you agree with all pluses that I will list now.

  1. it is a lot of very useful information from the top officials Here!
  2. in case of questions besides can communicate to these top officials!
  3. the lot of information on breastfeeding - author`s articles from personal experience, from magazines, councils of professionals etc. that is important for young and inexperienced mothers.
  4. Ratings with responses of people which not once came as on many websites, wrote and left, and real with which it is possible even to argue.
  5. Here even news are - it was interesting to learn here recently about “a noise marking on roads“!
  6. One more plus, huge personally for me, is an unostentatious advertizing. Or it from - for the fact that around and there is a lot of all interesting and advertizing somehow looks adequately. Or there are no mad pop-up windows when that to close them it is necessary to look for a cross and at the same time strongly to be irritated, or the fact that there are direct references on the websites of that of what is advertized that too is very convenient...
  7. And in general plus - here it is a lot of - much everything, and every day I open for myself something new!
  8. Well and of course, the most important - here is favourite competitions and even real prizes! It turns out, it seems and you do not do nothing! I am very happy!

That the website personally

gave me
  1. Information, first of all.
  2. Personal experience of forumites, and it is invaluable.
  3. Gifts.
  4. the incentive, passion Woke up with participation in competitions, it is possible to tell work - if well you prove in a competition, so you will be encouraged still, even to receive cream as a gift - already advantage for a family!
  5. Ya I train to write, express the thoughts - unless badly? It is possible to stay at home for a long time and to grow dull, and here directly exercises, homework, so to speak!
  6. began to read
  7. Ya more! In - the first, a convenient rating of books, it is also possible to choose good and at once it is visible about what! In - the second, it is besides interesting to participate in a competition of responses - here and it is necessary to read - not to lag behind that not that to win and that it was a shame not...
  8. Rest - being on 7ya, I, first of all, have a rest.
Here perhaps all main moments I listed

! Ah forgot - via the website I got acquainted with mummy who lives... in my house!

What I would like to see still here?

Long thought, to write not to write about it... Eh, here goes, perhaps, I will write. Only I will make a reservation at once: can that was not found by me, did not see, and it will be included into this list... Do not abuse me.

That to tire nobody with long reasonings and demagogy, I will make the same list with points, as in the previous chapter.

  1. Weather (it is desirable, but not essentially).
  2. for
  3. Polls, it is possible without directly responses, about baby food, diapers: it is interesting to open and at once to see what firm is given preference.
  4. Ratings of medical institutions. I understand that it will be direct free advertizing, but then at least let the public medical institutions. And comments on experts.
  5. Competitions of young authors - can be
  6. , writes who fairy tales, rhymes children`s, it would be exciting to be as a prize published in some magazine.
  7. the Heading “I Will Give, I Will Sell Unnecessary Things“ which are not necessary any more, but in a good shape - I think, many with pleasure would buy carriages, manezhik, etc. at lower price.

Well, that`s all, I hope, nobody will abuse me and to throw tomatoes... Perhaps something from these points is already, and I did not notice?! I directly began to doubt already...

yours faithfully to the favourite website 7ya.