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Hard expectation of a miracle

Hi, favourite magazine! I want to share the experience with you and future mummies and to give several advice which, in my opinion, will be able to help them to overcome difficulties of difficult pregnancy.

Unfortunately, not always pregnancy proceeds as we imagined it and planned. Having learned that she is pregnant, I was infinitely glad, and as I never had before serious problems with health, and saw doctors not more often than once a year with the diagnosis of ORZ, I thought that I will lead active lifestyle up to the childbirth. I will combine leaving in the decree with leaving in the next holiday, I will attend classes for future mothers in the gym, to go to the cinema, to meet friends... But my plans were not fated to come true, on the fourth month at the next visit of a maternity welfare unit the doctor made me the diagnosis - pregnancy interruption threat. It was necessary to go to hospital urgently. After passing of a course of infinite injections, tiresome droppers and all physiotherapeutic procedures I was written out, but as special improvements were not observed, registered a bed rest of the house. And so till ninth month of pregnancy: I spent time or in hospital, or at home. Strongly were ill a stomach, a back so about walks there could not be also a speech. As to the person who always was mobile and seldom spent the whole day at home, it was very heavy to me to be in a similar situation. At first it was sad and frequent to me it was impossible to constrain tears, but then I decided to look in a different way at the events and tried to spend free time which I had much, with advantage now.

Here several recommendations which, I hope will be able to help future mothers who are in a similar situation.

to Find
  1. creative occupation in which you were never engaged or engaged earlier long ago. For example, drawing, knitting, embroidery, cookery (if to you the doctor allows to be a little at least in the movement).
  2. It is a high time for li to be engaged in self-education: it is possible to improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language, to penetrate into bases of advertizing skill, computer graphics (at the same time do not forget that long it is not recommended to be in your situation at the computer so at first it is necessary to study properly the theory and only then gradually to practice). To me, for example, the idea to master cross stitching came (earlier I had a similar experience only once - in the sixth class at manual training and that without special enthusiasm and progress). But now I have the whole set of “cloths“, beginning from elementary cheesecakes and finishing with landscapes and genre plots from life of mice - chickens - toons. When my daughter slightly - slightly grows up, I think, it will be curious to it to look at mother`s “creations“.
    Can even try in the sphere of poetry or prose. By the way, in any person in this area a certain talent is hidden, and, maybe, it is a high time to wake him?
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  4. It is clear that uncertainty always frightens and in case of the complicated pregnancy not to avoid disturbing thoughts. Most heavier it is necessary impressionable mummies. In this case I advise not to read in books about pregnancy and childbirth the sections devoted to pathologies. Read books about education of the child better. Believe when the kid is born, there will catastrophically not be enough time for reading. Besides, try not to listen to “sympathizing“ neigbours in hospital chamber or just familiar about complications during pregnancy which their acquaintances had (and also their familiar acquaintances etc.) . Often these stories are distorted or seriously exaggerated as “chinese whispers“.
  5. Besides, nobody cancelled newspapers, magazines, fiction (works which wanted to be read so long ago, but there was not enough time, all the time they unfairly remained “for later“). The choice is so various that reading will be enough for hundred pregnancies. But, if it is honest, I was enough only for two weeks, then such useless reading awfully bored.
  6. If nearby the shop of children`s goods and your state is allows to leave at least for a while the house, visit of children`s shop in 100% of cases leads to raising of mood. And now for “visit“ of shop of children`s goods it is possible even not to leave the house! There is a weight the Internet - shops of children`s goods and the corresponding range for future mothers where it is possible to consider goods and at once to represent how your future kid in these socks, a hat, a kombinezonchik in what carriage it will be more convenient to it will look... You will be able to choose remarkable and convenient collections of linen for pregnant women and feeding, and not only - not always to you to be pregnant or feeding!
    As mummy I was beginning, I had no experience of acquisition of children`s goods and things at all. Looking through the websites the Internet - shops, I was very surprised to that, the industry of children`s goods is how extensive. For example, about existence of some devices I did not even assume. Besides it is possible to order the pleasant thing at once. It is possible to read reviews of buyers of this thing in blogs, to look at their estimates, in advance to present what will suit you better or more reliably. And if you belong to number of mummies who consider that it is not recommended to buy “dowry“ for the child till his birth, can make the list of all necessary, and the order will be made by your family until you with the kid are in maternity hospital: now orders are processed and executed somewhere within one week.
  7. do not forget to watch yourself: behind skin of hands, persons, nails, hair, use cream from extensions (only try to choose hypoallergenic means and it is desirable flavourless) etc. It is pleasant to each woman to feel beautiful in any situation, and the first that will be seen in this world by the newborn, will be his beautiful mummy!
  8. It is already desirable to find in the second trimester of pregnancy to itself the doctor who will conduct your pregnancy and to deliver. Doctors in a maternity welfare unit have so many patients that they sometimes are simply not able to pay you due amount of attention. Besides there is a category of the doctors liking “to scare“ future mothers possible problems. So it is better to find the personal doctor in advance. It is necessary that you had with it confidential relations that you could ask any concerning question, and the doctor dispelled all doubts and concerns.
  9. The more difficult pregnancy, the easier (in moral, and sometimes proceeded and physically) childbirth proceeds. Many mummies at whom pregnancy proceeded hard, tell that to give birth it was not so terrible and sick how it was represented to them.
  10. I, at last, when you for the first time see your kid, all alarms and problems will seem so small and frivolous! For the sake of such MIRACLE it is possible to bear anything!

Now to my daughter 11 months, childbirth took place easily, during pregnancy I forgot about all difficulties practically at once. I hope to present to it the brother or the little sister soon. When morning begins with the word “MOTHER“, this most great happiness in life!