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Care of “C-section babies“ of

the Kids which were born by operation of Cesarean section need additional attention and even more attentive leaving. And you can take care of the baby till its birth. Discuss with the doctor what anesthesia will be during operation. There is an alternative option having less than negative consequences both for mother, and for the child - epiduralny, or spinal, anesthesia. This anesthesia of a lower body which is carried out by introduction of drugs to the vertebral channel.

Advantage that the woman in labor is in consciousness all the time and after such anesthesia the woman quickly recovers. The child at the same time receives much less drugs, and mother is given the kid for feeding at once that helps both reduction of a uterus, and establishing breastfeeding, besides, it is useful for a psychological state of mother and, of course, for the kid.

according to psychologists, children who right after childbirth did not feel maternal heat and protection in most cases have intense relations with parents, installation on “a love gain“ is put. Further installation turns into love of power. The person wants to subordinate to himself the world, “who so badly met him“. At the same time, whatever results of people achieved, it is always not satisfied with own achievements.

If Cesarean section is made by

at epiduralny anesthesia, the woman in labor can watch process of childbirth and put the child to a breast right after operation, then this time in many respects reduces a negative spirit of the newborn.

If from the very beginning to adjust itself on breastfeeding, then it will be possible to avoid very many problems. Experts claim, as emotional, both psychological development, and problems with zheludochno - intestinal frustration and infantile neurology at babies proceed much more smoothly, than at bottle-fed babies. Emergence of milk is helped even by simple supervision over the child, care of it. Therefore it is necessary to use time to an extract home for the most complete recovery. At home the child needs full-fledged mother.

What features of care of “C-section babies“?

Many psychological difficulties of “C-section babies“ can be overcome or at least partially to correct.

at the same time it is very important to li not to allow to the child to manipulate itself and the love. Ordering adults, the kid ceases to feel in them a support. And who not a support, that and not protection. From it fears to which “C-section baby“ is already very subject only increase.

Summing up of

the results, I want to remind that in case of need Cesarean section - rescue for mother and the child once again. If there are no indications, remember that it is more preferable natural childbirth, do not force the kid to pay for your minute weakness.