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“Beauty pricks“. A mesotherapy in cosmetology of

the List of esthetic problems which future mothers face is quite impressive: cellulitis, fatty deposits, extensions... To much it is clear that on cosmetics of hope it is not enough: problems are too serious. And here the advertizing of a mesotherapy promising real miracles catches sight. This procedure is how effective and safe?

What is a mesotherapy?

the Mesotherapy in modern cosmetology is a correction of esthetic problems of skin (epidermis, terms, hypodermic fatty cellulose) method of injection introduction in a term or hypodermic cellulose of these or those active agents. Though the mesotherapy gained special popularity not so long ago, the method this not new and in medicine is applied more than 50 years.

the Founder of a method of a mesotherapy is the French doctor Michel Pistor who in 1950 - x years on the basis of the supervision suggested to treat various diseases of the drugs entered into the center of skin is close to a problem site and in very small doses. As a rule, the mesotherapy was applied to anesthesia, entering local anesthetics in the field of articulate pains, neuralgia etc. Now within a mesotherapy in medicine exists many different methods of influence which resulted from merge of a mesotherapy to other field of alternative and traditional medicine. For example, often injections do in acupuncture points, i.e. the active points which are used in the Chinese medicine for treatment by acupuncture. The mesotherapy is also quite often combined with reflexotherapy - method of treatment at which the irritation of certain nervous terminations is used for stimulation of the areas of vegetative nervous system regulating activity of these or those internals.

is Considered that at introduction in a term or hypodermic cellulose of very low doses of times? personal substances they do not extend on all organism, and form “depot“ from which gradually reach surrounding sites of fabric. For injections in an esthetic mesotherapy use not only drugs, but also means of alternative medicine (for example, homeopathic remedies, phytopreparations) which can represent difficult cocktails from biologically active agents.

besides, often rank a method, similar to it, as a mesotherapy injektsion - a leg of a lipoliz (“fat dissolution“) which includes multiple injections of a special preparation on the basis of a fosfatidilkholin (the phospholipid which is a part of cellular membranes) in fatty tissue. However many foreign authors consider that as this method historically arose irrespective of a mesotherapy and its principles differ a little, it is not necessary to mix them. A little independently there is also an ozonoterapiya - introduction to skin of small amounts of ozone for the purpose of stimulation of a metabolism. In Russia both of these methods carry to a mesotherapy.

the Mesotherapy from biological positions

the idea In itself to enter active is prophetic

? stvo small doses in skin instead of applying them on almost impenetrable horn layer of skin or to accept inside, subjecting them to influence all organism at once, it seems reasonable. And still many people instinctively are afraid of a mesotherapy. These fears have a strong reason. Also put here not only in pain. It is necessary to realize that preparations which contain in the mesotherapist`s syringe get into skin bypassing a natural barrier which the horn layer is, and appear in a thermal layer where there are no barriers any more. Though from - for what shit represents a close texture of elastic and elastic fibers between which there are gel, easily absorbing moisture substances, the drug injected in a small dose usually does not extend far (present the water drop which fell to pampers), but from - for lack of the real barriers it is impossible to exclude that the preparation everything is will extend further, than follows.

Feature of a mesotherapy is that not only properties of the injected drugs, but also the impact made by pricks per se are used. The matter is that any prick, even superficial, causes certain physiological reactions. There is an activation of immune cages and the nervous terminations, the substances causing hypostasis, an inflammation or stimulating cell fission begin to be produced. These changes can be as on advantage, and to the detriment. For example, at successful combination of circumstances such minimum damage can cause activation of a metabolism, increase of elasticity of skin as a result of strengthening of synthesis of collagen and the general acceleration of processes of updating in skin. It will lead to the fact that skin will look younger and will become more elastic. However the same protective reactions can pour out in an inflammation, lead to emergence of pigmentary spots or scars.

I at last, any injury of skin opens gate for microorganisms. And it is necessary to take into account not only microorganisms living on a skin surface but also those that live in skin depth, for example in sebaceous glands of which it is possible to get rid by preparation of skin for procedure not always.

of the Problem of a mesotherapy

the Mesotherapy try to solve a wide number of esthetic problems, for example an acne, cellulitis, wrinkles, extensions, pigmentary spots now. In many cases the principles of influence approximately the same that when using cosmetics and drugs, with only that difference that active ingredients stick in skin instead of applying on it or to swallow in tablets.

For example, at an acne are offered by injections of the antibacterial, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory and reducing secretion of skin fat substances, and for elimination of residual traces from eels (spots, hems) do injections of the substances stimulating blood circulation and reducing pigmentation.

For fight against cellulitis and fatty deposits the substances strengthening splitting of fat in fatty cages (caffeine, an aminoeagle owl, teofilin, etc.) exist stimulating blood circulation in fatty tissue (vitamins, gingko, yokhimbin), the liquids improving outflow from the fabrics splitting fibrous covers (collagenase).


For stimulation of updating of skin often use the substances which are a part of “an elastic mattress“ of skin - its terms. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid concern to them. Also vitamins, amino acids, organic acids (for example, the glycoleft acid for a mesopeeling - procedure after which, unlike a usual peeling, there is no peeling of the top layers of skin, but wrinkles are removed, properties of skin improve), DNA and RNA and many other substances are applied.

On the one hand, application of a mesotherapy in all these cases is more justified, than usual cosmetics as it is possible not to doubt that all active agents will not remain on skin, and will reach “target“. To work, the preparation against extensions has to reach at least terms as exactly there are damaged collagenic fibers, and anti-cellulite - hypodermic fatty cellulose in which fatty cages lie, that is to pass through a horn layer, epidermis and to a term. It is obvious that the needle copes with this task without difficulties. However the problem is that though the companies which are letting out preparations for a mesotherapy surely conduct own researches, but the serious independent scientific researches confirming (or disproving) possibilities of a mesotherapy in the solution of esthetic problems, today is practically not present.

As it is done

the Mesotherapy only the doctor, in a sterile procedural office and only after detailed studying of medical history of the patient - chronic diseases (for example, at the raised bleeding, or oncological diseases the mesotherapy is contraindicated to tendency to formation of kelloidny hems), tendency to an allergy has to see off.

Pricks are made by

or the syringe (insulin - of 1 ml or usual - of 2 - 10 ml), or the mesotherapeutic gun (in this case depth of penetration of a needle can be controlled precisely) on depth to 4 - 6 mm.

different technicians of introduction of mesopreparations Exist: the multiple frequent microinjections made on depth to 1,5 mm; mezopunktura or single injection small dose (0,01 - 0,02 ml); the mezoinfiltration applied to treatment terms at hems, extensions, age changes; mesoperfusion, or slow injection. Treatment is carried out by courses depending on a problem. For example, at cellulitis about 10 sessions with an interval in 7 - 10 days can be necessary.

Usually procedure is well transferred by

, but it seems to some people (about 10%) painful. In some cases there can be an itch, a burning sensation, hypodermic hemorrhages, consolidations, redness. In the first two days to the patient other drugs lowering coagulability of blood forbid to take aspirin also, and within a day it is impossible to pound and comb skin, and also to use cosmetics. It is at first better not to sunbathe from - for dangers of emergence of pigmentary spots.

Magic transformation

As a rule, at once after procedure of a mesotherapy skin changes - becomes smooth and elastic. After a mesotherapy on a back surface of hips there is also obvious improvement of a picture of cellulitis: skin becomes more equal, with less noticeable “orange-peel“. However all these changes making such impression on clients are explained simply - naprosto by the hypostasis of fabrics which arose after pricks. In many cases, nevertheless, after recession of initial hypostasis in skin there are further changes and it really begins to look younger and elastic. But also in this case changes are not necessarily caused by those ingredients which contain in preparations. As it was already noticed above, at least, partly these effects are explained by the fact that the needles entered into skin cause protective reaction which leads to increase of synthesis of collagen, stimulation of blood circulation and immunity, acceleration of cell renewal. Other results of procedure will be already defined by what drugs were injected. For example, successful introduction of an anti-inflammatory preparation to area of the inflamed eel will be, undoubtedly, more effectively, than drawing the same means on skin. Other example - introduction of the bleaching preparation precisely to the area of a pigmentary spot. Results will also depend on that, the drug is how precisely injected - it has to get to strictly certain area of skin.

“The tar spoon“
In a mesotherapy is also used by

mechanical influence of pricks.


In scientific medical literature described various complications of a mesotherapy. Though they meet seldom, but are rather serious to represent a reason for concern. In particular, after injections the infections which sometimes are followed by extensive necrosis (necrosis) of fabrics or formation of hypodermic abscesses sometimes develop. For example, in 2004 in Brazil the outbreak of the infections caused by not tubercular mikobakteriya was recorded and in 58 cases medical operations, and in 8 cases - a mesotherapy were the cause.

Usually performance of procedure by the people who do not have sufficient qualification and at insufficient observance of conditions of sterility is the reason of infection. There can be also ulcers, abscesses and consolidations. For example, when carrying out a mesotherapy on the head the case of emergence of multiple abscesses which led to emergence of hems and a local hair loss is described. As at any injections, emergence of small hems and pigmentary spots is possible. Therefore many doctors recommend not to do just in case a mesotherapy on a face and hairy part of the head, having limited to procedures on a body. And certainly, it is always necessary to consider a possibility of allergic reaction to any component of a preparation.

the Mesotherapy and pregnancy

At pregnancy a mesotherapy do not carry out

. Though the drugs injected at a mesotherapy have to remain in skin, the possibility of their hit in a blood-groove cannot be excluded, and action of many of them on the developing fruit is not studied yet. Besides, at many women at pregnancy immunity goes down that increases risk of infectious complications. Therefore if you resolved to try to get rid of the esthetic problems connected with pregnancy, a mesotherapy method to you it is necessary to wait for the child`s birth. As all substances are entered vnutrikozhno and in very small doses, the risk of their hit in breast milk is almost equal to zero if only injections do not become directly in breast skin.

From the biological point of view, the fear of pricks is very correct feeling therefore each sane woman has to treat with care everything that tries to get into its organism, passing natural barriers. It is especially important if it is about substances, given about safety and which efficiency or are insufficient, or in general are absent. Therefore before trusting the skin to the person with the syringe in a hand, it is necessary to be convinced at least that before you the doctor, at the doctor clean hands, the syringe is sterile, and of it - medicine necessary for your organism.

the Positive moment at a mesotherapy - an opportunity to solve esthetic problems, entering active agents directly into skin, but superficially and very small doses, creating depot from which they will gradually get into surrounding areas. At the same time active agents get precisely there where they are necessary, without being carried on all organism, as at intake, but also without remaining on a skin surface as it can happen to cosmetic ingredients. And not without reason the mesotherapy as a method of treatment is applied more than 50 years. However it is necessary to realize that efficiency and safety of this, in general, interesting and deserving attention of a method completely are defined by the fact that for preparations are applied, the principles of sterility are how strictly observed, qualification of the expert who is carrying out procedure is how high and also it is how good it on - nimat a problem which it is necessary to solve, as well as the principles of action primenya? emy preparations. At violation of any of these conditions procedure becomes at best useless, and in the worst - risky.

the Mesotherapy and the law

the Laws regulating a mesotherapy differ with

in the different countries. The mesotherapy is officially resolved in Europe. In Russia since 2006 the Mesotherapy in a Dermatokosmetologiya technology is officially resolved. Also there are certain preparations allowed for use in Russia within this technique. Under the law only the dermatovenereologists having length of service in not less than 5 years and who completed special courses on a mesotherapy can carry out a mesotherapy (with certification of the state sample).