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01. 07. 2001.

rain expected to fall at Night and it was fresh. In the evening, walking on vicinities, we found in 300 m from a camping the museum of the nature. Decided to descend in the morning by all means there. Hours in 11 we already in it. The cost of tickets for four 150 - 200 nok (I definitely do not remember). If you know English, then you can obtain information interesting you by means of the computer. On the basis of the touch principle the screens placed in different places will tell you about an origin of glaciers or about duration of geological eras, the talking head of the person of that time will tell of itself and will answer various questions. But the most memorable impression was rendered on us by the movie which is shown each 30 min. about the Norwegian nature! Fantastic shootings from the helicopter make impression that you sit in it and make dizzy pirouettes and flights over falls, tops of mountains and glaciers. I recommend!

Having left the museum saw the index on some falls. Decided to jump on it. As then it appeared, the road to its top passed on the road, razmyagshy after a rain, winding along the rock. Sites on which two cars cannot part met. As ill luck would have it on one of turns by 180 degrees to us the German on bobil - giving on the basis of the car met. Hardly parted! Having climbed up upward, we laughed at our term “drop in“. The road took 2,5 hours there and back, and going down, we decided to move towards persistent requests of the kids who were tired to sit in the car - to be run ahead of the car. On one of sites Igoreshka running forward, and looking back, jumped on the roadside, slipped and nearly broke in an abyss (the road is fenced with nothing). It was the most unpleasant moment for all the time of travel.

Soon we reached of Brimnes . From there on the ferry in Bruravik . The cost of the ticket consists of the car with the driver, adult passengers and children. In our case it made 76 nok. Right after a crossing - the tunnel 7,5 km long!!! Originally I planned to move on 7 - oh to the road in the direction of Bergen, but on the previous parking to me recommended to go to Voss, allegedly there is an excellent camping. Therefore I changed a route and set in the direction of Voss on 13 - y to the road. In Voss the camping was not pleasant to us, the big pool with a tower was its only advantage, but the camping leaves much to be desired in addition on the bank of the lake where the camping settled down, strong wind raged. We made the decision to pass further on 13 - y in the direction of Framnes as on the card, at least, three campings have to settle down there, and in the direction of Bergen - any. The first was not really attractive, but following settled down directly at the bottom of the Tvindefossen falls . It and is called - Tvinde Camping og Hytter. The decision is made unanimously - we stop here! The lodge on 4 beds costs 300 nok, apartments - 390 nok. Removed a lodge. Exactly here I met fellow countrymen - the whole bus of tourists from Latvia. You will not believe, but for all the time of travel across Norway (and across Sweden too) I did not meet any car with the Latvian or Russian numbers. This meeting was only. Having talked to the senior of group, I introduced small amendments in a movement route what I very much am grateful to it for. In the evening we with children rose by falls top - on foot, without hurrying, minutes 30 - 40 walkings.

Run in a day - 91 km.

02. 07. 2001.

Today in plans to stop by in Bergen. There was a wish to look at this port town, to take a walk in its central part, to visit the well-known fish market, to come into the museum of the old city. We move on E16. On an entrance to the city paid journey, seems to 10 nok. By the way, do not try to get rid of metal coins of 5 and 10 NOK. In many places they very much will be useful to you. Passed two long tunnels and we on the place. Unfortunately, on the eve of me somewhere blew (can on the ferry because strong wind blew), and the spirit on long walks on the ancient city was not. A minimum we executed the program and left the city planned slightly earlier. Decided to come back to Voss on other road not to repeat. We go on 7 - oh in the direction of Granvin . On the road passed two cozy towns located on the bank of one of fjords - of Norheimsund and of Oystese . Beautiful places! Soon behind the last the parking under the name Rasteplass. Very picturesque place with several little tables. There is a place for a fire, and also the covered canopy on a bad weather case. Information for fans of fishing: have the right to catch fish in the Norwegian reservoirs only those who acquired the license. License cost for days (if does not change me memory) - 30 nok, and for all season - 300 nok. In an interval still there were prices of weekend and, apparently, for a month. Where it is got I do not know as it did not interest me, I remember only that it was possible to get it in Mageli camping that under Lillehammer. And so, on this parking at me Dutches caught on a spinner of some big fishes. Having had dinner, went further. Having reached to Granvin curtailed on the acquaintance already 13 again - uyu the road. Passed Voss and set in the direction on Vangsnes . Soon behind our yesterday`s haven the index of Taulen Camping appeared. Time - 20. 00. Children were tired and ask to stop. We spend the night here. We put tent. This pleasure costs us 90 nok.

Run in a day - 310 km.

03. 07. 2001.

Left, as usual, in 11. 00. We move towards Vangsnes. From there the ferry to Hella . The crossing cost 88 nok. Further on 55 - y on Sogndal . Then we turn on 5 - uyu towards Byrkjelo . Passed two tunnels in a row on 7 km everyone! Journey paid - 145 nok. In Byrkjelo we relaxed and slipped turn on 60 - uyu which conducts to the well-known glacier of Briksdalsbreen. Passed excess kilometers 25 did not recover yet. The powerful Eidsfossen falls which got to us on the way were a consolation. Having returned back went on 60 - y to Olden . Weather - a rain, the sun. On an entrance to the town the road is narrowed and in places turns in one-band with serial driving through it. It was necessary to hide in special pockets, passing counter transport. In Olden turn to the right on a glacier. Through 13 km on the bank of the mountain lake Olden Gytri camping is located. The place - super!!! I even before departure to myself noted this camping, by the way, exactly there I sent a request for booking of the place on an e-mail. In this place the first camping for persons interested to rise to a glacier therefore it is the most beautiful was organized. For children an excellent playground - a trampoline, the pool, the volleyball and badmintonny court, UFOs and a big tractor with the trailer which was very much remembered to my son. Vacationers in this camping have the right free of charge to use boats for walks on the mountain lake. From a lodge window (their of everything three) other glacier is visible. Three-storied lawns for installation of tents are accurately cut, everywhere florets - owners are very kind and in everything their careful hand is felt. I recommend!

One lodge from three (biggest) turned out

free, and we with pleasure in it settled down, having paid for it 300 nok. On pleasures I managed to leave the wallet at owners!!! I hear only behind cheerful laughter and some shouts. I turn around, the hostess runs afterwards and, smiling, questions - present? Time - 18. 00.

Run in a day - 294 km.

04. 07. 2001.

Hurrah!!! Since morning magnificent weather - cloudlets! In 11. 30 we leave on a glacier. In 10 minutes we on the parking - 40 nok. The road to a glacier represents the twisting track which is fairly flavored with horse manure as paid service - rise to a glacier on the horse vehicle is below provided. The most memorable was transition through the rough mountain small river - on the bridge you are plentifully drenched with splashes of the water falling in this place. During a heat it very much even by the way. On the sun the huge rainbow which is visible even on a picture sparkles. The people go a never-ending stream, still there - the biggest glacier in Europe. On the road you have an opportunity for 10 nok to consider a glacier and mountains adjoining to it through a telescope. The truth time is limited for 3 minutes. At desire it is possible to walk also on the glacier together with the guide - the climber. The necessary equipment is available on the place. How much is I did not learn this pleasure. Show of course tremendous. I recommend!


It is expensive there and back, and also rest and photography on a glacier took us 3 hours. From there we went on 60 - y to Hellesylt that on the ferry to float along the twenty-kilometer fjord of GEIRANGERFJORDEN. Departure of 4 or 5 times a day, but we got on the ferry practically without delay - in 16. 00. Very picturesque places open on the way of its following. In 45 minutes we floated by several falls, one of them - well-known “seven sisters“. Travel on water cost us 175 nok. I recommend!

Having moved down from the ferry in Geiranger , turn to the right on the panoramic Dalsnibba platform. For half an hour you will appear at the height of 1500 m above sea level! Entrance on the platform paid - 50 nok. Having passed on the abrupt serpentine you will appear in skies, without believing that you some were below in hardly noticeable point under the name Geiranger half an hour ago. During these sharp rises and descents at me often stuffed up ears therefore rescued a reliable tool long ago - lollipops. Coming back, we stopped for the night in Geirangere - in Vinje Camping camping. Very beautiful town directly at falls! Time - 20. 30. Put tent, having paid 100 nok. In a camping there is a place for a fire and is quite cozy. In the town the department store works to 23. 00 that is very rare for Norway (shops are closed in 17 there. 00) Noise of the falling water very soothingly worked on us, and we fell asleep, having hardly concerned pillows.

Run in a day - 148 km.

05. 07. 2001.

Today in plans to glance on “a track of trolls“ (Trollstigveien). We go on 63 - it to Eidsdal , then the ferry to Linge . A crossing - 76 nok. Kilometers through the 40th panoramic town, but, unfortunately, there was a low overcast and except milk nothing was visible. The same and we go to Trollstigveien therefore long there we are not late further. Soon turn to the right on Dombas . We drive in the well-known Romsdalen! It is very beautiful in the beginning, but soon the road is leveled and we begin the long flat descent to the valley. It, of course - is beautiful, but after highlands already it seems something second-grade (about ourselves we laugh that became too choosy). In Bjorli I refuel gasoline which in Norway is even more expensive, than in Sweden - 9,7 - 9,8 NOK/l (1,1$/l), and its price increases, than farther from Sweden. We cannot long find a decent camping, and only through 100 km, for Dombas we stop in nice Ulekleiv Camping. The excellent lodge costs only 200 nok. Time - 18. 00.

Run in a day - 194 km.

06. 07. 2001.

Slept off and moved in the direction to Lillehammer. Campings went one by one. The small river along which we went extended quite decently, and we drove in Gudbrandsdalen. Mountains any more not such abrupt - all overgrown with the wood, but it is all the same beautiful. There is a thirty-degree heat! Children began to complain that all of us go and we go and we do not stand longer than one night anywhere. However, at us in graphics the two-day parking therefore decided to find the beautiful place and couple of days was planned to have a rest. Before departure to Networks found two campings near Lillehammer (Lillehammer camping as and Hunderfossen camping), there and decided to go. On the road slipped a big camping in the beautiful place. Were without hesitation developed and solved to come around to look better. The name - Mageli Camping (4 asterisks). To us it attracted, in particular to children because the playground was equipped with various hills, a swing, a trampoline, and, above all - there in shelters rabbits, nanny-goats and a goose whom they with pleasure fed ran. Too there were many children and we did not see the offsprings the whole day. They managed to speak fingers with local children. It is possible to hire a canoe (45 NOK/hour) or the water bicycle (50 NOK/hour). The swimming bath is equipped. Decided to stop here, and as then it appeared, correctly made! Pitched tent and two days of rest cost us 260 nok. The prices of lodges - from 275 to 760 nok per day.

Run in a day - 125 km.