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The best assistant to young mother of

If you are going to become a mother and plan to nurse the kid, you should form main “knowledge base“ about breastfeeding already now.

Milk appears at mother after the delivery not at once, and during two - three days. Unfortunately, quite often the first inflow causes strong discomfort. It is connected with stagnation of milk in chest gland. And, certainly, inexperience of mother and rare feedings affect. In this case the most important - to adjust full feeding, and also if it is required, additional decantation.

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manually, but to do it by means of a milk pump much more effectively. In shops the most different models - from simple manual devices with a pear to ultramodern electronic systems are presented.

Some mothers for use in rare instances choose by

the cheapest pompovy milk pump. But not to do the working mothers without daily decantations therefore they, as a rule, choose quite expensive models. It pays off the fact that they almost do not demand either physical, nor time expenditure.

the Lack of breast milk seriously saddens pleasure of breastfeeding. In this case it is important to put the child to a breast as often as possible and it is desirable to be decanted after feeding up to the end to stimulate arrival of new milk. Very carefully decants a manual milk pump of Philips AVENT ISIS. Production of this brand can be recommended safely as it was recognized “as the choice № 1“ pediatricians in our country. Besides, according to the research company “Komkon“, Philips AVENT the Russian mothers called by the favourite brand.

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of Philips AVENT ISIS from other manual milk pumps in simple, but very effective silicone diaphragm. She creates powerful discharge, but at the same time is easily controlled by pressing by finger-tips on the milk pump handle. Thus, any mother has an opportunity to choose suitable intensity of influence, imitating natural process of sucking of the child. Also AVENT ISIS possesses a unique petal masseur which surrounds an areola. Five petal sections of a masseur contract and unclenched synchronously with a rhythm of work of a milk pump, gently massing a breast and stimulating a reflex of release of milk. The combination of a silicone diaphragm and a petal masseur provides convenience and that is important, noiselessness of a milk pump of Philips AVENT ISIS.

Many mothers begin to use

electric milk pumps which offer them in maternity hospitals. And already then, after an extract, buy own device. In such act there is a logic, often young mother already precisely defines, it needs a milk pump or not, in maternity hospital. However, the most provident mothers can come to clinic already with the milk pump. If earlier the medical staff was against it, then today similar problems should not arise. Besides efficiency of the milk pumps which are on sale in drugstores does not concede to electric devices in maternity hospitals at all. It is the established fact proved clinically for a long time. The British experts conducted research in which 60 young mothers participated. From them the first half decanted milk by means of a manual milk pump of Philips AVENT ISIS, the second - by means of electric, used in maternity hospitals. It was established that their efficiency is absolutely identical, and estimates at AVENT ISIS for ease and usability are much higher.

If mother uses a milk pump on medical indications - refusal of the child of a breast, a lack of milk, - you should not forget that also about additional ways to correct a situation to the best. The healthy nutrition is very important for the feeding woman. Fall in love with the products stimulating a lactation - green tea with milk, buckwheat cereal, walnuts, dried apricots. Also plentiful drink helps - now for the feeding mothers special juice with vitamins and teas is issued.

of the Crack of nipples - one of problems which young mother faces. They can arise from - for the wrong position of the kid during feeding or wrong the child`s otnyatiya from a breast. For the aid to mothers special silicone overlays for a breast which protect nipples are on sale now and allow not to interrupt feeding.

happy mothers who have a lot of milk Are. But it develops into a problem when it is even more milk, than it is required to the child at present. In modern conditions milk can be kept for future feedings. It is especially actual for the working mother. Therefore it is possible to get special milk pumps. So, Philips AVENT offers the same manual ISIS device, but already with system for storage of VIA breast milk. She allows to use the same container for decantation and storage of breast milk, and also for feeding of the child.

the Decanted milk in similar containers can store

in the refrigerator about three days, and in the freezer - at all about six months. When feeding it is necessary to stir up several times a small bottle to mix the divided milk “layers“. And it is important to remember that the thawed milk cannot be frozen repeatedly.

Also Philips AVENT developed the whole set for decantation outdoors. Both the milk pump, and containers for storage of milk, a small bottle enters it and the cooling packages of gel - they will help to keep nutritious properties of breast milk within six hours. It is possible to bring home containers with food for the kid in an easy bag from microfiber.

it is frequent at mother there is a course of milk in breaks between feedings. Not to soil clothes, it is possible to use one-time or reusable laying in a bra. There are also special overlays for gathering breast milk not to lose even its small amount.

decantation - process rather simple. However and it has certain rules. Before decantation it is necessary to wash up carefully hands and to wash a breast. The milk pump and capacity in which you will collect milk have to be pure and dry. Many doctors advise at first slightly to massage a breast and to manually decant several drops of milk to stimulate its inflow. A funnel of a milk pump it is necessary to arrange so that it densely and evenly adjoined to skin, and the nipple was strictly on the center. As a rule, at the very beginning of decantation there is an active stream, and milk independently is thrown out of a breast. But when the stream will weaken, it is necessary to continue decantation, pressing the milk pump handle.

However, many mothers refuse use of mechanical milk pumps, disliking to work hands all process of decantation. That is why Philips AVENT developed “clever“ electronic milk pumps of ISIS iQ which combine all pluses of a manual milk pump of ISIS and electronic memory. For use they need just to apply a funnel to a breast and it is easy to press the handle. Release of milk will begin, and ISIS iQ will acquire a rhythm of decantation of the woman. Then it is only necessary to press the button on the handle of management, and the milk pump itself will continue decantation at the set speed. And this speed can be changed at any time, having transferred the device to manual control mode. ISIS iQ also possesses a silicone masseur which carefully masses an areola, stimulating fast release of milk. And work of a milk pump from a network or from batteries provides the maximum convenience.

At decantation it is desirable for p to bend slightly forward to facilitate outflow of milk from the segments located on the periphery of gland. If it is necessary to empty completely gland, at the end of decantation it is necessary to repeat massage to provide depletion of back segments. After the end of decantation, certainly, it is necessary to wash a breast, and also to wash up and sterilize a milk pump. Milk needs to be cleaned a small bottle or the special container in the refrigerator or the freezer. Do not forget to write date of collecting in need of long storage of milk.

In the conclusion we will address our readers: if you (it is unimportant for what reasons) decided to refuse partially or completely feeding by a breast, do not hurry to look for children`s mix right there. Feeding by the decanted maternal milk from a small bottle - is much better than artificial nutrition. Whatever qualitative was mix, it will never be able to repeat unique structure of your breast milk.