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I Write climbing Moisey`s Mountain of

for the first time. Did not think that I will sometime do it. I want to share the impressions. To Egypt went for the first time and from - for this excursion and in general long ago there was already a wish to look with own eyes on pyramids, a sphinx, at the museum in Cairo etc. - on all that saw earlier and about what read only in books. Such ancient culture that takes the breath away!

Moisey`s Mountain was decided to be left the last day since we were told that supposedly then you will not get already anywhere, physical forces will not be. The first days - the fairy tale! The sea - a miracle of the nature, excursion fine, problems any was not. And here day of a campaign on Moisey`s mountain came. Spirit fighting. My God! If I only knew what waits for me!

Just now I understand

what incredible shock I endured. Nothing happened to me only because Ahmed was near. We were built, told the last manuals, and all moved forward. I understood cherez10 minutes of walking under a hill that to me the end. I cannot go in such fast rhythm, I choke, legs give away. It after 30 minutes of walking. Lagged behind all group and I stand in the dark in the light of a small lamp. Tears swept a stream... Really I and will remain to stand? Down it is far, and on top - like death. And here I was noticed by the husband and the wife (huge to them thanks). They saw that someone lagged behind and costs. I hear, someone goes down for me, something speaks, and I understand nothing, before eyes fireworks, then takes silently me by hand, and we went.

the Rest I remember

fragments as though you faint and for an instant recover. But all this time I felt the hand in a reliable male hand. It became quieter that I will not fall down anywhere, and there it easily. I was there just after the fellow from Russia died there. I hope, it got to Heaven.

All this night while the man led me, I tried to keep up the conversation, overcoming incredible pain already not only in legs, and already in all body. Ahmed all this time tried to distract me. Looked in the face, offered water, wrapped up in a scarf when wind blew, buttoned a jacket, learned to breathe correctly a nose. And at me on a face of any emotions, only all life before eyes rushes. Till the dawn of 35 minutes, and we on the heaviest piece of a way, at so-called 750 steps. You would see them, these steps. It not in the subway rovnenky, and is blocks of a wild stone of the different size - a tin as it is. Extreme, adrenaline, thrills... It is called ďall and at once at full scaleď that there was no wish any more. Generally, Ahmed on this top dragged me, put to have a rest in 5 minutes prior to dawn, but to me had no time for what. I thought that I was started in space without my permission. Feeling which you have sitting on this mountain, really, unreal. Panorama, just shock! If you live in Moscow, mountains of the presents never plainly saw, so, hillocks one, to meet dawn in mountains at the height of 3 thousand meters above sea level is to you not a joke. For the ordinary woman not of an ekstrimalka, and, on the contrary, the terrible coward who lives quietly and measuredly which decided that everything is and it is necessary also there, and there will be happiness in an undiluted look. Also I want to tell now that I received it.

And so there is more to come, the second part is. It is called, still descent to the guilty earth. And so, I sit, so already in a foreground, I watch how the sun leaves from - for clouds, I look before myself upward. The cold and wind brings to. Ahmed films this beauty with the camera, is on the edge above the heads. People sit, lie who where, all are silent, probably, prayed that reached. And here I looked down...

Me covered

with silent horror. There was a wish to shout, clasp Ahmed for legs, hands, a neck, to close eyes, to faint - anything, and to recover already below when everything ends. And here the most interesting began. Stirred up me, inside and in the head jumble, at such height I never was yet, and to feel that you still crawled the legs poor here on foot... You know, here you will believe in anything, and in God - so it precisely! When you go in the dark in the light of a small lamp, you do not realize yet and you do not see around yourself anything, it is one, and here when you see a panorama in the morning - here the soul leaves a body, and you in zero gravity. And when the sun left finally, all began to go down, I could not move, I look around - my knight was gone... I think how I poor will go down one, stirs up, feels sick, and that it is necessary to go - - people rushed down. Crept up to the first step, and tears began to flow by itself, it appeared, legs shiver and to go down most highly and very dangerously, to roll down down Kolobok and it is possible to break in a second, and there are no doctors there and is close, camels too hardly have a first-aid kit. Collected all forces - to hope all the same there is nobody, it is necessary though to creep. With all people together to the first parking. And there it will be visible what to do farther. Once again I want to repeat and tell that the last these 750th so-called steps from below, and then the first from above - the heaviest it is unreal, it is worth enduring it much. Now I think, it is necessary to go to them on a camel, and then to climb on them on the platform. It is advice to those people who as well as I up to the end do not understand why they need it. The believing people - it is clear, they have a strength of mind, it is necessary to them on foot, and here if behind beautiful photos, then I talk to you sense - take a camel on the first parking, well, as a last resort, on the second, both go good luck, and there will be to you a class, impressions - and so to you will not seem a little. And both there, and back.

There now, I creep down, I Pass all forward and I pay quietly and with fear - tortures only begin. The sun African bakes... And here someone it is behind careful, without words takes me surely so by hand, looks at me, I at it. I cannot describe what I felt at this moment. Words you will not describe it. But after it that you and who you are is not important any more.