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How to choose the Summer schoolbag

comes to an end, and it means for what parents there comes time to bring together children in school. To both the first grader, and the school student is more senior the set of things is required: notebooks, writing-materials, textbooks, sportswear etc. However the most important, difficult and responsible purchase - a schoolbag. Why? Yes because health of the child, its safety, at last, how he will transfer considerable loadings of modern school in many respects depends on quality of a satchel.

Satchel, backpack, portfolio...

According to state standard specification, the school (student`s) satchel is “the leather haberdashery product with shoulder straps intended for carrying of textbooks, shkolno - writing-materials on a back“. The student`s portfolio, by the same state standard specification, has no shoulder straps (straps) and has to be carried in a hand. From - for it orthopedists also do not recommend to buy it to children. Continuous carrying of weights in a hand can lead to scoliosis and other problems with a backbone (for the same reason it is impossible to allow children to carry satchels in a hand or on one strap).

the Difference between a satchel and a backpack - that, at the first the case firm, at the second, on the contrary, soft. The rigid case protects at the same time both the child, and satchel contents. The firm back does not allow contents to press on the child`s back. Besides, thanks to firm walls and a bottom school supplies in a satchel can be placed correctly: heavy objects are closer to a back, lungs - in front, the left and right side are loaded equally. At last, the rigid case will preserve satchel contents in case the child drops it. Or will throw. Or, for example, will decide to sweep on it from a hill.

Backpacks all these advantages do not possess

- teenagers can only buy them, but also in this case it is better to choose models with the condensed back. It should be noted that recently producers even more often put on the market the models representing a peculiar symbiosis of a satchel and backpack. Such course allows to lose the weight of a product and to offer the original, memorable design. Often it is even difficult to experts to tell that before them: a satchel with the soft case or a backpack with an orthopedic back. However if a back and a bottom of a product - rigid, the child of any age can buy it safely. The main thing that it met three main requirements to schoolbags.


Health above all

Choosing a schoolbag, parents quite often pay attention only to quantity of pockets and offices, quality of materials and durability of seams, design and the price. Certainly, all this is important, but health and safety of children are influenced by another - the satchel weight, existence of an orthopedic back and reflecting elements.

Weight. By the existing state standard specification the mass of an empty satchel should not exceed 1 kg. At the same time satchel weight with all contents has to make no more than 10% of the child`s weight - for pupils of elementary grades it is about 2 - 3 kilograms. Important not only to choose an easy satchel (the majority of models of the famous western producers keeps within norms), but also to watch its contents when the child begins to study, to spread unnecessary textbooks, notebooks and other things.

the Orthopedic back repeats a natural bend of a backbone and therefore does not harm, and on the contrary, helps formation of a correct posture. In the lower part of a back there has to be a lumbar emphasis - the small roller on which at the correct carrying a satchel the main loading will fall. The back - to be rigid, but at the same time to have a soft lining that to the child it was comfortable to carry a satchel. Straps have to have the same lining, otherwise they will crash into shoulders. Straps surely have to be regulated on length (this requirement is stated in state standard specification) and not to stretch as only with their help it is possible to arrange correctly a satchel on a back. It is better if the regulating buckles are available not only in lower, but also in the top part of straps. Such design helps to achieve that the satchel densely adjoined to the child`s back. Optimum width of straps - 4 - 5 cm

of the Lining on a back and straps are most often upholstered with the mesh “ventilated“ fabric thanks to which the back of the child does not sweat. In some models a back completely plastic, and function of “fan“ is carried out by the special furrows applied on it.

Reflecting elements. Not all parents understand their importance, but reflecting elements and bright coloring of satchels do children more noticeable on the road. According to state standard specification, in the schoolbags “details from materials of contrast colors, finishing details and accessories with reflecting elements have to be used“. Traffic regulations recommend to all pedestrians at the movement in a night-time or in the conditions of insufficient visibility “to have at itself objects with retroreflective elements“.

At the choice of a satchel make sure that light reflectors are available from all directions: in front, on sides and on straps. Some producers also use fabric with a reflecting thread and locks with the built-in light reflectors. Besides, in design of a satchel the fluorescent materials doing the child have to be used is more noticeable during daylight hours. The brightest and, therefore, noticeable for drivers, color - yellow and orange.

Remember that children can not always correctly assess a situation on the road, and most of domestic drivers considers to follow rules below the advantage. The satchel with reflecting elements is not less important, than an explanation for the child of bases of behavior on the road or installation of “lying police officers“ at schools.

quality Indicators

So, at you are in hands a satchel with an orthopedic back which is easier than 1 kg and from all directions it is covered by light reflectors? It`s cool! Now it is possible to pay attention to material, accessories and other indicators of quality. Here what is distinguished by really qualitative schoolbag:

Fitting of a satchel

After you found the satchel meeting all these requirements, you do not hurry to cash desk. Now it is a high time to try on it. Of course, to make to the child the surprise will not turn out, but you will be sure that the satchel will approach. During fitting pay attention to the following:

to Check

whether it is possible, regulating length of straps, to achieve such provision of a satchel on a back from the child - it is optimum. At the same time consider that the child should carry a satchel both in a shirt, and in a jacket, and in a down-padded coat. At some models as at climbing backpacks, not only length of straps, but also their arrangement on the satchel case is regulated. Such satchels are suitable for children of different age and growth.

If the satchel sits incorrectly or significantly more widely than shoulders, try to try on other model. You should not buy a satchel “for growth“: to the child it will be inconvenient, and to correct the bearing spoiled in the childhood very difficult.

Caring for the child, do not forget about it

the Ideal schoolbag - what is pleasant not only to parents, but also the child. That is not only qualitative, reliable, safe, but also attractive from the point of view of design. The ideal in this case is quite achievable, it is necessary to approach choice process only responsibly.

can find

satchels of the most various design in our shops Now. With heroes of popular animated films, with kittens and puppies, with cars and soccerballs - for boys, with princesses, dolls and flowers - for girls. Choosing a satchel, think not only of its convenience and quality, but also of whether it is pleasant to the child. Often same model is produced in several designs at once - decide on it and provide to the child to choose a coloring.

a lot of things told

Ya about really important and serious things: health of children, their safety and comfort. But it is impossible to forget also that it is the most important for them. Children are concerned how their satchel will look that on it will be drawn and whether will appear at a half of a class just the same.

How much is health

Finally - several words about the prices. The qualitative schoolbag costs an average of about 3 000 rubles today. Many parents argue so: why to be spent for expensive satchel when it is possible to buy an easy and cheap backpack? Especially as to the following class the child can grow up or tear old or just ask new... However after everything told, I think, it is quite clear that such carelessness can cost much.

Three thousand - are a lot of

it or a little? Reception at the orthopedist costs about one and a half thousand. The course of treatment allowing to get rid at least for a while of problems with a backbone means at least ten receptions. Remember how many you spend in a week for purchases in a supermarket. Most likely, sum comparable to the cost of a qualitative satchel. And in how many you estimate comfort, safety and health of your child?

So, good schoolbag...

  • less than 1 kg
  • with an orthopedic back and adjustable straps
  • with light reflectors in front weigh, on sides and straps
  • from strong water-repellent fabric
  • with strong seams and edgings
  • with valves from a rain and snow
  • with convenient locks and lightnings
  • with the strengthened corners and a plastic bottom
  • with convenient pockets and capacious internal office
  • correctly sits on a back of your child