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My simple history of breastfeeding

So far I was a pregnant woman, especially did not reflect as well as how many to nurse... It seems also read articles on this subject, but then it seemed - to give rise at first and to learn to treat the child! What there GV, as - nibud we will adjust!. It turned out that the theory is far from practice.

our Taisiya was born on November 28, 2007

, in about 30 minutes after the delivery it to me was conditionally put to a breast - for about two minutes. I at myself did not notice colostrum. For the 3rd day milk came, besides not at once I understood that it it, everything somehow was not trusted. In general, noticed that the brain works for the woman who gave rise recently not very well, badly perceives information. The midwife allegedly showed me as it is necessary to be decanted, I could not look since it was very sick and tears scattered from eyes. Called in a hysterics to the husband, ordered to buy and bring a good milk pump early in the morning, he also rescued me in maternity hospital. Then everything went like nothing, but cracks appeared. Nobody showed anything, did not explain, in general it was very offensive and wrong that to the woman help to give rise, and to feed is not present, all all the same... Asked to look whether correctly I put: without looking especially speak “yes, it is correct“.

Then we went home. To feed it was sick, cracks grew and “grew“ till it bleeds. So proceeded nearly a month, did not cover me laktostaz yet (and rather, not infected mastitis). Consolidation in a breast reddened and hurt, got into the Internet - a lot of inconsistent information, as a result after several days of inaction and tears “well why in our city there are no consultants for GV?“ called maternity hospital and went to ultrasound. He, probably, also rescued me already. And only after that I understood that the whole month at us the wrong applying! It was necessary to teach the daughter, and simply - naprosto to push more deeply than pacifiers, and at once everything was adjusted.

So, the first days after the delivery I thought “to support month“, then thought “well year“, then declared that I feed as recommends WHO, till two years... And now I am silent, I tell nobody nothing as this my personal record, I will feed to a natural self-excommunication (and it years to 3 - 4).

Together with my history GV, with experience, my vision of this subject gradually changed: I began to be interested as as, to prompt to others at a forum on the Internet, to propagandize breastfeeding. Also other aspects of a natural roditelstvo - a slingonosheniye, jumping, a joint dream, a pedagogical feeding up became interesting. Such today information volume, so much interesting it is possible to learn! Then there was an opportunity to go to St. Petersburg and to be learned on the consultant for GV. And here in September we three together - I, the husband and the daughter - will go for 200 km. This my main hobby now, is the second profession in which it is possible to develop infinitely because there is a great variety of various situations, difficulties... It is the help to mothers, not only concrete, but also psychological. Until I created on the Internet support group of GV, in it already 105 people, opened phone line, having called on which, it is possible to get advice... It is that area in which there is a wish to realize itself, there is a wish to help, there is a wish to tell how it is pleasant and it is useful () to nurse to both the kid, and mother.

Here my such simple history - a way from mother - the clumsy, diffident, to almost consultant for breastfeeding.

of Mother, future and already feeding, read, be interested, plunge into a breastfeeding subject, help advice to the girlfriends, the award is health and good mood of our children. Feeding after a year is not overindulgence, not an excess, it is a gift which you can present to the kid, it is an invisible thread which connects you, it is psychological comfort and feeling of safety for it. Except that it also food, of course... Now the lot of myths is still live in our Post-Soviet society: it is impossible to sleep together, milk after a year useless (aha, time - and useless), mix is not worse than milk, and the poor nurses, it is necessary to be decanted after each feeding, it is necessary to feed on the mode and to give a baby`s dummy... There is a strong wish that all of them were a thing of the past. If you look at the kid, then listen to the intuition, but not to councils of mother, mother-in-law or doctor. Good luck all and pleasant dolgokormleniye!