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Disposable or reusable - the choice for you

smartnappy ™ Diapers; (smartnappy [neppa smart] (English) - “a clever diaper“) are safe for environment, it is simpler in use and is cheaper, than usual disposable diapers, and it is more convenient for the kid. You can choose reusable laying which can be erased, or disposable. With smartnappy ™ diapers; it is easier for strong to care for protection of the nature.

of Reusable laying One-time laying


In what feature of smartnappy ™?

of of smartnappy ™ consists of three main parts:

  • actually diaper
  • reusable laying
  • one-time laying

Charm of smartnappy ™ in what you can choose what laying to use - disposable easy and convenient in application, or reusable which can be washed.

of the Diaper has the unique bed for laying which is reliably holding them on the place, and protecting from course. It is developed with use of the soft materials allowing to erase easily and to dry quickly. The diaper has fasteners of Soft tip ™ which reliably fix it.

of Reusable laying is very effective

: the top layers “lock“ moisture in the inside layer consisting of microfiber. It is simple in use, easily develops and settles down in a bed of the smartnappy ™ diaper;. It is easy to erase and dry it. Laying can be erased together with other linen at the usual mode of washing.

of One-time laying does not contain chlorine, it allows to avoid emergence of irritation on skin of the kid.

Made of natural cellulose, it very easy - it helps to reduce quantity of the waste getting to environment.

the Set of reusable diapers contains br:
1 diaper
1 reusable laying
1 one-time laying
5 bags for the used laying
the Sizes: newborn, S(small), M (medium)
Price: 690 rub
Waterproof pants - diapers
the Sizes: newborn, S(small), M (medium)
Price: 450 rub
One-time laying for diapers (unitary enterprise. 25 pieces)
Sizes: newborn, S(small), M (medium), L (large)
Price: 450 rub
Reusable laying for diapers (2 pieces)
the Sizes: newborn, S(small), M (medium)
Price: 390 rub