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Only lying! What is a bed rest of

Unfortunately, not each future mother can lead all pregnancy active lifestyle. Sometimes the pregnant woman should limit physical activity, up to observance of a bed rest which duration and “severity“ define the complications which led to its appointment.

Rumours and reality

At insignificant deviations in a state of health of mother or a fruit stay of the house is possible

, and in cases of more expressed violations the pregnant woman is hospitalized in a hospital.

It is frequent, remembering the pregnancy, women who had any complications in her current, tell how the doctor appointed by it a high bed rest from - for these or those problems (threat of interruption of pregnancy, prelying of a placenta, etc.) and as they had to carry out nearly all pregnancy to beds, rising only on the most necessary needs.

In the head “terrible“ pictures as the woman all pregnancy are born

at once carries out confined to the bed. Actually, if it is authorized to future mother to sit down at least in beds, then the bed rest is considered not strict, but expanded. Situations when the pregnant woman is forced to observe a bed rest a long time, not so much, and if it is appointed, then, as a rule, to several hours (for example, after operations) or days (pregnancy interruption threat, bloody allocations from a genital tract at an otsloyka of a placenta and other states). In most cases it is about more frequent rest and periodic rest in horizontal position during the day. Therefore it makes sense to tell what and in what cases is possible restriction of movements of the pregnant woman.

options Are possible


the Limited mode of activity can be very variable. It can be:

it is visible to

From this classification how various can be restriction of physical activity during pregnancy. Most often, if future mother has complications demanding restriction of the mode of activity appoint the ward and free mode.

the High bed rest is appointed quite seldom, usually to seriously ill patients or patients right after operation (within several hours) as the long bed rest, in turn, is fraught with complications in a state of health. The lack of muscular activity, a so-called gipokineziya, is harmful as to the healthy person, and ill. The atrophy of muscles, a contracture (obezdvizhennost) of joints, loss by calcium bones can be consequences of a long bed rest that leads to osteoporosis and, as a result, to changes. As a result these and other consequences of long stay in a bed will demand additional treatment.

Only according to indications!

of the Reasons, leading to restriction of physical activity and bigger, than usually, to stay of the pregnant woman in a bed, there is a lot of. They can be svyazanys complications during the pregnancy or with the general diseases which arose during pregnancy.

Of course, not in all cases the pregnant woman has to be constantly in a bed - in some situations enough several times a day to have a rest in a prone position and to reduce physical activity. At the same time situation in a bed too, as a rule, has to be “medical“.

pregnancy interruption Threat. In this case the bed rest allows to avoid mechanical impact on a fruit. The matter is that at the movement (whether it be usual homework, walking and furthermore run) muscles of a forward belly wall strain, constantly changes intra belly pressure that promotes increase of a tone of muscles of a uterus. It, in turn, can lead to an otsloyka of fetal egg from the uterus walls (which is shown bloody allocations from a genital tract and skhvatkoobrazny pains in the bottom of a stomach) and to a spontaneous abortion on small terms of pregnancy, and on big terms - by the premature beginning of patrimonial activity. When future mother lies in a bed, muscles of a forward belly wall are relaxed that promotes a relaxation of muscles of a uterus, and fetal egg is not affected by the vibration taking place when performing any work.

Predlezhany placentae. the Bed rest protects from bleeding and when prelying a placenta. At this state the placenta blocks an exit from a uterus partially or completely, it is not densely attached to a uterus wall, and lies over an internal opening of the channel of a neck of a uterus. The lower department of a uterus at the end of the second and third trimester is exposed to more expressed changes (stretching and reduction) in comparison with top, it participates in formation of a so-called lower segment. As the placenta does not possess ability to reduction, there is a shift relatively each other of two surfaces - the lower department of the uterus and a placenta attached in this place. As a result the blood vessels connecting them break and there is bleeding. Even at small physical activity the placenta can exfoliate from uterus walls (the more pregnancy term, the is higher danger of an otsloyka of a placenta) and there will be bleeding which can lead to deterioration in a condition of mother and kid.

Premature otsloyka of a placenta. Also bed rest is appointed at a premature otsloyka of normally located placenta if the otsloyka occurred on a small site and pregnancy it is possible to keep. At this complication of pregnancy for a variety of reasons (gestoza, it is warm - vascular diseases, diabetes, uterus restretching at a mnogovodiya, etc.) also there is a rupture of vessels between a placenta and a wall of a uterus and there is bleeding. Blood can accumulate between a wall of a uterus and a placenta or to stream outside through a genital tract. Any physical activity in this case can raise a tone of muscles of a uterus, and it, being reduced, will promote a bigger otsloyka of a placenta.

Toxicoses of pregnant women. the motive mode has Considerable value at toxicoses of pregnant women - the complications of pregnancy which are shown in the first half of pregnancy and characterized by dispeptichesky frustration (nausea, vomiting, a salivation) and violations of all types of a metabolism. At toxicosis of easy extent of special restrictions in the mode it is not required, and toxicoses of average and heavy severity treat, as a rule, in a hospital, limiting activity of the woman, creating a quiet psychological and physical situation.

Gestoz. This complication of the second half of pregnancy at which work of many systems and bodies of the woman is broken because in them narrow vessels, blood circulation and vodno - a salt exchange is broken. At the same time both mother, and a fruit suffers. Complication is shown by increase of arterial pressure at the pregnant woman, emergence of hypostases and protein in urine. Besides, gestoz can lead to violation matochno - placentary blood circulation (fetoplatsentarny insufficiency) therefore the fruit will be worse supplied with oxygen and nutrients. And it can lead to a delay in its development. It is considered that at stay in horizontal position when to the woman it is comfortable, blood circulation in kidneys improves, there is a lowering of arterial pressure, hypostases decrease. Blood supply of a uterus improves and, respectively, matochno - placentary blood circulation so, the fruit will receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Dribble of amniotic waters. Bed the mode is appointed at such complication of pregnancy as dribble of amniotic waters. At a rupture of fetal covers infection of a cavity of a uterus and its contents, t is possible. e fruit covers and fruit. However at an izlitiya of a small amount of amniotic waters, in the absence of violations in a condition of a fruit and Matyora pregnancy is tried to be kept before achievement by a fruit of a viable state. If at the same time the woman gets up though for a while, there is a probability that waters under own pressure will begin to pour out from an opening which will become more. And at loss of a large amount of amniotic waters it is impossible to keep pregnancy. Therefore at dribble of amniotic waters the woman has to observe a bed rest strictly: food, hygienic procedures, excrements - all in a bed. At the same time it is necessary to change daily bed and underwear for decrease in probability of infection of a fruit. In this case treatment is carried out in the conditions of a hospital for a possibility of a constant control of a condition of mother and a fruit and carrying out preventive actions for the prevention of infectious and other complications.

of Simfiziopatiya. Other complication of pregnancy which can demand purpose of a bed rest is a simfiziopatiya - an excessive softening of a lonny joint. During pregnancy there is a moderate softening, a loosening of fabrics of joints of a basin and sprain owing to changes in a metabolism, work of endocrine glands, the strengthened krovenapolneniye. Width of an articulate lonny crack increases to 5 - 6 mm that proceeds without any manifestations and belongs to physiological changes during pregnancy. But sometimes for a variety of reasons stretching myshechno - the copular device of a lonny joint progresses (simfizit), there is a divergence of lonny bones. This complication is shown by the pains in the field of a bosom and legs amplifying at the movement, gait change (so-called “duck gait“ appears). In a complex of treatment of a simfizit one of indispensable conditions - a bed rest within several weeks.

the Bed rest is usually recommended to observe before disappearance of all symptoms of complication or considerable improvement of a state. For example, in the presence of bloody allocations disappearance of allocations, at dribble of amniotic waters - laying, dry within several days, at a gestoza - normalization of arterial pressure, laboratory indicators etc.

However appointment of a bed rest as the doctor, especially strict and expanded will be criterion for expansion of physical activity, does not mean that the woman should not even move in a bed. Long immobilization leads to decrease in functions warmly - vascular system, muscular weakness, to discomfort and a stressful state. Besides, it can lead to a considerable increase of weight as at mother, so, in certain cases, and at the kid; the fruit birth with a big weight will be result.

How it is correct to p to lie?

In the first trimester of pregnancy (till 1 - 2 weeks) when the uterus does not leave from yet - for lonny joints and its sizes are small, it is possible to afford any situation in a bed. Then, approximately till 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to lie on a back or on one side. And when the sizes of a uterus are already impressive, situation on one side is preferable. It is not recommended to lie on a back as in this case the uterus squeezes the lower hollow vein, limiting inflow of blood to heart. The blood-groove in kidneys, a uterus and a placenta, blood supply of a fruit is as a result broken, arterial pressure can decrease, develop dizziness and even to come loss of consciousness.

it is better for p to Lie on the left side (but, of course, it is not exclusive on left, and alternating to situation on right) as in this case to a uterus flows more blood and consequently, the child receives more oxygen and nutrients.

Medical situation on one side can be also in case of the wrong provision of a fruit. So, to those pregnant women at whom the fruit is in cross situation to change the provision of a fruit, advise to lie on that side where there is a fruit head. At pelvic prelying of a fruit 3 - 4 times in 10 minutes 3 times a day recommend to turn with a side sideways,

Pregnant women to whom the bed rest is for one reason or another appointed, surely have to carry out the safe, developed especially for them physical exercises and to increase physical activity as soon as the attending physician allows it to make. It will help them to be better ready to before - and to postnatal physical activities. As we know, childbirth is a hard physical activity, and the woman is more active during pregnancy, the it will be easier for it to cope with it.