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By train on the Russian open spaces of

the Trip to the vacation spot is a part of the rest, and time spent on the railroad has to go without problems. What needs to be known that the beginning of holiday was successful?

Travel with the child

Planning travel with the child and acquiring tickets in cash desk, do not forget that the travel document for the child till 14 years is issued on presentation of the birth certificate. Pay attention: the age of the child is defined on the date of the beginning of a trip.

If to the little passenger was not five years old yet, he has the right to be passed free of charge. However the certain place will not be provided to the child, and it should go on one shelf with you. And, pay attention that “free of charge“ does not mean “without ticket“: the children`s ticket is made out when obtaining tickets in cash desk of the Russian Railway. If with you not one child goes, you should acquire the children`s ticket which cost makes about 35% of cost of the ticket for the adult. Also it is necessary to arrive if decide that it is better for kid to go on the certain shelf.

For the child aged from 5 till 10 years needs to acquire the children`s ticket with granting the certain place.

Travel with animals

Hardly your Murka or the Jolly-boat so dreamed to sweep in a compartment of the train. But so far as you decided to take the favourite with yourself, you should know some rules concerning transportation of animals by rail. Otherwise the trip will not give the expected pleasure to either you, or Murke.

each animal has to be examined by

Irrespective of a way of transportation at the doctor - the veterinarian, and at you has to be at itself the corresponding reference. Pay attention that it is about pets. Transportation of wild animals requires special permission. We warn just in case, suddenly instead of a cat you decide to take with yourself a bear.

of Mice, hamsters and other rodents in trains them cannot be taken. In general. In case of detection of illegally transported hamster you can be fined.

“Small pets and birds“. Under this classification cats, small doggies, canaries, parrots and to that similar living creatures get. It is necessary to transport them in the container or as hand luggage, or in a luggage compartment. You can take the pet with yourself in the car over the established norm of transportation of hand luggage provided that the container - carrying finds room on the places intended for transportation of hand luggage.

If animal weight together with the container does not exceed 20 kg, its transportation in trains of distant or local following is paid as transportation of 20 kg of baggage. If weight exceeds 20 kg - the actual weight is paid.

If the container with that - a terrier you can keep

in a trip about yourself, then dogs of large breeds are transported in muzzles and with a lead in the non-working platform of the car, the first behind the locomotive, in number of no more than two, and it is obligatory - under supervision of owners or attendants.

the Dog can go to a compartment together with you (except luxury cars and cars of the increased comfort), but for this purpose you should redeem all compartment. But, having redeemed all seats in a compartment, you will not have to pay in addition for transportation of a dog!

the Exception are made by seeing eye dogs: blind passengers take such dogs free of charge in cars of all categories.

the Electronic ticket is what?

It the same, as usual ticket, only much more conveniently. The main advantage of the electronic ticket consists that you need to go to the station only once to get on the train. You can buy the ticket at any time, having spent for it only several minutes.

How to acquire the electronic ticket? You visit the website of the Russian Railway or any other website which is carrying out sale of electronic tickets. A difference between them same, as between ticket offices of stations and agencies: you receive more convenient product as on these websites it is possible to pay for the electronic ticket not only by means of the cash card, but also electronic money via terminals, in salons of communication for an additional fee, or having just written off the necessary sum from balance of your mobile phone.

can Issue the electronic ticket not earlier than 45 days and no later than 1 hour before departure of the train.

Process of registration of the ticket is simple

. At first you enter the point of departure, the destination and date of a trip. After inquiry in a booking system of the monitor the list of trains is displayed. You choose the train necessary to you, the car and the place. Here, as well as upon purchase of the ticket in cash desk, you can also refuse the place at a toilet or order several places nearby with each other.

Then you enter the passport data and you start a final stage - payment. It is possible to pay for the ticket or the cash card on the website of the Russian Railway, or any other convenient way on the websites of agencies.

After payment you receive an order code. You will be able to exchange this code for the paper ticket in any cash desk of the Russian Railway in the territory of Russia or in a booth of issue of electronic tickets. It is also possible to print out the ticket independently in terminals of self-service (TTS) at railway stations.

How to return the ticket? The cost of the ticket includes cost actually of the ticket and reserved seat cost. Except these main components of cost there is still a payment for an insurance and commission collecting.


On the ticket, in the first line in the column “Price“, specified the cost of the ticket and cost of a reserved seat.

According to rules of return, for the ticket returned not later than 8 hours before departure of the train the cost of the ticket and a reserved seat in full comes back.

Having returned to

the ticket in a period from 2 to 8 hours before departure, you receive an overall cost of the ticket and 50% of cost of a reserved seat. If until departure there are less than 2 hours, to you will return only ticket cost, reserved seat cost in this case does not come back. If you were late for the train, you will be able to receive back the sum equal to ticket cost (without reserved seat cost) within 3 hours from the moment of departure of the train.

the commission collecting Raised at sale does not come back, moreover, for operation of return of the travel document additional collecting is raised.

of Udachnaya Road and excellent rest!