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Childbirth in the Krasnogorsk maternity hospital and consequences after hospital No. 6

I Gave birth in this institution on October 22, 2006

I cannot be silent and keep everything in myself therefore I will try to tell in more detail more. To understand all “charm“ of this maternity hospital, I will begin with office of pathology.

When I already went to the decree, I lifted sugar in blood, and decently (before always was normal, just ate a lot of sweet), in urine sugar was 5,5. When I was sent to maternity hospital on inspection, Morozov did not want to accept me and was indignant why I in general there arrived and that I have normal sugar! Probably, he did not understand that it is the analysis not of blood, and urine. Me did not put in maternity hospital! In a week sugar in blood became lower, but after all is tall. Hardly put me on inspection, it appeared, the glyukozotolerantny test is violated. After the delivery, thank God, everything returned to normal at once, and any more it never rose. All right, while I was examined, I much good heard about this doctor, but I will not change the disgust for it! Goes in office as God-almighty! Never I will forget when its platnitsa through a couple of hours after the delivery went to a toilet to smoke (and it in office, where also with pathology lie), he saw it, but did not tell the word! Just horror!

Then I got to the same institution with not really good analyses again, but any more not with sugar. Lay in chamber at Gladkova Svetlana Ivanovna, the doctor was pleasant to me. And in spite of the fact that I from the very beginning of pregnancy did not want to give birth there, nevertheless went to it under the contract. At the last survey to give birth I was told not earlier than in a week though on terms remained couple of days. Sent me to this time home, it was Thursday, and told to come in a week. Type if I do not begin to give birth, then we will prepare because a fruit at me very large.

Childbirth began

as I also assumed, at the weekend. On Saturday in 00. 50 waters began to depart, we called “ambulance“ at once and went to maternity hospital. Gladkova arrived hour to 4 mornings and very dissatisfied because she was pulled out from giving, and besides I had a weak patrimonial activity. It was necessary to put a dropper. The doctor nearby practically was also not and when I called her from prenatal, she answered me: “You will constantly call, I in general will leave!“ It was necessary to be silent and suffer. And, forgot to write that one week prior to childbirth delivered me the estimated weight of a fruit 4000 - 4200 gr. also warned that it can be and it is inexact because the daughter inconveniently lay for measurements. And so, fights any more not taken out were by the morning, and between them hours at 9 in the morning asked Svetlana Ivanovna: “Considering how there is a patrimonial activity in how many approximately I will give rise?“ I already had on anything no forces! She told that I did not worry and that hours in 11 I will already give rise!

Would like to trust

, but far from it! As I assume, about 11 hours at me attempts went, but the head of the daughter left after an attempt back. At first they tried to help to squeeze out to me it that the head of the daughter rose, and we would go to give birth. I understood at once that I will not be able to give rise, asked Caesarian what I was answered rudely: “Not to nonsense, a basin rather big, itself you will be delivered!“ And I suffered further... Where only I was not forced makes an effort... Both sitting, and standing, and lying... Eventually, 3 hours of attempts later at me forces even were not in a prone position to grab the knees to help the daughter will be born, and all of them tried to squeeze out me, and can do in both of us!? Patrimonial activity practically absolutely came to naught. And then they collected around me a consultation and thought whether it will turn out to push the daughter`s head back and to kesarit? I was shocked! Why to lead up to such an extent if with the naked eye it is visible that a fruit actually very large? After they made the decision to kesarit, I learned that the operating room absolutely and is not ready though are obliged to hold it on preparing always! While prepared with a grief on floors the operating room, me forced to sign a lot of documents in which I relieved from them all responsibility of a result of operation... And what I needed to do? Or and to lie to die together with the baby, or to risk, but then I in general little thought.

as a result when everything was ready, me ordered to go to the operating room. And here went fight for fight, an attempt for an attempt... I do not know how I reached the operating room, I remember that to me constantly shouted: “The silly woman, not tuzhsya, you worse do to the child!!“ Well tell me how not to make an effort if there is an attempt, and strong how to control them? On the operating table I, probably, flew up between attempts. As managed - I do not understand even nearly 3 years later. The anesthesiologist appeared it seems good and seeing as I suffer, at once strongly pressed to me a mask with an anesthesia. Then at once understood that I am awoken, and I understood that at last all this nightmare ended! My daughter was born weight 5030 and 58 cm in height. And such baby mammoth they forced to give birth to pervorodyashchy mummy!

I will describe

in brief Further. The only person in this maternity hospital to which I am grateful for the relation and for leaving, it to the nurse of mummies. It seems, her name is Vera Vasilyevna if I did not mix anything. Now that`s something like it, it constantly to me changed diapers and came to change clothes of me the first days as I well was not able in any way. And, remembered, there just after V. V change. at once there was a change of the nurse svetlenky, apparently, here it too periodically helped me and approached the daughter, to it many thanks too!

A children there not well-groomed, only create visibility. Do not help to put to a breast, even when problems with a breast, and at the child it is impossible to take a breast. The child was brought on feeding full as I did not ask to bring them its hungry, everything is useless! And then one of nurses also accused that I refuse to nurse the daughter. Yes if she only knew, on how many long-awaited this child! I months to three at night every day cried that could not feed the daughter.

For the 3rd day at the daughter rashes on skin went (I think, they understood at once that they it, but were silent). The daughter was born with low sugar in blood, and they found a pretext to transport us in children`s hospital № 6 (though sugar at us in 5 days was normalized). With us still carried mummy with the sonny, at them was besides allegedly probability of dislocation of a shoulder, then they were transported in Filatovsky hospital with a hand fracture! Generally, transported us allegedly for elimination of probability of diabetes at the child though never for sugar it was checked in 2 weeks of ours there by stay! But made the diagnosis, and at once Bloch`s syndrome - Sulzberger. And in addition convulsive readiness (it for this purpose that I did not take away the daughter from hospital because I was in a hysterics!) . Kept us 2 weeks there, than made worse: at skin staphylococcus that to us brought in maternity hospital, categorically it is impossible to give bacteriophages. As caused in us nearly an eozinofiliya because at an extract we had eosinophils 33, it at their norm in blood 5, and at children hardly it is possible to allow 9. At an extract the daughter was covered almost all with purulent blisters. Doctors there in № hospital; 6 awful and rough, in office where mummies lie, awful dirt and insanitary conditions, it is impossible to come into a shower, I think, all bunch of the known and unknown infections will gather there. And after an extract intestinal infection was found in us.

God grant health to the dermatologist Mazitovoy Lyubov Pavlovne to whom we got after hospital on reception! She told at once that she does not reject their diagnosis, but also does not confirm. And on the following reception she told precisely that it not genodermatoz! It extended us 2 more months antibiotics from this state, thanks to it I could look at the child in a golenky look without tears!

Now to the daughter 2 years and 9 months. And thank God that we are fine. And under genodermatoz, put in № hospital; 6 it well do not approach in any way. Several scars all the same, of course, remained after our streptostafilodermiya, but all the same we are happy. And we precisely in this maternity hospital will not follow the second baby!