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Rest in Greece - paradise rest of

All of us is from the childhood where each girl, like Assol, waits for the Gray who here - here will come behind it by the ship under scarlet sails where boys dream of the rebellious sail which is growing white “in sea fog blue“. And dreams have to come true. If not in the childhood, then when the person gets up to a steering wheel of the life. Realize the dreams of rest!

Among a set of rounds which are offered by modern tour operators I always dreamed to go on the vacation to Greece, the Mediterranean coast is a picturesque place which is washed by the warmer and is crystal - clear sea water. Rest in Greece are also unusually beautiful deserted coral reeves and steep rocks which tower over sea waters. It is possible to tell with confidence that rest in Greece is a dream of everyone!


the Russian does not like to be in tropical countries? Perhaps, there is no corner left on the coast wherever the Russian speech sounded. To me and my daughter has the luck to spend last summer summer in Greece!

Why I so wanted to go on the vacation to Greece? Hm, interesting question. In - the first, I there never was, so, by all means has to leave the mark. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. In - the second, after the end of holiday and return to work to a question of colleagues “Where you were?“ I always wanted to answer carelessly that I, not in boarding house was, and... in Greece!

I presented to

From a school bench myself on the beach in this quiet corner of the Mediterranean Sea - lie to yourself on a sand, the sun, quietly tenderly shines, it is possible to tell ubayukivayushche “play“ sea waves... Generally, it was the dream of the childhood! Also there were I to this dream of the whole 10 years.

the List of possible entertainments which we met here just does not give in to the description. There is everything that so is pleasant to fans of the hot sun, suntan and, of course, tender sea water. Add to it warm climate and the purest coastal waters and receive a real paradise on Earth!

the Velvet surface of the Mediterranean Sea, gold dust, high palm trees and hospitable locals - having a rest in Greece, you relaksirut that is called soul and a body. Round to Greece with my beloved daughter became the present fairy tale. We managed to visit local sights - to estimate greatness of a thousand-year civilization. You know that I will tell you: has to be, in one country of the world not to find such unique combination of the past and the present. Greatness of ancient constructions, noise of markets - seems, get to other world. Era of historical heritage and the progressive present, exotic of the Greek world and entertainment non - stop - this world became available to us.

Unless somewhere still it is possible to bargain two hours before loss of pulse with the shopkeeper about the price of a souvenir and to receive incomparable pleasure from this process?

Yes, the dream came true. Someone dreams of the car, someone of giving, someone of career development, and I dreamed of rest in Greece. And I received it, and could present this rest to my beloved daughter.

It is unimportant what dream - the main thing that the person aspired to it. It is the purpose, it is incentive, and, having caught desired, to set to itself the new object and also to follow it as previous. So the person, and it is arranged, I think, correctly.

P. S. I want to tell all those who devoted the time to reading my story: whatever travel you chose, the main thing that it presented feeling of happiness and freedom. And if it is the small ship under a white sail - means, let it will be a sail of your dream.