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Father`s games

Man`s education, undoubtedly, differs from female, the same as the woman differs from the man. We have in a family a father always more strict in discipline, but here it is more interesting to son to play with him. Now to the sonny there is the fourth year - and how many interesting games with the father!

everything Began

with games in air: as the father to take for a drive him in air, nobody can wear on shoulders! The son could already play these games when he surely held the head. Then games with cubes went and the designer - with the father they constructed the highest tower which long stood and did not fall! Last year when we went to the sea, “the father turned into mother“ - the son did not depart from him for minutes: they together ate, went to shops, bathed, played on the sands, rode engines. Games with the father are various - in the sea, for example, they splashed and ran one after another, and ashore built a pond for a duck and filled it with water.

A this year they mastered new games - in the evenings they go to a glade to fly a kite or play a ball. Also like to play outdoor games. For example, such. At small distance from each other put two long sticks or ropes representing a ditch on the earth. Now we will try to jump through it. It`s a go? And blindfold? Such game perfectly develops sense of equilibrium and learns to be guided in space. For kids “ditch“ has to be absolutely narrow, and them during a jump it is necessary to secure slightly.

A here still game which not only will teach to jump in height but also will train dexterity and coordination of movements. Stretch two ropes between two trees what between them “window“ would be formed. It is necessary to jump so what at the same time and the lower rope to jump, and under top “to dive“. For kids “window“ arrange below and make it big. Let them for a start do not jump, and just get through between ropes. And here to the father maybe through narrow “window leaf“ to jump.

Not any mother can brag of

that plays such games! The father can do everything, well or almost everything. If I have to leave somewhere, I can be sure that the father will be able to make food and to feed the child himself, and also to expiate and put to bed. But at the same time the father does not love disobedience and more strictly punishes for hooliganism. Also the father in a different way reacts to his whims, sometimes more strictly, but at the same time always explaining what the son is punished for. If the son hurts, the father learns not to cry, and to suffer. Therefore father`s education is invaluable - the son wants to become the real man as the father!